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Chapter 316 - Martial Soul VS Beast Soul

Chapter 316: Martial Soul VS Beast Soul

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Spiritual Qi was floating in the internal space of the Time and Space Spinel.

The Time and Space Spinel was a source of Spiritual Qi, so it released Spiritual Qi all the time.

Zhang Ruochen sat cross-legged with a Spirit Flower Petal in his hands. The Genuine Qi of Spiritual Fire spurted from his body to refine the petal.

Under the refinement of his Genuine Qi, the Spirit Flower Petal thawed a little and a drip of Spiritual Fluid dropped. It emitted a strong exotic fragrance in Zhang Ruochen’s hand.

“CRACK!” Zhang Ruochen inhaled the fluid into his Meridians to fuse with his Genuine Qi.

As Spiritual Fluid entered his Meridians, it became a strong fire-like potency, circulating with Genuine Qi. It flowed through the whole body, muscles, meridians, blood, internal organs and Tianchong. Finally, it gathered at the Qi Sea in his glabella.

Every inhalation of the Spiritual Fluid advanced his martial cultivation.

As it thawed, the petal of the Nirvana Fire Spirit Flower became smaller and smaller.


Nearly an hour passed. A vast amount of Spiritual Fire gushed from Zhang Ruochen’s body. It formed a five-meter fire ball, with him at its center.

The power became stronger and stronger, a balloon that was going to burst. His Meridians couldn’t hold this much strong power, so it poured out.

It signified that Zhang Ruochen was going to break the shackle and reach a new realm.


A fire mark appeared on his glabella and the Qi Sea in his mind made a crack.

Spiritual Qi shook the entire internal space of the Time and Space Spinel.

Zhang Ruochen’s Qi Sea rapidly expanded with all his Meridians extending at a high speed. After a moment, he finally broke through the realm, reaching the Completion of the Earth Realm in one stroke.

A breakthrough!

As the capacity of his Qi pool increased, it became hungry and began to absorb the surrounding energy.

Spiritual Fire, which had been swirling around Zhang Ruochen, rushed into his glabella like a flood. It went through the Sacred Mark and finally arrived in the expanded Qi Sea.

He had absorbed one-third of the Spirit Flower Petal before his breakthrough.

His refinement and assimilation were now faster.

Half an hour later, he had fully absorbed the Spirit Flower Petal. It strengthened his Genuine Qi so that it covered almost 40 percent of his Qi pool.

There was a layer of faint light shining from his skin.

“I’ve finally reached the Completion of the Earth Realm. I wonder how much my power has strengthened.”

Zhang Ruochen raised his arm and lightly shoved his palm forward. Strong Genuine Qi gathered to form a two-meter-long giant handprint ahead.

The handprint alone could wound masters like Guo Shisan and Cao Lin badly.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t display the handprint. He ran exercises to take back all of the Genuine Qi from it.

“If I refine one more Spirit Flower Petal, I should be able to perfect the Genuine Qi Practice and reach the Peak of the Completion of the Earth Realm. Then, my strength will be even further enhanced.”

Zhang Ruochen did not go about refining the second petal, because he realized the fighting outside was coming to an end.

Sure enough, strength of the Silverlight Shark superior. It had injured the giant octopus severely and won the Spirit Flower Seed.

Although badly wounded, the octopus beast’s power was just slightly less than the Silverlight Shark’s. It took five Spirit Flower Petals as it was escaping.

The Silverlight Shark won the remaining four petals and the Spirit Flower Seed. It once again issued a shout, as if claiming itself dominator of this area and showing its strong power.

Savage beasts in the water were trembling with fear when they heard the roar. They did not dare to take the Nirvana Fire Spirit Flower and immediately swam away.

The whole water area became silent once more.

The Silverlight Shark swam to the bottom to swallow the seed and the remaining four petals. They would be a mighty power for him to evolve into a five-level savage beast.

The Silverlight Shark was a savage beast of the superior class in the fourth level. Its force could contend against a warrior at the Completion of the Heaven Realm.

The Nirvana Fire Spirit Flower could enhance the shark’s physical quality and would probably make him evolve.

Becoming a fifth-level savage beast would be completely different.

It would be a top dominator at the Death Reach and the waters under its rule would be even broader.

With success in sight it was extremely excited.


Where were the Spiritual Flower Seed and five petals it had swallowed?

They had just vanished.

Where were they?

The Silverlight Shark suddenly became anxious. So close to becoming a fifth-level beast, how could this happen?

It could not believe that the swallowed treasures had just vanished.

Once Zhang Ruochen put the Spirit Flower Seed and the four Spirit Flower Petals into his Space Spinel, dressed in the Flying Fish Armor, he rushed from the spinel and entered into the Silverlight Shark’s belly.

There were strongly corrosive liquids in the Silverlight Shark’s stomach. If not for the Flying Fish Armor, Zhang Ruochen’s body would be eroded.

“Silverlight Shark, it’s your time to die!”

Covered in armour, Zhang Ruochen pulled out and wielded the Abyss Ancient Sword. He sliced off the Silverlight Shark’s main artery.

He continued to attack other crucial parts of the Silverlight Shark.

Silverlight Shark felt a sharp pain from his abdomen and felt Zhang Ruochen’s aura.

When did I swallow a human?

Without time to think, the annoyed Silverlight Shark immediately unleashed its beast soul.

Dazzling light burst forth from its brain. A ferocious shadow of soul flew out with an aura of wild beast.


The beast soul rushed into its abdomen and attacked Zhang Ruochen.

The beast soul of a savage beast was the same as the Martial Soul of a warrior.

Only a savage beast in the superior class of the fourth level could refine a Martial Soul and reach the realm of Martial Soul Out of Body.

The Silverlight Shark’s beast soul broke out tyrannical power, baring fierce teeth. It chomped at Zhang Ruochen attempting to bite him into pieces.

“You have your beast soul, I own a Martial Soul, too.”

Zhang Ruochen promptly communicated with the Vessel of Spirit, and a white light column flew out over his head.

A shadow that looked exactly like Zhang Ruochen flew out and met the Silverlight Shark’s beast soul head-on.


The beast soul and the Martial Soul collided together, forming a strong energy wave.

In his previous life, Zhang Ruocheng had only had cultivation at the Completion of the Heaven Realm, but he had remained the top of the Heaven Board with stronger power than inferior warriors who were at the Fish-dragon Realm.

His Martial Soul was definitely more powerful than the souls of the warriors at the Completion of the Heaven Realm. And it was just slightly less than that of Fish-dragon Realm warriors.

And now, the intention of his Martial Soul had naturally improved. It could match the souls of Fish-dragon Realm warriors.

However, his cultivation had not reached the Heaven Realm. He could only use the Vessel of Spirit to communicate with his Martial Soul, the power exerted by which was not robust enough.

After reaching the Completion of the Earth Realm, Zhang Ruochen could use more power from his Martial Soul. So it was parallel for him to compete with the Silverlight Shark’s beast soul.

“Though the Silverlight Shark is a fourth-level superior-class savage beast, it was hurt during the war with that Octopus. Also, some of its vital parts have been cut, which makes it weaker. Even if its beast soul is the same as a warrior in the Completion of the Heaven Realm, its power is still limited.”

Both the beast soul and the Martial Soul could mobilize the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi and transfer it into their own power.

The more powerful the soul was, the more Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi it could control, and the power it exploded was more formidable.

The greatest advantage Zhang Ruochen had was not that his Martial Soul was stronger than the Silverlight Shark’s beast soul, but the fact that he was in the Silverlight Shark’s abdomen. No matter how violently the two souls fought, the hapless Silverlight Shark would lose.

The Silverlight Shark had originally thought that its beast soul could easily kill the human, but it was unexpected that the man had practiced Martial Soul.

There was almost nothing its beast soul could do to deal with its opponent.

The two souls were fighting fiercely, causing more wounds in the Silverlight Shark’s viscera. It could feel more drastic aching.

It was spitting blood and groaning in pain.

“Weapon of thunderbolt!”

The Spiritual Qi in the water gathered toward Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Soul and transformed into lightning.

The lightning twisted into a dagger and stabbed into the shadow of the beast soul.

Seeing the beast soul would be pierced by thunderbolt dagger…

Suddenly, the Silverlight Shark begged for mercy. Through its beast soul, it talked to Zhang Ruochen, “Superior of Human tribe, I’d like to submit to you and be your mount, please spare my life.”

The sharp thunderbolt Dagger suspended over its beast soul blowing bright light. It frightened the shark into begging.

Even without powerful strength, Zhang Ruochen’s Martial Soul still had robust deterrence.

The reason the Silverlight Shark was willing to surrender to him was that it felt the great power of his Martial Soul.

It assumed Zhang Ruochen was a warrior in Fish-dragon Realm since he owned such a powerful Martial Soul. It was not disgraced to submit to him.

Whether human beings or savage beasts, all honored superiors.

If the Silverlight Shark had known that Zhang Ruochen was only at the Completion of the Earth Realm, it would not have surrendered even if it died. It was the dominator in this water, how could it submit to a weaker human?

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Why should I believe you? What should I do if you change your mind and bite me?”

The Silverlight Shark was afraid of provoking the human master, so it said in haste, “I would like to dedicate my beast soul. As long as it is held by you, you still can destroy it any time you think I’m going to betray you.”

The Silverlight Shark had great intelligence. It was clear to it that making a huge sacrifice was the only way to stay alive.

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