God and Devil World

Chapter 352: Entering the Town!

Chapter 352 – Entering the Town!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

“It really is quite a mob!!” Yue Zhong glanced at the situation within the town and thought to himself.

This small town’s defence was the most negligent that Yue Zhong had ever seen. It seemed to not have been fortified at all: if there weren’t any hidden traps, then just one battalion of warriors would easily be able to take down this town.

“Let’s go!!”

Yue Zhong brought Ming Jiajia and the others with him as they all put on a simple disguise, beginning to walk towards the small town shortly afterwards. This was China, not Vietnam, so Yue Zhong could pretend to be an ordinary survivor and thus sneak into the town. Had this been Vietnam, then Yue Zhong, who didn’t know Vietnamese, would find it very difficult to sneak into any sort of strategic military location.

“Stand still right there! Who are you people??”

Right when Yue Zhong and his party had arrived at the town, one of the four soldiers who had been playing cards stood up, blocking Yue Zhong’s way as he shouted out loudly.

Luo Qiang lowered his figure and explained to the soldier in front of them, “We are survivors from Dong Ping Village. We’ve heard that there’s a survivor base set up by the government here, so we’ve come here to seek shelter.”

That soldier carefully took a look at Yue Zhong and his party. As soon as he saw their backpacks, his eyes immediately lit up. He pointed at the backpacks and said,

“Take those bags over here. If you want to enter the base, all of you must first be inspected! No prohibited items can be taken into the base!”

Luo Qiang glanced at Yue Zhong, and upon seeing that he wasn’t opposed to it, Luo Qiang and the others immediately took off their backpacks one by one. They placed the bags onto a table at the side before opening them.

“Cakes!! Milk!! There’s even cigarettes!! Good stuff!! This time I your father have really hit the jackpot!!”

Upon seeing the contents of the bags, that soldier immediately revealed an avaricious expression and he began to frantically scoop up all the items.

Another one of the soldiers also came over: upon seeing the things inside the bags, his eyes also revealed an incomparably greedy look. He immediately stretched out his hands and tried to snatch away some of the items.

“Let me have a look!! Fuck! Xue Gang! Don’t you hog all of this good stuff to yourself!!”

The only benefit of being sentries at the town gate was that they could try to plunder the survivors who entered the small town. They naturally wouldn’t let go of this sort of opportunity. The other two soldiers also surrounded the table, all of them stretching out their hands to snatch away the items and stuff them into their bosoms.

Upon seeing this scene, Yue Zhong’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. These soldiers’ behaviour was truly like that of a troupe of bandits.

Luo Qiang put on a timid expression and implored,

“Brothers!! Leave a bit for me, alright!! I’m begging you!! I still need those items to survive!!”

Xue Gang glanced at Luo Qiang and his expression darkened. He cursed angrily,

“Negligence! If you don’t give me face then I don’t want it! This daddy here is taking your things because he thinks highly of you! If you keep blabbering, be careful of this daddy shooting you! All of you, enter the town and get lost!”

Only then did Luo Qiang let out a sigh of relief, scowling miserably as he brought Yue Zhong and the others into the town.

“Slow down!!” Just at this moment, a soldier suddenly shouted at them to stop.

Upon hearing that soldier’s shout, everyone in Yue Zhong’s party felt their muscles beginning to tighten as they prepared to make a move and kill off those four soldiers at any time.

As soon as the made a move, then they would have to exterminate all the enemies who opposed them in a manner as fast and as powerful as thunder. If they acted rashly under a situation in which they didn’t know the exact situation of Long Teng Village, then just one careless mistake would mean that Yue Zhong and the others might be captured in this place.

Luo Qiang bent over his waist as he asked that soldier softly in a timid voice,

“What is it? Big bro!!”

That soldier’s eyes flashed with a silvery light as he began to size up Shu Tianya, who was standing behind Yue Zhong.

Even though Shu Tianya had already smeared quite a lot of dirt onto her face, her ample, sexy figure still couldn’t be concealed by her clothing. At the same time, every movement of hers possessed a confident temperament and charm; she hadn’t made an effort to conceal those yet.

As soon as the soldier saw Shu Tianya, he was firmly entranced by her temperament and figure. His eyes didn’t leave Shu Tianya’s ample bosom for even one moment.

He then pointed towards a small room at the side and smiled deviously at Shu Tianya, saying,

“Come with me to go take a trip over there!!”

“Tian Duming! How is it that you can even put an ugly person like this into your eyes? It’s very likely that this woman hasn’t bathed for several weeks!”

“Tian Duming, you’re truly hopeless!! Although this ugly woman’s figure is actually decent.”


The other three soldiers sat at the side, eating the food that they had plundered from Yue Zhong’s team whilst laughing loudly at their companion.

Upon hearing those four soldiers’ unrestrained laughter, Shu Tianya was so angry that her expression turned ashen. She almost felt like making a move herself, directly freezing those soldiers into chunks of ice. Even though she had always gone along with the current ever since the apocalypse, it was still the first time that she had been insulted by others like this.

Tian Duming saw that Shu Tianya stood there quietly, not moving, and his expression darkened. He berated her loudly,

“Fuck! You’re still not moving! Don’t you act like this, I’ve given you face yet you don’t want it!!”

A series of thoughts went by in Shu Tianya’s mind like lightning. She turned around her head to look at Yue Zhong, who seemed to have no intention of taking the initiative to save her. She subsequently steeled herself and quickly grabbed onto Yue Zhong’s left arm, putting on the act of a pure and shy married woman as she said timidly,

“This is my husband!”

Yue Zhong’s expression went blank for a moment. He didn’t expect that Shu Tianya would actually push him out to use him as a shield.

“You’re her man?” Tian Duming glanced askance at Yue Zhong and threatened disdainfully,

“Make your woman accompany me for one night! Otherwise, I your father will shoot you dead right here!”

Ever since the apocalypse, human lives were as lowly as those of ants. Tian Duming and the other soldiers were all criminals who had taken several human lives before, and they simply didn’t see ordinary survivors as actual humans. Within Long Teng Town, apart from the people behind the scenes whom they didn’t dare to provoke, they didn’t put any of the normal survivors in their eyes.

Yue Zhong turned his head around to take a few glances left and right, discovering that there were barely any survivors in the vicinity of the town gate, almost making the place seem like a ghost town. Within a radius of 100m, there was only a sandbag and a front formed from wire-netting, in which a Heavy Machine Gun was positioned. It was just that the two machine-gunners were both in a deep sleep; apart from them, there wasn’t anyone else paying attention to this side.

“Fuck! You dare to ignore this daddy here! I your father will shoot you dead!” Upon seeing Yue Zhong’s mannerisms, Tian Duming felt furious. He immediately raised his gun and aimed at Yue Zhong. Up until now, Tian Duming had become accustomed to acting rampantly; there were barely any survivors who dared to anger him, and so Yue Zhong’s behavior made him feel as if his dignity was being provoked to the extreme! *1

As soon as Yue Zhong turned around, a cold radiance flashed past in his eyes. His right hand suddenly stretched out into a claw, clutching Tian Duming’s throat. He exerted some force and his huge strength erupted, instantly crushing Tian Duming’s throat.

A hint of terror flashed past Tian Duming’s eyes, for he had never imagined that he would actually be killed in this way.

Yue Zhong ordered coldly, “Take action! Don’t let them say anything! I want them captured alive!”

Wu Yin instantly burst forwards, rushing towards a soldier like a cheetah. He chopped with his hand at the soldier’s back, making the soldier instantly faint in one move.

Zheng Minghe was also a strong fighter with plentiful experience. Even before Yue Zhong had given out the order, he had already made battle preparations and chosen the most advantageous spot to fight from. As soon as he received the order, he pounced at the enemy, sending out two slashes with his hands in succession and knocking the other two soldiers unconscious as well.

Yue Zhong watched the two machine-gunners sleeping 100m away and both of his eyes concentrated on them. He activated his Art of Fear two times in succession. Two streaks of incomparably formidable spirit attacks broke into the two soldiers’ minds, presenting countless terrifying scenes inside. The two soldiers were directly frightened to death.

In the process of dealing with these six soldiers, there wasn’t any noise made at all.

Yue Zhong left Zheng Minghe and White Bones behind to take care of things outside, before dragging Xue Gang and the other two into the small room at the side.

Wu Yin directly took a bucket of water and poured it onto the three soldiers’ bodies, thus waking them up.

“Be a bit more well-behaved! Otherwise, I’ll directly kill you all!” Xue Gang and the other two had just awoken when they heard Yue Zhong’s icy voice. At the same time, they felt the muzzle of a gun pressed against the back of their heads. They instantly became much more well-behaved and didn’t start shouting and screaming, which might alert the other people inside the town. After all, warning the others wasn’t as important as preserving their own lives.

Yue Zhong watched the three as he said coldly,

“I wish to know everything about Long Teng Town. If you people explain everything sensibly, then I can let all of you live. If none of you will speak, then you can all go die!”

Xue Gang instantly brightened up, kneeling before Yue Zhong and repeatedly kowtowing as he said,

“This humble person will definitely reveal all that he knows!! Sir, please ask whatever you wish! As long as I know the answer, then I am willing to tell sir everything about it!”

“I am willing to tell you anything!!”

“As long as I know the answer! I definitely won’t conceal anything from you!


The three soldiers constantly kowtowed and pleaded to Yue Zhong without any courageous spirit whatsoever. They easily yielded, only wishing to continue living.

Only then did Yue Zhong begin to inquire about Long Teng Town’s real situation. The three soldiers also tried to outdo each other as they revealed everything they knew to Yue Zhong.

This Long Teng Town had about two thousand and several hundred survivors. Amongst them, four hundred were Chen Liang’s subordinates, although most of them were nothing more than mob members like Xue Gang. The number of Chen Liang’s confidants who could actually fight only numbered in the forties, who were all equipped with high-level Mutant Beast leather armor, making them almost invulnerable. At the same time, they were all Enhancers above Level 10. Only by relying on these 40+ aides and his own formidable fighting strength did Chen Liang become the controller of this small town.

Amongst the forty plus confidants, there were four high-level Enhancers who were all above Level 30, whom had been named by Chen Liang as the Four Great Vajrapanis.

The Four Great Vajrapanis were known as Strength King Ma Xiong, Fire King He Sheng, Sky King Yuan Zhen and Azure King Xu Jin.

After he had seized Long Teng Town, Chen LIang didn’t really possess any management skills. The entire town had been neglected and ruined by his earlier actions, whilst he and his subordinates continued to spend most of their time playing with women. Therefore the entire town seemed somewhat dead, with all the good-looking and respected women not daring to leave their homes, or making themselves look filthy and smell bad on purpose, which meant that no one took an interest in them. If it wasn’t for all the survivors being terrified of the tyrannical fighting power of Chen Liang and his subordinates, then the entire town would have long risen up in rebellion.

Yue Zhong had also gotten a very precious piece of intelligence from Xue Gang, that after Chen Liang had seized Long Teng Town, he had captured a company of border guards. He had only imprisoned them, with the wholehearted intention of assimilating the border guards. However, up until now, he had only been able to make 6 or 7 of the soldiers from the frontier army capitulate.


The Mooninite Overlord Faces rule all…..

~ Ulamog, The Enlightened

(Look at the border both normal and upside down. Alien Faces!) *Ninja poofs*

*1 [Dedition: Idiots. Textbook example of “Wanting your cake and eating it too.” means… figuratively and literally. Also, I thought he’d shoot him alive….]*2

*2 [Ulamog: I feel the same way! You just hit the modern equivalent of several bags of gold bricks, and bundles of cash! And you wanna rape the woman too? Arent you wondering why, after how many months(?) Of no society they come in with bags full of milk, cakes and smokes?

Willful stupidity will be our downfall.]

Delenda est Carthago!

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