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Chapter 148 - The Disciple of a Half-Saint

Chapter 148: The Disciple of a Half-Saint

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“Perhaps having a fight with him can strengthen my sword technique.”

Qing Chibai looked in the direction of the battle stage, only to find that Liu Xin was thoroughly repressed by Zhang Ruochen, let alone able to touch Zhang Ruochen’s clothes.

“He is such a master of sword techniques.” Qing Chibai’s desire to fight against Zhang Ruochen became even stronger.


Eventually, Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes and struck the stomach of Liu Xin. Strong power embedded in his sword shocked Liu Xin off of the battle stage.

Since the broken sword had lost its sharp tip, Liu Xin was not heavily injured. However, he felt so embarrassed at that time.

If he was defeated by Qing Chibai just now, he would have by no means complained about it. But it was a prince from an inferior commandery who had beaten him, which was absolutely a heavy strike to him. He would rather die than be humiliated like that.

With a dull look in his eyes, Liu Xin grumbled, “He used a broken sword. How can I lose… lose like this…”

All of the people saw clearly that Liu Xin failed to touch Zhang Ruochen’s body from the very beginning. If Zhang Ruochen really wanted to defeat him, perhaps only one strike was enough.

Liu Xin hid amidst the crowd with his tail between his legs, fearing that Zhang Ruochen would see him and force him to cut his hands. If his hands were cut, his practice in the future would be definitely influenced.

Naturally, Zhang Ruochen saw Liu Xin in the crowd. He slightly shook his head and did not want to force him. After all, Liu Xin was a student of Left Prime Minister.

If Zhang Ruochen really forced him to cut his hands, then he would make Left Prime Minister lose face. Left Prime Minister would certainly take revenge, which was not good for Yunwu Commandery.

Having experienced what had happened on this day, Liu Xin would be laughed at by Qianshui Commandery. Zhang Ruochen did not feel like pouring oil on the flames.

Now nobody at the Sword Technique Conference dared to laugh at Zhang Ruochen anymore. None of them would feel it ridiculous if Zhang Ruochen claimed himself to be Peerless Swordsman. Instead, they would only regard him as a confident man, who had every reason to be proud of himself.

Huo Ming was shocked as well. He stared at Zhang Ruochen on the battle stage, feeling as if he was smacked in the face by Zhang Ruochen.


The aristocratic daughters on the second floor of Jinfeng Court threw out pieces of Golden Jade Leaves. The leaves drifted profusely and disorderly onto the battle stage.

Another two pieces of Golden Jade Leaves were thrown out from the third floor of Jinfeng Court. One must have known that those watching the battle on the third floor were all commandery princesses of Qianshui Commandery.

Unexpectedly, two commandery princesses showed their love for Zhang Ruochen.

At the same time, a burst of laughter was heard. It was from Qianshui Commandery Prince, who had been hiding in the void space of the Flying Pavilion. He said, “Minister Ning, you have just mentioned Zhang Ruochen. He is such a young hero as expected. He could defeat Tuoba Linsu and Liu Xin even with a broken sword.”

Minister Ning laughed and said, “Zhang Ruochen is indeed extraordinary. But compared with your Majesty, he could still not reach you. I remember that when in Donghai Holy City, Your Majesty defeated the geniuses from all commanderies with your sword. No one could match Your Majesty even today.”

Hearing what Minister Ning had said, Qianshui Commandery Prince felt quite joyful. Thinking of his young age, he laughed and said, “Don’t forget, Minister Ning, that Zhang Ruochen used a broken sword. He was unbeatable even with a broken sword. I could not reach him at my young age.”

Ten powerful ministers were so cunning that they heard something unusual.

It looked like the Commandery Prince had a mind of cherishing this genius, ready to take Zhang Ruochen as his son-in-law.

Minister Ning naturally grasped what Qianshui Commandery Prince meant and thought, “It looks like the Commandery Prince appreciates Zhang Ruochen very much. Zhang Ruochen will certainly have a promising future. I should make my relationship closer with Yunwu Commandery. As for Square Commandery, I’m going to give some pressure.”

Gongsun Lin, Major General, smiled and said, “Today at the Sword Technique Conference, Zhang Ruochen has defeated geniuses from all commanderies with a broken sword. Soon after, his story will definitely spread to all the commanderies.”

Left Prime Minister said, “Zhang Ruochen has one last battle to win to have his story told around all the commanderies. If he is defeated by Qing Chibai, the honor he won before will be transferred to Qing Chibai.”

Minister Ning slightly frowned and said, “Qing Chibai is the disciple of a Half-Saint. And his cultivation has reached the Mid Stage of the Earth Realm. What’s more, the realm of his sword comprehension has reached the Peak of Sword Following the Heart. He can be called the most blessed one in the hundred-year history of Qianshui Commandery. If Zhang Ruochen is defeated by him, it’s nothing humiliating.”

Another powerful minister said, “In the Medium State of the Black Realm, Qing Chibai may be a bit weaker than Zhang Ruochen. But now, even if Qing Chibai controls his realm to the medium state of the Black Realm, he will be far stronger than Zhang Ruochen. It’s doomed to be an unfair battle if the two have a fight. The victory belongs to Qing Chibai!

“If Qing Chibai controls his cultivation to the Dawn State of the Black Realm, the two are comparable to each other. But if Qing Chibai does so, it will be unfair to him. As the disciple of a Half-Saint, he doesn’t want to lose. Moreover, he cannot lose.”

“If only Zhang Ruochen withstands 10 strikes from Qing Chibai, there must be a place for him to be one of the Young Geniuses of today.”

People in Jinfeng Court did not know that the big figures in Qianshui Commandery were watching the newly-arising Young geniuses from all commanderies as well.

For those big figures, each top genius had the potential to be the peerless dominator in the future. It was no harm for them to have a close relationship with them in advance.

Zhang Ruochen stood on the battle stage, not eager to leave, as he knew that there would certainly be stopped by someone if he left.

He could not go until he was defeated.

In that case, he decided to defeat all the people who were not yet convinced. By then, he could naturally leave leisurely.

“Who is going to challenge me then?” Zhang Ruochen held the broken sword. His eyes glanced all the young geniuses of the battle stage.

Upon looking straight into Zhang Ruochen’s eyes, all the young geniuses lowered their head down.


Qing Chibai stood up and took the surcoat off of his shoulders. Showing his tidy and clean black robe, he walked toward the battle stage with a black battle sword in his hands.

The black Genuine Qi stirred below his feet, forming a Genuine Qi cloud.

Each step he moved forward was followed by a Genuine Qi cloud, lifting him onto the battle stage.

Seeing Qing Chibai’s movements, the crowd burst into a surprising cry: “Isn’t… isn’t it the legendary martial technique ‘Meteoric Rise’?”

“It is indeed that martial technique. It’s said that it is the superior-class martial technique of the Spiritual Stage. Qing Chibai may practice to the Acme soon.”

“Qing Chibai finally goes onto the battle stage. He represents the first one among the young generation in Qianshui Commandery. Now that he is going to have the battle, he can easily defeat the Ninth Prince from Yunwu Commandery.”

Qing Chibai stepped onto the battle stage, with a free and easy look. He stared at Zhang Ruochen and laughed. “I’m Qing Chibai. I actually don’t want to have a fight at the Sword Technique Conference. However, seeing your outstanding sword technique, I admire you so much that I want to have a competition with you so that I can learn from you. You have won four battles consecutively. And your Genuine Qi must have been greatly consumed. I’ll have a battle with you half an hour after you have a rest.”

Zhang Ruochen knew that Qing Chibai was a powerful rival. He was not that arrogant to believe that he could win.

Zhang Ruochen nodded his head and sat on the ground with his legs crossed. He began to regain his Genuine Qi.

About 15 minutes later, Zhang Ruochen recovered to his peak condition. He stood up, stared at Qing Chibai and said, “How are you going to have a fight with me?”

Qing Chibai said, “My realm of Sword Comprehension has reached the Peak realm of Sword Following the Heart. If we only compete over sword techniques, you will have no edge. So let’s fight in accordance with the previous rule. I will control my cultivation to the Medium State of the Black Realm so that we can have a fight within the same realm.”

Zhang Ruochen replied, “OK! I agree.”

At that moment, Xun Guihai, who had been sitting near the Thirteenth Commandery Princess, stood up and smiled, “I have a proposal. But I was just wondering whether you would like to listen or not.”

Qing Chibai looked at Xun Guihai and laughed. “What’s your proposal? Feel free to say it.”

Xun Guihai said, “The battle stage is only nine meters wide. For those warriors in the medium state of the Black Realm, it seems to be too small. “You are both top masters in sword techniques. Your battle must be pretty exciting. Why not enlarge the battlefield to Jinfeng Court? That will be better for your performance of sword techniques.”

The Thirteenth Commandery Princess knew that Qing Chibai was rather powerful in movement, which enabled him an edge over Zhang Ruochen. Thus she agreed at once. She said, “What Xun Guihai said is right. The space of the battlefield is quite limited. Your battlefield will be Jinfeng Court. You don’t have to limit it to the battle stage.”

Qing Chibai looked at Zhang Ruochen and said, “What do you think, Ninth Prince?”

Zhang Ruochen answered, “Now that you have already decided, I naturally agree with it.”

Qing Chibai stared at the broken sword in Zhang Ruochen’s hands and said, “Ninth Prince, you’d better change the sword!”

Zhang Ruochen slightly smiled and said, “I’ve gotten used to my own sword. If I change the sword temporarily, I cannot exert all my strength.”

“Then let it be!”

Qing Chibai looked easy and calm. He lifted his arms and the black battle sword drew an arc in the void space. One of his hands held the handle of the sword, and the other held the tip.

Genuine Qi poured out from his fingertips. His fingers seemed to be covered in a layer of blue light.


The fourth-class battle sword, which was at the level of Genuine Martial Arms, was broken by Qing Chibai’s Genuine Qi, turning it into a broken sword as well.

Qing Chibai waved his hands and threw out the broken sword tip. It then fell into the pond below the battle stage.

People all looked at Qing Chibai with admiration of his frankness and forthrightness. Only Zhang Ruochen himself knew that Qing Chibai had already prepared to break his sword before he went onto the battle stage. And that was why he just brought a fourth-class battle sword on the level of Genuine Martial Arms.

If he beat Zhang Ruochen with a flawless sword, no one would acknowledge his power.

Instead, if he beat Zhang Ruochen with a broken sword, he would win not only the battle but also fame.

Fame was also important to a genius.

Zhang Ruochen cleared out all his distracting thoughts. He stared firmly at Qing Chibai, entering into a bright realm where he was thoroughly separated from the outside.

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