God and Devil World

Chapter 261: Go Die! Scum!

Chapter 0261 – Go Die! Scum!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

“Scum! He really deserves death!!” Yue Zhong eyed the scene in front of him, as he gritted his teeth and spat out the foul taste in his mouth.

“What a bastard!!”

“He needs to die!!”

Zhang Yulan and Tong Xiaoyun could not help but curse loudly. Especially Zhang Yulan who thought that just earlier, she almost became part of this group in front of her and her heart felt cold.

4 young girls of roughly 11 or 12 were enclosed inside a cage, with collars around their necks. The height of the cage made it so that the girls could only squat inside the cage, and their bodies had scars all over, their faces numb and frozen, causing those who saw their plight to feel immense pity.

Yue Zhong released the 4 of them upon which they crawled out on all fours. They immediately headed towards Yue Zhong and lowered their heads to lick his shoes.

Yue Zhong immediately pulled them up, and lectured them sternly: “All of you stand up!! From now on, you will learn how to protect yourself! Only you can save yourself!!”

The 4 girls only cried out in alarm, as their bodies shuddered and pleaded, “I will listen! Don’t hit me! I will listen! Please don’t hit me!”

Yue Zhong lightly sighed, but his eyes flashed with incomparable fury.

He wanted to kill someone.

Yue Zhong told Tong Xiaoyun: “Xiaoyun, they will be under your care!”

Tong Xiaoyun looked towards those pitiful girls and nodded her head: “Brother Yue, you can be at ease! I will take good care of them!!”

“Where is Yuan Yeshan?!” Yue Zhong grabbed Shi Ergou and asked icily.

“The Fragrant Hill Villa! He should be at Fragrant Hill Villa conducting his business!!” Shi Ergou had no backbone and immediately sold his backer out. He valued his life and didn’t want to throw it away with a way out in front of him!

In Fragrant Hill Villa, Yuan Yeshan was living an extremely luxurious lifestyle, he had 2 girls licking his smelly feet, and another servicing him at his crotch. He was indeed enjoying himself.

As the director of the Tax Bureau, he controlled a huge amount of the resources. Even the big powers in SY County like Wen Baoguo and Peng Mingde had to give him face. Though, he knew that he could not come out on top of Wen Baoguo nor Peng Mingde, so he quietly stayed in his job, and continued to siphon resources, as he led his high life.

Yuan Yeshan suddenly shivered as he ejaculated, and let out a light breath of relief, before looking at the young girl’s face in front of him. He felt young and full of vigor. In the current world, he could do as he like in broad daylight, if it was before, he wouldn’t have the guts to do so. He could do it precisely because he possessed power and authority!!

Those who had power were above authority and remand! Even the useless son of Peng Mingde had caused so much troubles, yet he remained free. If he, Yuan Yeshan wanted to play with a few women whose business was it?

Of course, he did all these knowing that it was shameless and was afraid of retribution. Therefore he used his resources and authority to gather a few experts under him. After all, expert fighters also needed to eat. They also had relatives and friends, family members, women and children. To survive and live better, they had no choice but to work for a government official like Yuan Yeshan.

Yuan Yeshan had 4 Level 15 Enhancers working under him. As long as they did not meet a powerful expert, the 4 of them could take down an Enhancer that was below Level 20. Even an Enhancer that had a higher level than that had to be careful, otherwise he or she might fall at their hands as well.

Furthermore, near the villa there was a special forces squad. If anything were to happen, within a few minutes the squad would immediately rush to provide reinforcements.

Just as Yuan Yeshan was having his way with those few girls, one of his subordinates suddenly barged in and spoke anxiously.

“Director!! There’s an enemy attack!!”

Yuan Yeshan was alarmed and exclaimed: “Who??”

The subordinate continued hastily.

“I’m not sure! He’s only one person! All our brothers have been defeated by him!! He is definitely an expert!!”

Right at this time, with a peng, the subordinate that had reported to Yuan Yeshan was kicked viciously to one side, as he flew to the wall and smashed into it forcefully, before he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and fainted.

TN: Hmmm, seems familiar…

Yue Zhong strode in power on full display, as he stared at Yuan Yeshan and spoke coldly: “You are Yuan Yeshan?”


Yuan Yeshan frowned as he spoke sternly in a self-righteous tone: “Who are you? This is government grounds. Do you want to go against the government and people?”

From a small house on the side, 4 men swiftly arrived by Yuan Yeshan’s side and stared at Yue Zhong coldly. They were the 4 experts that Yuan Yeshan had hired.

One of them was wielding a Tang Replica Sword, and looked to be about 46 – 47, while dressed in farmer’s garbs as he called out.

“Quickly surrender! This is Director Yuan, if you want to go against him, it’s tantamount to rebelling! You will be regarded as treacherous to your comrades, the government and the people!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at the 3 girls who were lying naked on the floor, with collars around their necks, as he spoke out in an incredibly icy tone.

“Yuan Yeshan, how is a scum like you able to represent the citizens?”

Yuan Yeshan replied without batting an eyelid.

“Before I’m replaced, I represent the people of this country, and the citizens. Young man, you may be capable, but in front of the government and the people, your power counts for nuts! You better turn yourself in while you still have the chance. You must believe in the law, the law will definitely treat you justly! If you don’t wake up, you will only face death.”

Yue Zhong eyed the 4 experts as he pointed to the girls and questioned them.

“Do the 4 of you insist on helping this scum? Have your eyes been blinded? Don’t tell me you can’t see this?”

The 4 of them maintained their indifference, they were not good men after all, after protecting Yuan Yeshan for so long, how were they not sure of the type of animal Yuan Yeshan is? However, he had the power to ensure that they would not go hungry. Almost more importantly they could have the women they wanted, hence they threw their moral conscience away.

“Damn brat! If you don’t surrender now, don’t blame I your father, for being merciless!” The farmer-like middle aged man activated his Shadow Steps with a cold look in his eyes, as his entire being seemed to soar, as he shot towards Yue Zhong.

Another man who looked decent and cultured also activated his skill Airlock, and an invisible airlock shot towards Yue Zhong.

Another beefy yellow-skinned man activated his skill Super Strength Enhancement, as his Strength soared to 55 points. With the mace he wielded that was heavier than 100 jin, he rushed towards Yue Zhong ferociously. While he liked to use the Tang Replica Sword to deal with the zombies, against humans he preferred to use the mace, because it allowed him to exhibit his full strength.

The last guy just stared at Yue Zhong coldly, while he activated his Level 3 Skill: Spirit Shock, and a huge amount of Spirit energy rushed towards Yue Zhong. The power of such an attack was overwhelming, and if a normal person was to receive it, he would immediately lose his mental faculties, or die on the spot. Even someone who possessed a similar Spirit level as the man would lose concentration for a while.

These 4 men each possessed a different skill, and when the 4 of them acted together, even a Level 20+ Enhancer might be defeated under their joint attacks.

The Spirit attack reached Yue Zhong first. Turns out it was just that Yue Zhong’s Spirit was much stronger than the man’s and the attack had no effect on him at all. This was the Spirit Shock’s weakness, it could not do anything to a person with higher Spirit.

Yue Zhong brought out 2 guns with a wave of his hands, and he casually fired a shot at the farmer-like man.

With a ‘bang’, a bullet wound appeared in between the man’s eyes, fresh blood flowing out, and he fell limply to the ground, with an expression of disbelief that someone could draw and fire a gun that fast.

The next moment, the invisible airlock had locked Yue Zhong’s shoulder.

Yue Zhong frowned, and used all his strength to shake it off, but found that even with his Strength, he could not undo the airlock, his right shoulder was sealed by the airlock, and couldn’t move.

The mace-holding expert saw his chance and he laughed craftily, before swinging the mace towards Yue Zhong’s head. It was as though he could see Yue Zhong’s head being smashed to a pasty pulp already.

Yue Zhong eyed the mace-holding expert, before his left hand rose and aimed while simultaneously firing 3 times. The 3 cold forged leaden slugs immediately found their targets in the heads of the mace-holding expert, the Airlock-using Enhancer, as well as the Enhancer with the Spirit Shock skill.

With the appearance of the bullet holes, these 3 Enhancers were defeated by Yue Zhong just like that.

While Enhancers were definitely stronger than normal humans in most aspects, they were not invincible. A bullet could easily take their lives, unless it was Yue Zhong, Lie Tianyang or even Ice King Zhang Yun, those Enhancers who knew how to use imbalanced skills to protect themselves against bullets.

“You can’t kill me!! I am the Director of the Tax Bureau!! If you kill me, the government will not let you off!! As long as you let me go, rations, gold, women, anything you want, I can give it to you.” Seeing his 4 experts falling under Yue Zhong’s hands, Yuan Yeshan’s complexion turned, as he trembled uncontrollably and started begging. He did not want to die at all.

At this moment, sounds of siren resounded from the outside, it was the special forces squad making their way over.

The Fragrant Hill Villa was the residence of many government officials, the moment some trouble brewed, the special forces squad would immediately rush over.

Hearing those loud sounds of siren, Yuan Yeshan felt relieved and knew he had bargaining power, as he spoke to Yue Zhong.

“Those experts outside are the elite of elites, you will definitely not be able to escape from here. Release me!! As long as you release me, I can guarantee that your life will be intact!!”

“Scum, go and die!” Yue Zhong lightly laughed and shot forward like an arrow, swinging down his blade towards Yuan Yeshan’s neck.

In his moment of death, Yuan Yeshan’s head rolling to the floor, his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

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