Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

Chapter 1080 - Chapter 1080 Martial Arts Genius

Chapter 1080 Martial Arts Genius

“Of course.” Liu Yan smiled and said, “Her talent is truly exceptional, and her future is something to look forward to.”

Liu Yan had been aware of this for quite some time. It was important to note that Murong Xue was once a renowned martial arts prodigy on the Blue Planet, and many held high expectations for her.

It was only when she crossed paths with Liu Yan that Murong Xue seemed to fade into the background. Under Liu Yan’s radiant presence, many seemed to overlook Murong Xue’s brilliance.

In reality, Murong Xue had always been incredibly impressive. It was just that Liu Yan outshone her, making Murong Xue appear somewhat ordinary by comparison.

However, Liu Yan firmly believed that shortly, Murong Xue would gradually manifest her talents and become a genuine top-tier expert.

As for this battle, the intense battle between Murong Xue and Edi Carmen, who possessed a 17-star mid-stage combat strength, would be the fight that marked Murong Xue’s rise to fame.

On the other hand, Wei Feng expressed his delight. “That’s excellent! Looking at the current situation, Murong Xue is depleting a considerable amount of Edi Carmen’s energy. If we manage to drain him substantially, we’ll have a chance to take down Edi Carmen later on.”

“I must admit, I couldn’t have guessed that Murong Xue was this strong,” Ning Shanshan said.

Liu Qingrou added with a smile, “After all, she has been following the captain all this time. Naturally, she is anything but ordinary.”

Ye Yifan chimed in, saying, “It’s truly exhilarating to watch. I’m also eager to step into the battlefield. It’s just that my strength isn’t quite up to the task. If I were to face Edi Carmen, I’d probably be defeated instantly.”

Luo Wei, upon hearing this, offered reassurance. “Don’t worry. We’ll have our chance to make a move. Even though our current strength may be lacking, as long as we keep honing our skills, we’ll surely make progress.”

Both Ye Yifan and Allen Smith expressed their agreement.

As newcomers, their strength might not yet measure up to that of Lu Dajiang and his companions, but they were by no means willing to consider themselves less talented.

On the contrary, each of them harbored a sense of pride, and a determination to grow and ultimately surpass Lu Dajiang and the others, aiming to become top experts on Team Origin.

Following their discussion, Liu Yan and the others decided to have Wei Feng take the stage.

Wei Feng possessed relatively formidable strength and wielded a sword, affording him not only personal prowess but also a well-rounded set of abilities.

Therefore, Wei Feng was not only poised to contend with Edi Carmen but also to handle subsequent opponents more effectively.

Given the opportunity, Liu Yan and the others naturally hoped Wei Feng would deal with several more adversaries, thereby establishing a solid foundation for future battles.

The battle between Murong Xue and Edi Carmen was intense.

Under Edi Carmen’s fierce attacks, Murong Xue was forced to retreat, but her defense was not broken. Murong Xue gritted her teeth and persevered.

This battle lasted for a long time.

After more than ten minutes, there was still no winner.

Murong Xue’s powerful defense was also beyond Edi Carmen’s expectations.

Ordinary Awakened with 16 or even 17 stars of combat strength would not have been able to last so long against his powerful attacks, let alone those with 15 stars of combat strength.

But now, Murong Xue, who was only at the initial stage of 15 stars of combat strength, had been able to hold on for so long under his fierce attacks.

It was only at that moment that Edi Carmen realized how much he had underestimated Murong Xue.

Murong Xue’s powerful defense had greatly exceeded his expectations.

By that point, Edi Carmen had already exhausted a lot of his energy.

In the end, even if he could have defeated Murong Xue, Edi Carmen would have been exhausted.

In the following battles, Edi Carmen would have been in a passive position.

However, Edi Carmen couldn’t have thought about what would have happened after that. He wouldn’t have been capable enough to think about that.

Immediately, Edi Carmen wouldn’t have held back anymore and would have directly used his trump card skill.

After a dazzling sword dance, Edi Carmen would have finally broken through Murong Xue’s defense.

Murong Xue chose to admit defeat on the spot and was teleported away by the Will of Tower to avoid further injuries.

At the same time, it also meant that Edi Carmen had won this small battle.

However, after winning, there was no joy on Edi Carmen’s face.

With his 17-star combat strength, he could barely defeat an Awakened with 15-star combat strength. He was even forced to use his trump card skill, which consumed a lot of energy.

In the subsequent battles, Edi Carmen was destined to be unable to display much of his abilities.

Therefore, in this small battle, it seemed that Eddie Carmen had won, but in fact, he had lost a lot.

After all, an Awakened with 17-star combat strength had spent so much time and energy to successfully deal with an Awakened with 15-star combat strength. This was a significant setback.

At the same time, the voice of the Will of Tower sounded again.

[The second small battle is won by the Team Elf!]

[The opponent’s territory, please select the next player within one minute to continue the battle.]

[The Team Elf has won the second small battle. The reward is being randomly selected…]

[Randomization successful. Congratulations on obtaining: Group reward, +300 Agility for all members of the Team Elf!]

[The fourth small battle is about to begin. Please be prepared!]

Murong Xue was teleported back to Liu Yan and the others by the Will of Tower.

Murong Xue looked exhausted and had many sword wounds on her body.

Fortunately, Murong Xue did not confront her opponent head-on and chose to admit defeat in time.

As a result, although she had many sword wounds on her body, they were relatively shallow, and no serious injuries were evident.

Upon seeing Murong Xue being teleported back, the others stepped forward.

Lu Dajiang said, “You’ve worked hard. You’ve put in a lot of effort to persevere for so long.”

Huang Yuan added, “Murong Xue, your performance in this battle was critical!”

Ning Shanshan chimed in, “I underestimated you earlier.”

Liu Qingrou stepped forward to support Murong Xue and said gently, “You’ve worked hard. Rest well and leave the rest to us.”

However, Murong Xue didn’t seem to care much about the consolation and praise from the others.

Murong Xue’s gaze was fixed on Liu Yan, eager to hear his evaluation.

Murong Xue cared most about Liu Yan’s assessment.

Liu Yan immediately understood what Murong Xue meant and smiled as he said, “You did well. Thank you for your hard work.”

A smile appeared on Murong Xue’s face upon hearing Liu Yan’s words.

“Alright, my battle is over. I’ll leave the rest to you.” Murong Xue sighed in relief.

Liu Yan also looked at Wei Feng.

Wei Feng instantly grasped the situation and stepped forward, crossing the barrier, and entering the arena.

The fourth battle between Team Origin and Team Elf was about to commence.

As of now, two members of Team Origin had been eliminated, Lu Dajiang and Murong Xue. Eight members remained.

In contrast, Team Elf had only eliminated Joey Harman, leaving nine members still in the competition, giving them a lead over Team Origin.

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