God and Devil World

Chapter 6: Level 1 Protective Garment

Chapter 6: Level 1 Protective Garment

“So heavy!”

Yue weigh his backpack, and frown, took two third of the items out and put it on the ground.

This small supermarket is not a place to stay long. All around the supermarket is made with ordinary glass. It can not stop the zombies. Only those large supermarket may be able to withstand the force of the zombies.

Yue wants to escape from the school but having adequate strength is essential. Carrying heavy stuff will affect his stamina.

Earlier, when Yue had level, he had increase power and stamina, all in order to be able to escape to a safe place.

Yue picked up the large water bottle and drink a few mouthful of water, casually tossed the bottle, and rushed outside.

White Bones was outside guarding the entrance, 20 zombies staggered toward Yue, bringing a huge oppressive feeling.

Looking at the group of 20 zombies, Yue frowned, 20 zombies huddled together, the room to maneuver is hinder. He could not force his way past.

“Help! Save us!”

At this moment, on top of the tree, Chen Gang shouted loudly.

Attracted to the shout by Chen Gang, the 20 staggering zombies splited up, with 10 zombies staggering towards the direction of the 3 boys.

By Chen Gang side, a boy name Sun Yu complained:

“Chen Gang, are you crazy? Leading the monsters over again?”

Cheng Gang asked:

“I’m not crazy, there are so many zombies below, if no one come to rescue us, how long can we stay up on this tree? You can escape from the encirclement of the pack of zombies?”

Sun Yu immediately became silent, the zombies are slow, but there are too many, throughout the entire campus is dotted with these dangerous undead. Making it impossible to escape. Even more frightening is that most people know, as long as the zombies scratches the skin, it will get infected and become a new zombie, with no cure.

After the 10 zombies separated, the pressure on Yue had greatly lessen.

White Bone took a long stride forward, swinging his ax and beheading the first zombie sending the head flying.

Yue followed right behind White Bones, commanded:

“Cut off their left arm, White Bones!”

White Bones slaying the zombies mean Yue cannot get any experience to get stronger. Only when he personally kill the zombies will he be able to level and get stronger.

White Bones receive the command, took a step forward, swinging his ax and cut down the left arm of a zombie.

Yue came forward wielding his novice stick and firmly smash the zombie head, breaking the zombie to the side.


Hiding in the trees above, Chen Gang saw Yue and White Bones working together to slay the zombies. His eyes flashing a faint praise

“Back!” After killing 2 zombies, Yue shouted toward White Bones.

At this point the remaining eight zombie has slowly gathered around, once surrounded, Yue would be killed.

After the sound, Yue, and White Bones suddenly and rapidly escaped the encirclement of the zombies.

8 zombies continue to staggered towards the two of them.

Advancing forward, the speed of the 8 zombies can be divide into fast and slow, a zombie burst out.

“Go! Its left arm!”

Yue shouted an order.

White Bones quickly step forward using his ax to cut off the zombie left arm, Yue took the opportunity to use his novice stick and smash the zombie head askew.

After killing the zombie, White Bones and Yue retreated and once again distanced themselves from the small group of corpses.

Just like this the zombie was slay by White Bones and Yue working together, this small group was soon dealt with by Yue and White Bones.

“You have advance to level 4, please assign the 2 stats point!”

When after Yue finish off the last zombie, that nice levelling message appeared in his ear.

“Assign to Power and Stamina!”

Yue heavily panting, ordered. Slaying the 10 zombies, he had use up a lot of stamina, and only has 3 points left.

A surge of warmth flow inside Yue body, and he once again gotten stronger.

In front of Yue, White Bones had also been promoted to level 4, and its overall strength is now 30% stronger than the average person.

Yue killing the the 10 zombies, has cause some commotion, the 3 zombies scatter nearby staggered towards him.

“Kill them! Then come back on guard!:

Yue took a glance at the 3 zombies, and ordered White Bones. He was very tired, and need to rest and recover stamina.

White Bone received the order, advance forward, using his ax and easily slaying the 2 zombies.

“Hey, what’s that?”

When after White Bones killed the last zombie, a 30 cm long white box came out from the zombie body. Lying quietly beside the zombie. Yue saw and immediately walked over, and picked up the white box.

“White Treasure Box, inside of this treasure box there may be treasure you can use, but there may be nothing. Gamble on your luck!”

Yue just picked up the box, a message appeared in his head.

Without hesitation, Yue immediately opened the white box, a white light flashing, a white garment appeared in front of him.

“Level Protective Garment, able to block 3 preliminary infection level 5 and under. Cannot resist the preliminary infection above level 5. Bonus: Power +1, Agility +1, Vitality +1, Stamina +1, Spirit +1, strength +1. Can wear with other protective garment, no stacking of bonus. Durability 3/3. Selling to the system store will get 50 Life Coin!”

“Nice one!”

Yue quickly put on the protective garment, this protective garment is the equivalent to improving 10% of a normal person, was able to fend off 3 zombie attacks, equivalent of 3 lives.

Yue fighting a zombie one on one still had to be careful, the slightest mistakes will become infected, with this protect garment, he only needs to be careful not to be surrounded by zombies. Equivalent to having 3 more lives.

The white protective garment suit his body size just right.

Putting on the protective garment, Yue glance over at the tree, put up a thumb, and retreated into the small supermarket to have a rest.

“Chen Gang, what does he mean? Why did he retreated into the supermarket?”

Sun Yu looking at Yue retreating into the supermarket, asked in wonder.

Chen Gang speculated:

“Maybe he use up too much stamina.”

Fighting will drain your stamina, simply cannot be sustained for long.

Yue retreated into the supermarket, was alert and observing the surrounding environment, while resting quietly.

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