God Emperor

Chapter 105 - Half-Saint

Chapter 105: Half-Saint

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On the Platform of Life and Death, Feng Zhilin only lost concentration for a moment, before immediately reacting.

Since he lost his sword, then he chose his spear.

He picked up a three-meter-long spear from the fourth level of the Weapon Rack, sweeping with his spear, and sent it whistling towards Zhang Ruochen at an angle.

Zhang Ruochen took a step back and avoided the metal spear. His body was as light as a leaf, floating back almost 30 meters.

“Wind Chasing Pace!”

Feng Zhilin sent his Genuine Qi into both of his legs and demonstrated Human Stage pacing of a superior class. It was as if both of his legs were wrapped in a hurricane, helping him catch up to Zhang Ruochen.

Chasing Zhang Ruochen with only five meters between them, he stabbed out with his spear again.

His Genuine Qi flowed out from his palms, through the shaft and towards the point of the spear.

The tip of the metal spear emitted a bundle of fire, causing the spear to start burning, appearing like a fire snake in the air.

“Indeed his Genuine Qi is of fiery nature!” Zhang Ruochen watched the approaching long spear and nodded his head gently.

Given Feng Zhilin’s current performance, he could match at least four normal warriors of the Final State of the Black Realm at the same time.

Zhang Ruochen took a step to the side, his body like a shadow, and dodged another powerful strike from Feng Zhilin again.

Feng Zhilin was angry, and said, “If you are capable, then don’t hide. Meet me properly in battle.”

“If you can’t even touch the corner of my clothing, what right do you have to battle me?”

Zhang Ruochen held his sword in the hand and said lightly, “Show me all you have, let me see if you have the right to face my sword.”


Feng Zhilin let out a long whistle, and wisps of red Spiritual Blood flowed from his body. The Spiritual Blood flowed towards the ground and created a Blood Wave with a diameter of five meters.

The Spiritual Blood was like threads of silk, coming together to form lines, emitting a light blood light and enveloped Feng Zhilin in its center.

Spiritual Blood becoming a matrix.

Only warriors who have reached the Final State of the Black Realm could achieve it.

Further, the blood matrix that Feng Zhilin conjured was not a low class one, rather, it was a medium level.

The higher level of the blood matrix, the larger the increase in the power of the warrior.

“Red Flame Spear!”

Feng Zhilin held his long spear horizontally and moved his arm back and forth, the fire on the surface of the long spear burned even hotter.

This was a low-class spiritual spear martial technique. There were a total of eight moves, and Feng Zhilin had practiced them all successfully.


The long spear struck out, creating a patch of fiery clouds. In a flash, it was in front of Zhang Ruochen.

With the aid of the Blood Wave, Feng Zhilin’s the speed of the eruption was roughly the same of Zhang Ruochen’s.

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes became serious. He held his long spear tightly in the hands and swiped across, hitting the tip of the long spear and knocking it aside. This also prevented Feng Zhilin’s following attacks.

After that, he took quick steps towards Feng Zhilin and stabbed towards his right armpit.

Feng Zhilin’s face changed, immediately turned the rifle, with the tail of the long spear to the back of Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen had only just rushed to the front of Feng Zhilin when he felt as if he had jumped into a quagmire, his speed reduced significantly. Looking down, he found that he had stepped into the Blood Wave and his speed was being repressed by the power of the Wave.

At that moment, the wind blew past Zhang Ruochen’s ears. The butt of the long spear was hovering above his head and it could come down in a flash. Even if he didn’t die, he would sustain heavy injuries when he was hit by the long spear.

“Sacred Bell Sword!”

Zhang Ruochen burst out all the Genuine Qi in his body, forming a large illusion of a bell, and protected his body in its center.

The butt of the long spear landed on the surface of the illusory image of the bell sword, creating a strong collision.


They retreated at the same time, once again putting 10 meters between them.

Feng Zhilin straightened with the long spear, laughed coldly and said, “I can conjure up a medium-class Blood Wave. The power of the matrix can improve my strength while repressing yours. Zhang Ruochen, you’re dead for sure!”

The Blood Matrix was similar to Space Domain, but it could not compare to the Space Domain.

The reason why a warrior of the Final State was so much stronger than one in the Medium State was that a warrior of the Final State could conjure a Blood Wave.

Under the repressive power of the Blood Matrix, very few Medium State warriors could defeat one of the Final State.

“Feng Zhilin can already condense a medium-sized Bloody Wave; that is incredible. If he could be given large amounts of practice resources, he might allow the Western Campus to have another member in the Warrior of Division Profound.” Elder Situ stroked his beard gently, revealing a knowing smile.

Elder Xie scoffed coldly and did not speak further.

“It’s over! Who thought Feng Zhilin could conjure a medium-class Bloody Wave? With the power of the Blood Wave, he can match six or seven warriors of the same realm! The Ninth Prince is in trouble!” Liu Chengfeng sighed.

“Is a medium-class Bloody Wave very strong?” A freshman asked.

Liu Chengfeng replied, “For every ten warriors of the Final State of the Black Realm, only one will be able to conjure a medium-sized Bloody Wave, do you think it’s strong or not? If Feng Zhilin has opened enough Meridians in his body, and his martial techniques and the exercises he practices are sufficiently high level, once he has reached the completion, he has a 10 percent chance of becoming one of the Warriors of Division Profound.”

No one could say for sure that they could become a Warrior of the Division Profound, they could only rely on their odds.

A 10 percent chance was very low, but it wasn’t bad. At least, he had an opportunity to try while other warriors would not have even that.

Everyone became worried for Zhang Ruochen, hoping he would not be defeated. Once he was defeated, Feng Zhilin would certainly not allow him to alive.

“Medium-sized Bloody Wave, not bad!” Zhang Ruochen nodded his head gently.

If Zhang Ruochen were to use his Space Domain, naturally he could also repress Feng Zhilin and easily defeat him.

However, Zhang Ruochen did not want to use the power of Space Domain.

Feng Zhilin saw that there was no fear on Zhang Ruochen’s face. He scoffed coldly and attacked again. This time, he would be sure to pierce Zhang Ruochen’s heart.


As Feng Zhilin’s strike with his spear, the air burst into flames, letting out loud crackling sounds.

Zhang Ruochen did not dodge. When the long spear was three meters from him, the fire on the spear bathed his face in a red light.

“Sacred Guiding Sword!”

The fourth move in the Sacred Sword Skill!

Zhang Ruochen’s arm moved, and his spear drew a circle in the void space. It left 36 white streaks of sword shadow. The 36 streaks formed a circle, like a white moon being held in his hands.


36 streaks of sword Shadow flew out at the same time.

Feng Zhilin defended quickly and continuously waved his long spear to shatter the swordkee.

But, seven streaks of Sword Breath made it through. Four of them pierced his body, while the other three flew across the surface of his skin, leaving behind three shallow lines of blood.

“Bang! Bang!”

The four streaks of Sword Breath left four holes in Feng Zhilin’s clothes. Beneath the holes there peaked pieces of metal armor. It seemed that Feng Zhilin wore armor under his clothes, and it had blocked the four strikes just now.

However, the four streaks of Sword Breath were very powerful. Although they were blocked by the armor, they still rattled Feng Zhilin and caused him some light injuries.

“Such a powerful strike. If Feng Zhilin had not been wearing armor, even if he didn’t die just before, he would have been heavily wounded.”

“Zhang Ruochen is so young, why is his sword technique so advanced?”

Elder Xie narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, his face showed a great joy, and said, “The Advanced realm of the Sword Following the Mind.”

A few other Elders heard Elder Xie’s words and they suddenly realized that he was right, the sword technique Zhang Ruochen just demonstrated had indeed reached the Advanced realm of the Sword Following the Mind.


It must be noted, this group of Elders were all in the Advanced realm of the Sword Following the Mind, but no one had reached the Peak.

Duanmu Xingling was also surprised by this and found it unbelievable. She said, “His achievements in sword techniques is terrifying. Once he has broken through to the completion of the Black realm, he must become a Warrior of Division Profound. Also, his ranking on the Profound Board will not be low.”

Previously, she had only known that Zhang Ruochen had great achievements in palm techniques, she did not expect him to have higher achievements in sword techniques.

“With such attainments in sword techniques, it seems like Zhang Ruochen will win for sure!” Duanmu Xingling smiled. She sent a gentle look towards Huang Yanchen and said, “Sister Chen, you wouldn’t want to kill and waste a prodigy like Zhang Ruochen, right?”

Huang Yanchen was also slightly moved. Given Zhang Ruochen’s age, to be able to practice to the Advanced realm of the Sword Following the Mind, his talent was startling indeed.

“So what if he is talented? His character is too bad,” Huang Yanchen stared at Duanmu Xingling and said, “You’re not wanting me to accept him, are you?”

Duanmu Xingling laughed and said, “After all, you already have had those things happen, if you don’t accept him, what else is there to do?”

“Humph! Even if I let him alive, I would still not accept him,” Huang Yanchen said.

“Sister Chen, you remember what you said. If, in the future, I accidentally fall for him and steal him away, don’t resent me!” Duanmu Xingling’s a pair of large eyes curved, like two half-moons.

Huang Yanchen stared carefully at Duanmu Xingling, turning over the meaning of what she just said and asked, “You can’t seriously have fallen for him?”

Duanmu Xingling straightened her back and stared at Zhang Ruochen on the Platform of Life and Death. She smiled and said, “He is young, handsome, talented, and a prince. I cannot find a single flaw in him. It is entirely possible I could accidentally fall for him!”

Huang Yanchen was a little unhappy and said, “You’re two years older than him, right?”

“It’s impossible to continue being sisters!” Duanmu Xingling looked at Huang Yanchen with annoyance and said, “it seems you don’t want to give him up.”

Huang Yanchen stared at Zhang Ruochen, there was no expression on her beautiful face. She asked thoughtfully, “Xingling, do you think it’s possible for him to become a Saint?”


Duanmu Xingling’s gaze also became serious. She nodded her head and said, “Saints are beyond the realm of warriors, they have crossed into another form of living. In all the 36 commanderies in Omen Ridge, there is not even one Saint. Although he is very talented, it would be almost impossible for him to become a Saint.”

After a pause, Duanmu Xingling continued, “Although, I feel that if he can maintain his current state in practicing, and maintain it until he reaches the Heaven Realm, he has a chance to become a Half-Saint.”

“Half-Saint! Do you think he can?” Huang Yanchen’s beautiful eyes carried a complicated gaze. She always felt she could not see through Zhang Ruochen.

This young man, although his cultivation was not at her level, has demonstrated terrifying potential.

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