Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

Chapter 1079 - Chapter 1079 Breakthrough on the Spot

Chapter 1079 Breakthrough on the Spot

Although Murong Xue’s combat strength was only at the early stage of 15 stars, falling short of Edi Carmen’s late-stage 16 stars, the gap in combat strength was nearly two full stars.

However, Murong Xue possessed an extraordinarily potent special defensive ability. Even with such a significant difference in combat strength, she could usually hold her ground for some time.

Yet, the situation on the stage was different at this moment. Under Edi Carmen’s relentless assault, Murong Xue was steadily retreating.

At this rate, it seemed that Murong Xue would be defeated shortly, and Edi Carmen wouldn’t have to expend much stamina and energy.

Huang Yuan remarked, “This is strange. What’s happening to Murong Xue today? Why can’t she hold her own?”

Lu Dajiang chimed in, saying, “It doesn’t make sense. In previous battles, even when I was at my peak, it took me a long time to penetrate Murong Xue’s defense.”

Wei Feng added, “Indeed, this doesn’t make sense. Murong Xue was in great shape today. How come she can’t hold her own as soon as she steps on the stage?”

Because they couldn’t sense the battle’s details due to the barrier, they were left perplexed.

However, Liu Yan, observing the situation on the stage closely, immediately identified the cause.

In response to the others’ discussions, Liu Yan explained, “Edi Carmen isn’t just a 16-star peak. His has already reached 17-star combat strength, even in the late stages.”


This revelation surprised Lu Dajiang. He admitted with a somewhat embarrassed look. “I didn’t notice it during our recent bout, mainly because he seemed to have defeated me without using his full strength.”

Huang Yuan, upon hearing this, grasped the situation, saying, “I see. I didn’t anticipate Edi Carmen’s rapid growth in strength. The last time we crossed paths three months ago, he was only at the mid-stage of 16-star combat strength, but now he’s already reached the late stage of 17-star combat strength.”

Wei Feng concluded, “This isn’t good for us. We initially thought that Murong Xue could barely hold her own against him with his 16-star combat strength. However, now it seems that she might not withstand him any longer.”

“Why hasn’t Murong Xue surrendered yet?” Ning Shanshan wondered. “She’s unable to defend herself against Edi Carmen.”

Liu Qingrou, noticing the blood on Murong Xue’s lips and her injuries, asked, “Indeed, why is she continuing to fight?”

Liu Yan, who had spent considerable time with Murong Xue, had a better understanding of her personality. He spoke up, saying, “Don’t worry. Let her continue the fight. That’s just her character. Perhaps, when facing a formidable opponent, she can make a breakthrough.”

At the same time, Edi Carmen, in the arena, was equally perplexed.

As he watched Murong Xue, with blood at the corner of her mouth and visible injuries, Edi Carmen kindly advised, “Little girl, you’re not my match. I acknowledge your impressive defense at this level, but you’re still growing. The gap in our strength is substantial, and you won’t be able to withstand me. Continuing this will only lead to severe injuries. You should surrender.”

However, Murong Xue didn’t take Edi Carmen’s kindness seriously. She responded bluntly, “Surrender because of a little blood at the corner of my mouth? Is that your idea of fun? Stop the chatter. If you’ve got what it takes, use your strength to defeat me. This isn’t enough!”

Witnessing Murong Xue’s unwavering spirit, Edi Carmen couldn’t help but admire her.

Edi Carmen soon realized that the person facing him appeared to be a newcomer who had arrived at the Wind Barrier on the sixth level of the tower only a month ago.

A newcomer had advanced to such a level in just a month.

Given some more time for growth, her potential was limitless.

What impressed Edi Carmen the most was Murong Xue’s fighting spirit.

With such a strong drive and competitive personality, she was bound for a bright future!

Edi Carmen seemed to foresee that, in the not-so-distant future, Murong Xue would grow into a top-tier expert!

However, at present, it was evident that Murong Xue was not on his level.

With a firm grip on his short sword, Edi Carmen pressed forward, prepared to defeat Murong Xue with a single decisive strike.

Meanwhile, Murong Xue, confronted by overwhelming pressure, finally took a crucial step forward.

She stomped the ground, causing the entire surface to tremble slightly.

In this critical moment, under immense pressure, Murong Xue had an on-the-spot breakthrough and advanced to Tyrant Body level four!

Edi Carmen, who faced her, felt this change most acutely.

He sensed that Murong Xue’s aura and strength had experienced a significant surge.

Edi Carmen’s expression shifted, as he hadn’t anticipated that Murong Xue would achieve a breakthrough right there and then.

Faced with this new reality, Edi Carmen no longer held back. He attacked with full force, aiming to defeat Murong Xue as quickly as possible.

Edi Carmen’s mission demanded that he compete in several rounds in the arena and conquer multiple opponents. He couldn’t afford to expend too much energy on Murong Xue.

In the next moment, the two of them engaged in combat.

Even though Murong Xue’s combat strength was only at the early stage of 15 stars, Edi Carmen had already reached the late stage of 17 stars in terms of combat strength. The gap between them was nearly three stars.

With such a significant difference in combat strength, a typical battle would end in an instant.

However, that wasn’t the case when Edi Carmen and Murong Xue faced off.

Edi Carmen could easily suppress Murong Xue, but he couldn’t finish her off, not even within a short period.

Edi Carmen instantly realized that something was amiss. If he had known earlier, he would have dealt with Murong Xue much sooner. If he hadn’t shown mercy earlier, Murong Xue wouldn’t have had the time to make an on-the-spot breakthrough, and she wouldn’t be so challenging to deal with now.

But at this point, it was too late for Edi Carmen to have regrets. All he could do was exert his full force and take down Murong Xue as quickly as possible.

The battle in the arena became somewhat tense.

Edi Carmen unleashed a fierce assault, and his attacks were astonishing, but they couldn’t penetrate Murong Xue’s shield.

While it appeared that Murong Xue was being pushed back by the attacks, in reality, she wasn’t suffering any substantial damage under Edi Carmen’s intense onslaught.

At this rate, although Murong Xue was destined to lose, it was evident that she could hold on for a significant amount of time and deplete a considerable amount of Edi Carmen’s energy.

Simultaneously, Liu Yan and the others below the stage were somewhat surprised upon witnessing this scene.

Since Lu Dajiang had recently battled Edi Carmen, he had the most profound understanding of Edi Carmen’s formidable strength.

Furthermore, there was a substantial gap in strength between Murong Xue and Edi Carmen.

Initially, Lu Dajiang had expected Murong Xue to be swiftly defeated.

However, it was clear now that despite Murong Xue’s disadvantage, she was capable of enduring for an extended period.

Lu Dajiang expressed his surprise, saying, “I never expected Murong Xue to achieve an on-the-spot breakthrough. It seems she can hold on for a while and sap a significant amount of Edi Carmen’s energy.”

Huang Yuan also commended her, saying, “Only a martial arts prodigy can make such an on-the-spot breakthrough during an intense battle. Murong Xue possesses exceptional talent and deserves focused nurturing.”

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