God and Devil World

Chapter 5: Apple of Vitality

Chapter 5: Apple of Vitality

After the small stream disappear, Yue felt that he has become a bit stronger.

The other side, White Bones with his ax hack off the head of another zombie. A faint light flashing, in its place a chest armour condensed out of the palm sized piece of bone.

“It grew another level. Its growth is fast!”

Yue took a look at White Bones, and thought.

Each time White Bones level, his 6 attributes have increase again, while Yue could only increase 2 attributes. Both increased, but White Bones was 3 times of his.

After levelling, White Bones has gotten even stronger, it waved its large bone ax and easily slay the remaining 2 zombies. The zombie attach seems to have stop.

All the zombies have die, and Yue was able to let out a sigh of relief. Enduring the stench from the corpses, Yue put on some gloves and looked for the those black Life Coin.

Right now those Life Coin were of no use, but Yue believe they will prove essential in the future.

Yue having done all this, immediately went back to sit down before the window, quietly trying to restore his stamina.

“Can’t stay here too long.”

Yue inspected the room, and frowned.

Here in this small room lies more than 10 headless corpses, foul blood flowing, foul smelling, is not a place a person can stay. After the fierce battle, Yue mouth felt dry and thirsty. Yue did not dare drink the tap water in the dormitory, he did not know if the virus was in the water. He would eventually die if he stay here.

Yue quietly rested for 10 minutes, his stamina slowly recover from 4 points to 7 points. It took another 20 minutes for his stamina to recover to 8 points.

“It seems like the speed of recovery of his stamina is not a fixed value, the lower it is, the harder to fully recover.

Yue have been observing his stamina recovery, quietly contemplate.

Yue stood up, look out again, this time the calm has been restored within the campus. Students and school staff were either infected or had found a place to hide. The zombies were staggering all over the campus.

Most of the zombies around the male dormitory were attracted to Chen Gang group of 6, leaving a large empty area.

Among the empty areas, only a few scattered zombies blankly standing there.

“Climb down.”

Yue looked at those zombies, and order White Bones.

White Bone flashing those soul fire, put the bone ax in his back, and agilely climb down the rope put there by Yue.

White Bones landed, let out a sound, in the silence of the area is very loud.

4 daft looking zombies suddenly turned around, and walked unsteadily towards White Bones.

After White Bones landing, Yue carrying a big camping backpack quickly climb down the rope.

Seeing the 4 zombies staggering over, White Bones advance forward and swinging his ax, cut off a zombie head sending it flying.

Yue quickly went behind a zombie, use the novice stick to smash its head, knocking it crookedly to the side.

In the open space, one on one battle, as long as you do not fear the zombie virus, even ordinary humans can beat the zombie. Slow movement is the biggest weakness of the zombies.

The 2 remaining zombies had just gotten close to Yue, when White Bone easily beheaded them with his bone ax.

After levelling twice, as long as it not besieged by dozens of zombies, White Bones can easily slay one of the zombies.

“Advance in that direction!”

Yue pointed towards the small supermarket, and ordered White Bones, quickly rushing in that direction.

White Bone received the order from Yue, holding the large bone ax quickly rushed towards the small supermarket.

Yue was trying hard to catch up from behind.

At this time the two sides difference in stats has been revealed, with 12 points in agility, White Bones speed was bit faster than Yue. Only after a bit has already left him behind.

Yue and White Bones running quickly on the street generated a sound, and attracted the attention of the zombies around. They soon stagger towards that direction from the side.

The zombies speed was too slow, compare to Yue and White Bones, but dozens of zombies were chasing them from behind. It gave a feeling of great pressure.

If surrounded by the zombies, Yue would not survive.

The small supermarket in the school has 4 zombies wandering around it, heard the running sound, stagger towards them.

White Bones charged towards a zombie, swinging his ax, soon a zombie was sent flying.

2 zombies took the opportunity to jump White Bones, clawing him randomly .

White Bones brought his ax up, and swinging it down, beheading the 2 zombie one by one.

By the time Yue got to the small supermarket, White Bones had slay all the zombies around.


Looking down at the fragmented body of the corpses in front of White Bones, can not help but envy.

White Bones being an undead, was without fear of the zombie virus. If Yue was surrounded by 4 zombies, there was no way he could easily slay them. The novice stick in his hand is hard enough, but not sharp enough, much less sharp than the bone ax in White Bones hand.

Yue focused his eyes, “What is that…” he saw a red apple among the zombie corpses, that red apple was wrapped in a pouch, so it was not stain with zombie blood.

Yue quickly picked up the red apple and 4 Life Coin, then rushed into the small supermarket.

“Apple of Vitality! After eating, in non-combat state able to restore 4 points of stamina within 5 minutes. Can sell for 15 Life Coin!”

Yue glancing at the apple, saw the information in his head.

“Nice one.”

Yue quickly put the apple in his pocket, quickly dashed into the supermarket.

Inside the supermarket, 2 of the employees that had became zombies, was beheaded by White Bones.

Yue burst into the supermarket to look around but did not find anything strange. Immediately rushed to the shelves with candy, chocolate, and high-calorie food, sweeping them into his mountaineering backpack. These high calorie foods, can provide him the energy needed for the day.

Taking all the candies, chocolate, and biscuits, Yue went a stuff a few packets of instant noodles into his backpack. Also 3 large bottles of purified water, his backpack was now stuffed full.

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