God and Devil World

Chapter 353: Shadow Wolf!

Chapter 353 – Shadow Wolf!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

That company of soldiers were specially sent to subdue Long Teng Town. However, the moment they had conquered it, the commanding officer was set up and murdered by Chen Liang, and the rest of the soldiers were suppressed and locked up. They had no chance to exhibit their combat prowess.

“A company of soldiers! That’s great!!” When Yue Zhong heard this news, his eyebrows relaxed.

Those who had received prior professional training were the best combatants. With this company as the core of his new battalion, he could quickly train up the other troops, and with the experience of a few more battles, the battalion would be able to stand on its own.

Yue Zhong stood up and directly ordered Xue Gang, “Go! Lead me to the prison!!”

Xue Gang’s face paled and he glanced at Yue Zhong’s companions awkwardly as he said, “Sir! There are 20 soldiers guarding the prison, whilst at the same time, there is also the most powerful Sky King Yuan Zhen standing guard. Wouldn’t you say that perhaps you don’t quite have enough people?”

Upon hearing this, Yue Zhong’s expression sunk a little.

Wu Yin immediately bumped the muzzle of the gun against Xue Gang’s head and said icily, “If we want you to lead the way then do so! Don’t waste any words. Or do you want to have a hole blown in your head right now?”

Xue Gang was startled and hurriedly replied, “I’ll lead!! I’ll lead!! Let’s go right now!!”

Wu Yin glanced at the other two soldiers and a cold light flashed past his eyes as he directly asked, “Boss! What should we do about these two? Should we kill them off?”

After experiencing so many things, Wu Ying was already no longer a normal, naive person. Rather, he had grown to now become an iron-blooded warrior. In his eyes, those enemies’ lives were as lowly as those of ants: if necessary, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter them.

Upon hearing this, those two soldiers’ expressions instantly turned deathly pale as they repeatedly kowtowed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong glanced at the soldiers and said lightly, “Knock them unconscious and tie them up! I’ve agreed that they can keep living if they cooperate. If they appear on the battlefield, then it’s best to finish them off there!”

Upon hearing Yue Zhong’s words, Xue Gang, who was standing at the side, let out a slight sigh of relief. Xue Gang was truly afraid of Yue Zhong ‘destroying the bridge after crossing the river’ and killing him after he had accomplished his goal.

“Yes!” Wu Yin received Yue Zhong’s order and immediately knocked the two soldiers unconscious, before using rope to firmly tie them up.


The town seemed to be dead. There wasn’t a single store open to do business, nor was there anyone wandering outside. Most of the survivors were hiding inside their homes, waiting for their deaths like walking corpses.

It was only in the meadows, which still had some life in them, that there were quite a lot of survivors surrounding the large trees. They were searching for insects, tree leaves, wild herbs and other similar things to eat, trying to eat their fill with great difficulty and continue surviving.

None of the survivors even glanced at Yue Zhong and the rest, for they had no strength left to pay attention to the matters of others. It was very challenging for them to even keep living. From time to time, one would see human corpses on the roadside, the cause of death being either starvation or suicide. Even then, there was no one who paid attention to these corpses, nor was there anyone who could be bothered to dispose of them.

The entire town didn’t have a single trace of vitality, emitting a rotten lethargy. Perhaps even without a zombie invasion, this small town wouldn’t be able to hold on for more than a few months.

“This Chen Liang really is useless! To actually turn this small town into this state!” Yue Zhong saw the dead atmosphere in the town and his eyebrows furrowed slightly. This was his first time seeing such awful management, a town without any order whatsoever.

Back then, regardless of whether it was Qing Yuan County or SY City, although the lives of the survivors were all very bitter, there was still social order to some extent. There was even a hint of hope, of emerging vitality. Yet in Long Teng Town, there wasn’t any liveliness whatsoever- almost all of the survivors were doing nothing more than waiting for death.

After walking for a while, Yue Zhong and his party arrived at the prison.

Outside the prison gate stood four soldiers holding Type 81 Rifles.

“Finish them!” Yue Zhong directly ordered White Bones in a low voice.

The demonic spiritual fire in White Bones’ eyes flashed, and White Bones opened its right hand. Four bone spears explosively shot out and instantly pierced through the heads of the four soldiers, killing them.

“How terrifying!” Upon seeing this scene, Xue Gang felt a slight chill in his heart. Yue Zhong had actually ordered his subordinate to kill without any further hesitation whatsoever, and the deed had been done instantly without any noise, leaving behind no traces. His heart went cold.

“Kill of all the guards inside!” Yue Zhong ordered White Bones in a heavy tone. Since he had already taken action, Yue Zhong decided to show no quarter.

After receiving Yue Zhong’s order, White Bones rapidly rushed into the prison like lightning.

White Bones possessed speed five times that of a normal person; although it couldn’t compare to Yue Zhong in this aspect, its speed was still far above that of an ordinary person. As soon as it rushed into the prison, bone blades began to shoot out violently one after another, beheading the prison guards inside one by one.

[Dedition: Fun fact: The average man jogs at a speed of 8.3 MpH which equivalates to 100m in 27 seconds. That means White Bones speed is at a shocking 41.5mph! Don’t really understand? Usain Bolt’s 100m fastest speed is at 27.79mph. You guys can do the maths from there.]

White Bones was truly too nimble. By the time one of the prison guards had reacted, it had already beheaded 13 others in succession. The remaining guards all raised their guns and opened fire with all their might at White Bones. It was just that when the lead bullets hit White Bones, all of them immediately ricocheted off!*1 White Bones effortlessly riposted with bone blades he sent flying through the air, directly beheading all of the remaining few prison guards.

Once White Bones had killed the last guard, the door to a room opened and a topless man wearing just his underpants rushed out. This man was precisely Chen Liang’s subordinate, one of the Four Great Vajrapanis- Sky King Yuan Zhen!

Yuan Zhen saw the dismembered bodies of the prison guards in the surroundings and his heart shivered. He berated White Bones loudly, “Who are you? To think that you dare to commit such atrocities here!!!”

White Bones did not even waste any breath,*2 instead, it raised its huge axe, and dashed forward with a heavy killing intent towards Yuan Zhen.

“You deserve to die!!” Yuan Zhen’s eyes flashed, and he bellowed in rage, as he stepped forward, activating his “Ground Manipulation” ability. An incredibly sharp spike made of earth shot out from the ground towards White Bones.

The sharp spike had formed very quickly, and it pierced White Bones, lodging White Bones against the ceiling of the cell.

Sky King Yuan Zhen had the [Ground Manipulation] ability, which he had enhanced thrice; at the same time, he was a Level 39 Spirit-based Enhancer. His control of the [Ground Manipulation] ability was faster than most other normal Enhancers, and the speed of which it pierced his enemies was extremely quick.

Although it was the same skill, in the hands of different people, it could be utilized differently and exhibit varying amounts of strength. Sky King Yuan Zhen truly had the ability as a combatant, within the entire Long Teng Town, Chen Liang was the only person whom he had no confidence of winning against.

Yuan Zhen eyed White Bones that was pinned to the ceiling as he laughed coldly: “Trash! Just based on your ability, you want to lay siege on this place, truly audacious and not knowing your place!”

All of a sudden, his face turned pale, and instantly conjured up a huge wall of earth to defend himself.

At almost an instant later, gunshots rang out from a distance away, as 6 bullets landed explosively on the wall of earth. The bullets created 6 holes, penetrating them and exploded on the body of Yuan Zhen, sending him flying to the ground.

Yue Zhong waved his huge Dark Tooth Blade, and the wall of earth was instantly sliced apart, and Yuan Zhen could be seen struggling to stand up.

“Still not dead? What a tough Mutant Beast hide! It must belong to a Type 2 Mutant Beast!” Yue Zhong eyed Yuan Zhen, and quickly made an assessment.

Only a Type 2 Mutant Beast hide could properly withstand the bullets from the Stinger, but even then, a low-level Type 2 Mutant Beast hide would at most minimize the damage, not block it fully.

Yuan Zhen had just pushed himself off the ground, when a sharp bone spike shot towards his head in a flurry from the ceiling.

Yuan Zhen reacted in a frenzy and activated his [Ground Manipulation] ability again, as he raised another wall of earth to defend himself.

The sharp bone spike pierced through 30% of the thick wall before it came to a stop.

White Bones then morphed it’s bones, and dropped down from the ceiling. As it fell it swung it’s huge Bone Axe viciously downward in an explosive attack on the wall of earth!

When that axe swung down, the huge wall instantly shuddered, before shattering beneath the enormous oppressive force.

On the other side, Yuan Zhen was frantically pushing himself and controlling the wall of earth to rejoin and lock the axe in place. At the same time, with a thought, he opened up 2 small holes, allowing him to view the situation on the other side of the wall.

Just as he wanted to observe, a Shadow Wolf appeared by his side noiselessly. Opening its huge jaws, it clamped down on his unguarded throat without mercy!

“When did it appear?” That was the last thought flashing through Yuan Zhen’s mind as his throat was snapped in twain by the Shadow Wolf, fresh blood splurting all over.

The Shadow Wolf could hide itself within the shadows, escaping detection from enemies. As Yuan Zhen had focused all his attention when facing against White Bones, the Shadow Wolf had made use of the chance to attack. If it were a fight between Ming Jiajia and Yuan Zhen, he might have ended the fight within a second.

With the death of Yuan Zhen, the maintenance of the spell was dissolved, and the earth wall as well as the earth spike immediately broke down, returning to their original form.

After Yue Zhong had finished off Yuan Zhen, he ordered Zheng Minghe to release the soldiers within the jail cell and gather them at the field.

Yue Zhong watched the soldiers, who almost numbered a complete company, and said in a heavy voice,

“I am Yue Zhong! It is I who saved you all! Right now you have two choices. The first one is that as long as you agree to not oppose me, then you can leave the town by yourselves. The second is to serve me, and go exterminate Chen Liang together with me. You will all henceforth obey my orders. I will bring you weapons, food, victory, glory and respect!”

Upon hearing Yue Zhong’s speech, the soldiers from the frontier army remained taciturn for a period of time. They all looked at each other and began to discuss spiritedly. None of them understood exactly what sort of person Yue Zhong was – it would be almost impossible for them to immediately start obeying Yue Zhong. After all, they weren’t like Gan Tao, someone who had suffered enough from the Vietnamese Army’s torment and humiliation. As soon as he was rescued, Gan Tao had immediately been full of gratitude towards Yue Zhong.

A dark-skinned, very robust-looking soldier who was 1.7m tall stood out and said in a low voice,

“Hello. Yue Zhong! I am Shen Jianguang! We are willing to put an end to Chen Liang together with you. As long as you don’t do anything that will harm the people of Long Teng Town, we can follow your orders for one month. After one month, we will decide whether to properly follow you or not. Do you think this is ok?”


inchworms wiki!

“Ah the beauty of the wild inchworm stampede!” – Ulamog, The Enlightened

*1 Ulamog: Please do remember that Whitebones has upgraded a few times and now has bones at the reinforced steel level or better.

He also has a camouflage/mimicry ability of sorts that makes him able to shape himself like other animals and people in others point of view.

*2 Please also remember that he has evolved slightly and possesses intelligence equal to a small child that can understand basic speech but can’t talk or maybe someone recovering from a stroke, meaning He KNOWS things buuuuut he really currently doesn’t know much…..

@_@ welcome to the Twilight Zone: nur NE nah nuh, nur NE nah nuh….

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