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Chapter 149 - Swallow Sword Technique

Chapter 149: Swallow Sword Technique

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There were only seven steps between the two people that had been mutually confronting each other. No one attacked first.

The one who attacked first would certainly reveal his flaw first.

At the moment, they did not even blink their eyes but stared straight into each other’s eyes.

Only a distance of seven steps, who would dare to blink?

The moment you blinked, you had lost!

This was a fight between masters and no subtle mistake could be committed. It was not simply a sword competition, but also the competition of Spiritual Power, volition, and patience.

Having confronted for an hour, they were still motionless.

Gradually, Qing Chibai’s eyes began to sour, and his eyelids also jumped slightly.

In contrast, Zhang Ruochen was still as stable as Mount Tai, like a peaceful ancient wall. He was motionless without any changes.

Zhang Ruochen opened up his eye vessels in which he could infiltrate Genuine Qi into his eyes directly. Surely, he could persist longer than Qing Chibai.

“I can’t wait any longer, if it goes on like this, it will be bad for me.” Qing Chibai held his sword tightly.


Without any indication, Qing Chibai suddenly took a step forward, spreading Genuine Qi into the meridians of his legs and stimulated his speed to the fastest extent.

Before the crowds reacted, the sword had pierced through Zhang Ruochen’s body.

However, Zhang Ruochen’s body faded gradually and completely disappeared in the end.

It turned out that Qing Chibai only stabbed on the illusory image of Zhang Ruochen, not his real body.

In the moment when Qing Chibai stabbed at him, Zhang Ruochen jumped up to the sky in advance. He swayed his sword toward Qing Chibai at a faster speed.

When Qing Chibai pierced the air, he immediately changed the direction of his sword and swung it upward.


Two broken swords crashed together and a large splashed out

Meanwhile, Zhang Ruochen unleashed his left hand. He displayed the move “Dragon in the Sky” and hit Qing Chibai’s chest.

Only by cultivating Spiritual Power above level 20 could accomplish the multitask, making one hand use a sword while the other hand used a palm without affecting each other.

“Cloud Breaking Fist!”

Qing Chibai also stretched his left hand forward and shot out his fist that caused vibration in the air around his fist.


They separated at the same time.

Within a second, the two clashed again and continued to fight.

“Water Dragon Pearls!”

Qing Chibai displayed a low-class sword technique of the Spiritual. Driven by Genuine Qi, the sword waved swiftly into a shadow of a faint dragon. The air surrounding it broke out with the sound of a surging tide.

The Sword Breath joined together and became a giant dragon, surging towards Zhang Ruochen.

Qing Chibai also rushed out with his swordedged rotating to form sword circle that looked as if they were spat out dragon balls.

A series of eight sword circle gathered together to form a wonderful sword technique.

Under the attack of the Sword Breath Dragon and the eight sword circle, Zhang Ruochen could only passively defend and kept stepping back.

Finally, Zhang Ruochen retreated to the edge of the battle stage. He thrust onto the ground and spread his arms out. His body was light as a swallow, so he flew back and fell into the pool below.

“Where to go!”

Qing Chibai pinched the combat sword in one hand and placed his other hand behind his back as he stepped onto the edge of the battle stage. He flew out and overtook Zhang Ruochen.

At that time, Zhang Ruochen displayed Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon where his falling body had stopped momentarily. Unexpectedly, he dashed upward to a height of three meters where above Qing Chibai.

“Sacred Plenilune Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen held the sword with both hands and infiltrated Genuine Qi into the sword completely. It condensed a huge bright sword circle, then split down toward Qing Chibai.

“Good bodily movement !”

Qing Chibai shouted a good call. Both his hands went upward. By the power of the recoil, his body fell down quickly and he reached the pool below the battle stage.

If it was another warrior, he would certainly have fallen into the water.

Yet, the instant that Qing Chubai was falling into the water, a mass of blue clouds appeared below his feet and supported his body.

His feet just sank a little as if he was walking on the ground and he flew away.


As Qing Chibai dodged, Zhang Ruochen cut downward and split the position that Qing Chibai had just stood in. The surface of the water broke and produced a large splash.

Zhang Ruochen stepped on the waves and flew with the wind. His body movement was so elegant that he looked like a teenaged sword fairy, walking on the water and in pursuit of Qing Chibai rapidly.

“Meteoric Rise” of Qing Chibai was indeed a very powerful martial technique, but its speed was not as good as “Shadow of the Royal Wind Dragon”. Quickly, Zhang Ruochen caught up with him.

“Sacred Wave Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen’s body rotated rapidly from his head to his toes. Water in the pool rolled up and formed waves of water. Driven by the Sword Breath, the waves surged toward Qing Chibai.

Seeing that he was about to be rolled into the pool by the water waves, Qing Chibai suddenly stopped and turned around. He chopped his sword straight down and spoke a word: “Break!”


A Sword Breath more than 10 meters long broke the waves of water and cut toward Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochent tiptoed on the water like a flying dragon, soaring to more than 30 meters high. Then he fell to the top of a willow, which was beside the pool, stepping on the leaves, while his body did not fall.

“Qing Chibai is indeed the most outstanding person in the thousands of years of Qianshui Commandery. When he reaches the Medium State of the Black Realm, it’s estimated that he would be at the same level of Luo Xu. Although he tried his best to compress his cultivation to the Medium State of the Black Realm, actually his true cultivation is in the Mid Stage of the Earth Realm. Whether it’s his degree of refining Genuine Qi, the strength of his constitution, or his sophistication of martial arts, he is far from comparable to those who are extremely skilled in the Medium State of the Black Realm,” Zhang Ruochen thought.

In other words, although Qing Chibai had now suppressed his cultivation to the Medium State of the Black Realm, his current ability could easily defeat him at the Medium State of the Black Realm six years ago.

If Zhang Ruochen regarded him as a warrior of the Medium State of the Black Realm, he would have been totally wrong.

“Originally, I thought Qing Chibai would take the absolute advantage and defeat Zhang Ruochen within a few movements. But I didn’t expect that they will fight neck and neck.” Tuoba Linsu was not reconciled after being defeated by Zhang Ruochen. Yet, seeing the fight between Zhang Ruochen and Qing Chibai, he was convinced.

Liu Xin’s face was quite fiendish. He said angrily, “How could he be so strong? Qing Chibai has indeed practiced the realm of Sword Comprehension to the Peak realm of Sword Following the Heart.”

Tuoba Linsu sneered and said, “Can’t you see that Zhang Ruochen has also practiced the realm of Sword Comprehension to the Peak Realm of Sword Following the Heart?”


Liu Xin had been thinking how brutal Zhang Ruochen would be defeated instead of observing his fight with Qing Chibai. Therefore, he did not notice that the realm of Zhang Ruochen’s sword techniques was comparable to Qing Chibai.

Xun Guihai said, “If Zhang Ruochen didn’t practice the sword technique Sword Following the Heart to the Peak, he would have been defeated by Qing Chibai.”

He was only 17 years old and was able to practice Sword Following the Heart to the peak when he just reached the Medium State of the Black Realm. His talent was indeed incredible!

In fact, Xun Guihai was also jealous of Zhang Ruochen, but the purpose of his trip was Commandery Princess Yanchen, who was more beautiful, more outstanding, and was attached a great importance by Qianshui Commandery Prince, rather than the Thirteenth Commandery. He and Zhang Ruochen did not have a conflict of interest, so Xun Guihai did not react as radically as Liu Xin.

“This bastard… I cannot believe he hides his ability of reaching the Peak of Sword Following the Heart. How much power is he still hiding?” Huang Yanchen kept her eyes wide open. There was an urge to fight with him and force Zhang Ruochen to show all of his ability.

Huang Yanchen had just practiced her Sword Comprehension to the Advanced Stage of Sword Following the Heart a few days ago.

Therefore, she was happy for a long time, and yet, she was struck by Zhang Ruochen again.

“With the ability of Qing Chibai, he should be able to make Zhang Ruochen show his true ability.” Huang Yanchen turned her mouth up slightly and exposed a row of snow-white teeth.

Qing Chibai stood on the water solidly. His clothes were greener than the pool water, and his long hair fluttered without any wind.

Even if he was just standing still, there were invisible Sword Breaths around his body, which sent out a sound of “Shua, Shua!” If someone dared to walk within five steps of the area around his body, he would have been shattered by invisible Sword Breaths.

This was the Peak of Sword Following the Heart!

In ordinary people’s opinions, Qing Chibai, at that moment, had no differences from a sword god in the legends.

Qing Chibai was a person who cherished his reputation. As a disciple of a Half-Saint, he needed to be excellent and do his best to defeat Zhang Ruochen in the shortest time.

Zhang Ruochen did not have such a burden like Qing Chibai had, but he also wanted to win. He wanted to break through to a higher realm from this battle between Qing Chibai and himself.

That realm was known as “Heart Integrated into Sword”.

Qing Chibai just reached the peak of Sword Following the Heart, and he still had a long way to go to reach Heart Integrated into Sword.

Zhang Ruochen was in the realm of Heart Integrated into Sword in his last lifetime. Therefore, it was relatively easier for him to reach the realm of Heart Integrated into Sword than Qing Chibai. At that moment, Zhang Ruochen’s sword realm was only one step away from Heart Integrated into Sword.

Zhang Ruochen’s realm was higher than Qing Chibai’s Peak of Sword Following the Heart.

Of course, Qing Chibai possessed a number of advantages that Zhang Ruochen was lacking, which caused the fight to go neck and neck.

“If I use the Time and Space Domain, then I’ll have an 80% chance to defeat him.”

Zhang Ruochen thought for a moment seriously. He shook his head again and decided it better not to expose the power of the Time and Space Domain.

Those big men of Qianshui Commandery must have certainly been paying attention to this fight in secret.

Other master cards could be exposed, but the Time and Space Domain was Zhang Ruochen’s biggest card, so it absolutely could not be exposed.

“Swallows Taking Water!”

After a brief confrontation, Qing Chibai moved first as if he was a swallow flying on the water. His cyan combat sword looked like a swallow’s tail that kept shaking, then it formed sword shadows.

The martial technique in the mid-class of the Spiritual Stage, Swallow Sword Technique.

Zhang Ruochen did not practice sword techniques in the mid-class of the Spiritual Stage, so he had to continue using the low-class of Spiritual, Sacred Sword Skill, to fight.

“Sacred Breaking Plum Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen flew from the top of the willow, and stabbed, then shattered all of the Sword Breaths of Qing Chibai.

Qing Chibai did not panic at all. He changed tactics immediately: “Swallows Returning to Nest!”

His cyan fighting sword pierced Zhang Ruochen’s heart.

Spotting the sharp Sword Breath, Zhang Ruochen stepped back quickly, but his sleeves were crushed, making a sound of “Rip, Rip!”.

His white sleeves were shattered into pieces by the Sword Breaths and fell into the water.

Qing Chibai took the advantage and pursued him, and the sword in hand was like a flying swallow. He quickly stabbed towards Zhang Ruochen’s neck.

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