God and Devil World

Chapter 260: The Truest Scum!

Chapter 0260 – The Truest Scum!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan

Chapter 260: Scum!

The woman who had dark circles around her eyes, she spoke in a grieved manner. “We haven’t had anything to eat for 2 days! 2 days ago, we managed to eat some buns because I let someone have his way with me for 1 night. These 2 days, no one is willing to use food to buy my services! If this goes on, Qiqi and I will starve to death. If I sell her to you, she can at least live on!”

Wen Peishan looked at the mother-daughter pair, and her heart was full of sympathy: “Yue Zhong! They’re so pitiful!! Help them please!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at them before giving 2 pieces of chocolates, “I’m buying both of you! But let me say this first, since I’ve bought you. You are my people. If in the future, you disregard my orders, I will be merciless! If you agree, eat the chocolates!”

Yue Zhong did not lack food, but he did lack people. Accepting these people under his wing weren’t an issue.

“Thank you master! Thank you master!!” The moment the mother-daughter pair received the chocolates, their eyes flashed with delight, and thanked Yue Zhong profusely.

Especially the mother, Zhang Qiong, who thought that the best scenario would be Yue Zhong buying her daughter, never did she imagine that she would also be accepted by Yue Zhong. Even if Yue Zhong wanted her to strip in front of everybody now, she would do so without hesitation, to show her gratitude towards him.

During the initial stages of the apocalypse, as their bodies were more robust, men had a slight advantage over women. However, with the flow of time the strong men mostly died in the fight against zombies. Others perished as a result of power struggles with other strong people, even against some Mutant Beasts as well. Currently, SY County’s ratio of women to men was huge.

Zhang Qiong and her daughter were not beauties, and naturally would not catch the eye of any groups around them. These groups were not willing to squander precious rations to care for the 2 of them, hence they had no one to rely on. Now that Yue Zhong was willing to keep them, their hearts were filled with gratitude.

Wen Peishan saw that Yue Zhong had accepted the mother-daughter pair, and she was surprised as she sighed in her heart: “He is actually a good man!!”

“Please! Take me in! I can do anything!”

“Master, please take me in, no matter how you want to play me, I will definitely make you satisfied.”

“Master, please take in us mother and daughter!! We are willing to wait on you!!”

After Yue Zhong took in Zhang Qiong and her daughter, the entire alley went into an uproar, and a few dozens of women surrounded Yue Zhong, pleading with him profusely. They wanted to live as well.

Yue Zhong frowned, and called out in a heavy voice, “All of you, keep quiet, whoever makes any more noise will have to scram!”

The women instantly became silent and looked at Yue Zhong with a little fear while awaiting the next words that would decide their future.

Yue Zhong called Zhang Qiong over and asked, “Zhang Qiong! I want to buy a street to accommodate all of you, how much rations would that cost?

“Master! You would require 50 tonnes of rations to buy this street!” Zhang Qiong carefully calculated before replying.

*TN: 回大爷的话!roughly translates to “Replying Master!” which doesn’t make sense in the english context, but in chinese, it was quite common in the past for subjects of the king to always refer to themselves as replying the king before continuing their sentences.

In the age, houses were not valuable anymore. In SY County, as it could accommodate over a 100,000 survivors, 1 normal alley for survivors to stay in would not cost much, 50 tonnes of food was sufficient to buy it with some balance.

Yue Zhong immediately called out 2 of his Special Combat warriors: “Song Wen, Kong Wei, you guys make a trip with Zhang Qiong, go buy the entire street.”

As long as they did not meet someone too overly powered, Song Wen and Kong Wei could easily deal with 20 delinquents or troublemakers. It was enough to ensure that Zhang Qiong would not be taken advantage of.

Yue Zhong looked at the women around him and he said coldly, “As for you all, stay here and await my orders!”

Those women, including their children, numbered a few dozens, and Yue Zhong could not bring them and move around.

The group heard his orders and stayed there obediently, not daring to wander about.

“He really does have the capital!!” Zhang He looked at Yue Zhong easily taking in all the women and kids around, and his mind was set, and decided to follow Yue Zhong wholeheartedly.

“Si Xian, Xiao Lan, I’m back!!” Zhang He excitedly ran into a dilapidated garden and hollered loudly. He had followed a capable person, and from today onwards, the trio wouldn’t have to worry about hunger anymore.

However, the moment Zhang He stepped into the garden, he saw his younger brother Zhang Si Xian beaten up till his entire face was swollen, and was lying on the ground motionless. His precious younger sister was nowhere to be seen, and a foreboding feeling arose in his heart.

Zhang Si Xian, who had just recently turned 12, spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, as he looked to his brother with a stricken expression and said, “Big Brother!!! Meimei had been captured by Shi Ergou that bastard! Go save her quickly!! Otherwise it will be too late!!”

Dedition: The real question is…what did the brothers expect their youngest brother to do to save her?

Zhang He’s face turned pale, as he immediately kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and begged: “Boss Yue, please help me save my sister!! As long as you save her I’m willing to do anything to repay you!! Even if you want my life, I’d give it to you willingly!”

Yue Zhong furrowed his brows and asked: “What sort of person is Shi Ergou?”

“He’s scum!” Zhang He spat out as he was kneeling.

Shi Ergou was a scum. Prior to the apocalypse he was a watchdog for a gambling den and a loan shark. He was a resident of SY County. Then, after the change of the world he made use of his various connections to engage in many dealings, and became a huge figure in the underground scene. All the while obtaining numerous benefits.

Currently, Shi Ergou had a small force of 50 fighters. Thus he was someone people didn’t dare offend in this part of the county. Those who antagonized him had their families broken, mostly because he was supported by various backers, all of whom were strong.

“How is it? Boss! How are the goods this time? She is that little dog Zhang He’s younger sister Zhang Yulan!” A huge burly man, with decent features and an aura of self-righteousness pointed towards a little girl of about 11 years old. She had snow-white, delicate and pretty looking skin.

“Not bad!! She’s decent!!” Shi Ergou’s eyes flashed as he broke into a smile. Leisurely he reached his hand out to grab Zhang Yulan’s face.

“Pei!” Zhang Yulan looked at Shi Ergou’s disgusting expression, and directly spat at him.

As Shi Ergou did not have enough time to block and he received the spit on his face. He reached to wipe his face with his hand and he proceeded to lick his hand of the saliva, and said in an extremely perverted manner, “How fragrant!!”

TN: I was truly disturbed by this. And I don’t think there’s anybody’s saliva in the world that actually smells good.

Dedition: *Spits on hand and shows it for inspection* I beg to differ…

Ulamog: I distinctly smell chicken and chips. I’m sure of it. As for the Scum…. Torture is not enough….

Zhang Yulan broke out in cold sweat and felt the hair rise on the back of her neck, as she used her voice that had yet to mature and shouted, “Damn pervert!!”

“Little bitch, you dare to curse me!!” Shi Ergou’s eyes flashed icily. His palm immediately slapped Zhang Yulan’s face, causing her pretty face to swell, as he laughed coldly: “Don’t worry, I like you very much. I will train you properly, to become the most shameless bitch! The esteemed buyer likes shameless bitches like you the most. Once you are delivered to him, he will definitely guide you well! However before then, let me taste you first!”

Ulamog: OK. Maybe slightly less torture time for this guy. So that I can spend more time on the buyer. *sharpens Hatchet*

After that, Shi Ergou reached out towards Zhang Yulan’s clothes.

Zhang Yulan’s heart started to beat faster in fear, and tears started to stream down her pale face.

“Boss!! There’s someone killing their way in!!” Right at this time, one of Shi Ergou’s subordinate rushed in and shouted out loudly.

“How many are there?” Shi Ergou furrowed his brows as he stopped his intention to violate Zhang Yulan, and questioned his subordinates.

“4 of them, there are only 4 of them!” The subordinate cried out in alarm.

Shi Ergou immediately lashed out in fury: “You have 50 people, there are only 4 of them, and you can’t take them down, do you guys eat shit or something?”

The subordinate quivered in fear and exclaimed, “They are experts! They are all high level Enhancers!!!”

Shi Ergou’s face instantly fell. Enhancers had strength that vastly surpassed normal people, and one Enhancer could take on 10 people with no issues. He had 3 or 4 Enhancers amongst his underlings, but they were at most Level 3 or 4, and were not much stronger than normal people. Against higher level Enhancers, they were basically useless.

Right at this time, following a huge explosive bang, one of Shi Ergou’s subordinate was kicked in, and violently smashed into a table, knocking the table away.

Yue Zhong strided in.

Shi Ergou looked at Yue Zhong, as he immediately bowed in a respectful manner and said: “May I ask who you are? Dare I ask what business might this esteemed guest have with us?”

Zhang Yulan looked towards the previously arrogant and despotic Shi Ergou treating Yue Zhong with respect, before looking at Yue Zhong, her eyes flashing with a strange gaze.

“Hand her to me!” Yue Zhong pointed to Zhang Yulan.

Shi Ergou put on an extremely complicated expression as he tried to find a way out of the situation: “Honoured guest! This is a person that Director Yuan Yueshan from the Tax Bureau wants. Doing things like this is a little overboard, isn’t it? In my courtyard, there are a few more little bitches like her, although they may not compare to her, but they are definitely more obedient than her!!”

The tax bureau held a great deal of resources after all. The director of the tax bureau was also an important person, such that even Wen Baoguo and Peng Mingde had to keep an eye on him.

“If it’s like that, then scum like you do have some use after all!!” Yue Zhong immediately stepped up and lashed out with a kick, causing Shi Ergou to fly and hit a table, fainting immediately.

With the flash of a blade, the ropes on Zhang Yulan’s body were immediately cut loose!

“Your elder brothers have already followed me! From now on, you’re also under me! I will protect you guys to the best of my capabilities.” Yue Zhong eyed Zhang Yulan as he spoke in a heavy voice.

Zhang Yulan blinked twice, as her eyes had a strange gleam. She walked over to Yue Zhong’s side and hugged his arm tightly, as though it was the one place she could feel the safest.

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