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Chapter 104 - The Life And Death Platform

Chapter 104: The Life And Death Platform

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The life and death platform was a 30-meter-high, 30-meter squared white stone platform. It was made of huge polished smooth stones which weighed about 5,000 kilograms each.

There were lots of sharp iron thorns under the life and death platform. Each thorn was two meters long, some of them blood-stained on the point.

If a warrior fell from the life and death platform, he would either die from falling or being stabbed by the iron thorns.

Once a warrior went up to the life and death platform, he would end up with either a victory or a death. There was no escape.

Feng Zhilin was so confident in his power that he had already walked up to the life and death platform.

He stood straight in the center of the life and death platform, seeming quite handsome. He looked around, flashing his brilliant smile at the beautiful female students.

He was assured to win this battle.

“Ninth brother, you must be careful!” Zhang Shaochu held Zhang Ruochen’s hands tightly with worry in his eyes.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “No big deal. It’s just Feng Zhilin.”

“Zhang Ruochen!”

Zi Qian walked out of the crowd of students, wearing a white robe. The belt around her slender waist emphasized her graceful posture.

The surrounding students intently stared at her. They were surprised there was such a beautiful girl among the Yunwu Commandery students. She was as beautiful as the three She-devils.

They couldn’t help giving way to Zi Qian. She was surrounded by the crowd as if the moon was surrounded by the stars.

Zi Qian walked to Zhang Ruochen and stared at him, showing no emotion, and said, “I also took part in killing Feng Zhiyi. Let me fight Feng Zhilin for you!”

Zhang Ruochen looked at Zi Qian and had a strange feeling.

“Have you reached the Black Realm’s Medium State?” Zhang Ruochen’s eyes brightened up.

Zi Qian nodded, “Yes, I have!”

Zhang Ruochen was not surprised. After all, Zi Qian had Saint’s blood. With her 2000 points merit, she could totally afford to get a lot of the superior level practice resources at the Martial Market’s School.

With her talent and the vast amount of the practice resources, it seemed plausible she would break through to the Black Realm’s Medium State in just one month.

Be mindful that Zhang Ruochen merely ate the Spiritual Brawn and devoted all his time to practice his martial technique instead of his skills, but he also broke through the Realm in less than two months.

Both Zhang Ruochen and Zi Qian’s biggest advantages were endless practice resources.


Zhang Ruochen continued, “But I’ve already made a deal with Feng Zhilin to fight on the life and death platform. You’re too late. You can fight him next time.”

A strange light flashed in Zi Qian’s eyes. She said, “Zhang Ruochen, can you beat Feng Zhilin?”

“It’s simple.” Zhang Ruochen smiled.

Hearing Zhang Ruochen’s words, the Square Commandery warriors near him all scolded in silence, “Such an arrogant jerk!”

“Let’s wait and see! Zhang Ruochen thought that he was the best warrior after defeating Nie Xuan, Wang Lang, and Qing Haitian, But he didn’t know that none of them could withstand Feng Zhilin’s one movement.”

“Zhang Ruochen will regret it after he is on the life and death platform.”

In the distance, Elder Xie was a little worried when he saw Zhang Ruochen walking to the life and death platform step by step. He was about to chase Zhang Ruochen and stop him.

It would be too late to do anything if Zhang Ruochen got to the life and death platform.

At this moment, a silver shadow flashed passed Elder Xie and put its palm on his shoulder.

“Elder Situ, what are you doing?” Elder Xie asked angrily. There was coldness in his eyes.

Elder Situ still put his palm on Elder Xie’s shoulder trying to stop him from chasing Zhang Ruochen. He smiled, “Don’t worry, Elder Xie. Leave the fight to the young. There’s no need for you to interfere.”

Seeing Zhang Ruochen reach the life and death platform from afar, Elder Xie became even more worried. He said, “Don’t you know that Zhang Ruochen is the fourth genius in the Western Campus’ history who passed the second barrier on the third level of the Wu Tower? What a great loss for Western Campus if Feng Zhilin kills him on the life and death platform!”

The smile on Elder Situ’s face faded. He sneered, “He has a high talent, so what? He killed almost 100 candidates in the first-round examination. That should be classified as a great loss for the Martial Market’s School, not Zhang Ruochen! He is so bloodthirsty at such a young age. How many more will he slay when he becomes stronger? The Martial Market’s School doesn’t need such genius.”

Elder Xie asked, “Elder Situ, did you witness Zhang Ruochen killing?”

“Someone else did.”

Elder Situ seemed cold and said, “What’s more, Zhang Ruochen killed Feng Zhilin’s brother. Shouldn’t Feng Zhilin avenge his brother’s death?”

Another presbyter came to stop Elder Situ and Elder Xie from getting into a quarrel. He said, “Elder Xie, we’re merely the presbyters of the school. Teaching is our only responsibility. We’d better stay away from disputes between students. If the students depend on our presbyters to solve all their problems, it’s harmful to them.”

Elder Situ laughed, “Elder Huo is right. Since Zhang Ruochen is a genius, he needs more trials. If he fails to defeat Feng Zhilin, he isn’t meant to be the strong one.”

If it were another situation, maybe Elder Xie would have believed Elder Situ.

But it was a certain death instead of a trial for Zhang Ruochen, as he was to fight Feng Zhilin on the life and death platform now.

At this moment, Zhang Ruochen was already on the platform, facing Feng Zhilin.

Elder Xie ground his teeth and glared at Elder Situ. Finally, he restrained himself. After all, Elder Situ’s cultivation was higher than him and thus he had no chance to beat Elder Situ.

Now he could only hope that Zhang Ruochen would make a narrow escape, although the chance was quite slim.

Elder Situ watched Elder Xie walking to the grandstand swinging his sleeves, and cast him a sarcastic smile. He then turned his eyes to the life and death platform and smiled happier.

He didn’t care much about whether Zhang Ruochen was the top genius as Zhang Ruochen was neither introduced to Western Campus by him nor his own disciple. If Zhang Ruochen died on the life and death platform, he only had himself to blame.

“Thank you, Elder Situ!”

Prince Huo Xing walked out from the darkness and bowed humbly to Elder Situ to show his respect.

He then handed Elder Situ a purple and gold box, smiled, and said, “This is a Heaven Cloud Pill, a present from my father, in hopes that it will help you upgrade your cultivation.”

Elder Situ took the purple and gold box and cracked it open a bit; A strong medicine scent emitted from it immediately.

Elder Situ smiled a little and put away the box, then he said, “Commandery Prince is too generous. It’s no big deal.”

Prince Huo Xing laughed, “Killing Zhang Ruochen is not a big deal for you, but for Square Commandery, it’s a massive favor. Yunwu Commandery has already got a Zhang Tiangui. If we let Zhang Ruochen live, in ten years the Yunwu Commandery will be unstoppable in the Western Nine Prefectures.

Elder Situ said, “I’m one of the members of the Square Commandery. It’s my duty to help my Commandery Prince eliminate potential threats. Since Zhang Ruochen has come to Western Campus, surely I won’t let him grow up.”

Prince Huo Xing nodded and gazed at the two on the life and death platform, he smiled, “Zhang Ruochen will no longer exist in Western Campus after tonight!”

“Bang! Bang!”

There were a series of explosions on top of the 16 copper pillars around the life and death platform. 16 fireballs started to burn in the braziers on top of the pillars to light the night.

“I can’t believe you have the nerve to walk up to the life and death platform.” Feng Zhilin stared at Zhang Ruochen and showed a cunning smile.

It was definitely not a compliment. He was mocking Zhang Ruochen’s stupidity.

Zhang Ruochen stood straight with his hands behind his back. His robe was as white as snow. He laughed, “Say no more. Let’s fight!”

Feng Zhilin became cold and said, “Okay! Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant your wish!”

They simultaneously turned their eyes to the weapons rack at the edge of the life and death platform.

There were 31 kinds of weapons on it such as swords, knives, drums, spears, whips, lances, sticks, and so on.

Warriors on the life and death platform were not allowed to use their own weapons. Only the weapons on the platform were allowed.

It meant that the one who got the weapon first would have an advantage.


Feng Zhilin moved first. He rushed to the weapon rack like a white shadow. He desired the iron sword on the third level of the rack and was about to take it.

But he failed to grab it.

Zhang Ruochen was standing next to him, holding the iron sword in his hand. He gently flicked the sword and said, “It’s only a normal iron sword with no inscription in it, but its material seems good. Maybe there’s true iron, so it won’t be broken easily.”

“You… ”

Feng Zhilin stared at Zhang Ruochen who was close at hand with surprise.

He made the move before Zhang Ruochen just then, but Zhang Ruochen got the sword faster.

What did it mean?

It meant that Zhang Ruochen was faster than him!


The students on the grandstand were all shocked by this.

“Is Zhang Ruochen even faster than Feng Zhilin?”

“No wonder he dares to go to the life and death platform. He’s got real stuff!”

“With such speed, Zhang Ruochen is almost unbeatable.”

“Don’t bet on it. Off the life and death platform, maybe Feng Zhilin can’t defeat him. But the platform is only three meters’ long, there isn’t much space for Zhang Ruochen to evade even if he has a speed advantage. It won’t be difficult for Feng Zhilin to kill him.”

“You all ignored the most important part. Zhang Ruochen’s cultivation is much lower than Feng Zhilin. His Genuine Qi is much less than Feng Zhilin. No matter how fast he is, Feng Zhilin can prolong the battle and get the final victory.” Prince Huo Xing said coldly.

The other students thought that his words made sense and nodded.

“Ignorant people!” Duanmu Xingling shook her head slightly and turned her eyes to Huang Yanchen. She smiled and said, “Sister Chen, you said yourself that if Zhang Ruochen could beat Feng Zhilin, you would spare his life.”

Huang Yanchen gazed at the life and death platform’s direction and said, “We’ll talk about it when he wins.”

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