Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 40 - Special Attributes, The Battle Had Officially Begun

Chapter 40: Special Attributes, The Battle Had Officially Begun

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Ye Feng smiled. At the same time, the spiritual energy in his body was constantly churning.

This mutated Orc was indeed more powerful than he had imagined.

Logically speaking, it was already very difficult for an Orc to cultivate to E- grade. Moreover, the speed of cultivation of creatures was much slower than that of humans.

Moreover, it had to be extremely talented and have great opportunities.

According to the ratio, out of 10,000 creatures, only 10 of them could break through F+ grade. Moreover, the number of mutated Orcs who had reached E grade was pitifully small.

And the cultivation level of the mutated Orc in front of Ye Feng was not low, it was a full E+ grade.

In the entire cultivation world, the gradual increase in cultivation level also meant that there would be more bottlenecks and less room for improvement.

Therefore, the mutated Orc in front of Ye Feng could already be considered a very impressive rank.

However, no matter how strong it was, it was still far from being Ye Feng’s match. After all, even if it was an E+ grade, it was directly one major realm lower than Ye Feng!

This level gap was extremely terrifying.

Under such a difference in level, Ye Feng did not even need to spend much effort to directly crush this Orc.

However, he wanted to try and see how far he could unleash his strength without relying on the strength of the Slime and just relying on the [Starfire Meditation] that he had just cultivated and his physical fitness.

Ye Feng’s eyes looked at the mutated Orc as he thought about his next move.

Suddenly, the short-dressed woman shouted, “Be careful!”

Before she finished her sentence, an attack flew over with a swoosh!

An extremely fierce beast aura rushed toward Ye Feng.

‘What a powerful force!’ Ye Feng thought to himself. His figure flashed, and he disappeared before the attack could reach him.

With a substantial increase in his body, Ye Feng’s speed was still a notch higher than the mutated Orc!


A large hole was instantly blasted out from where Ye Feng was standing just now!

This power, if it grazed his body slightly, it would definitely cause his flesh and blood to fly everywhere!

“So close!”

The short-dressed woman retreated more than ten steps, looking at the large hole in the ground with lingering fear.

When the attack came, she also made a defense. Otherwise, the aftershock of the attack would be enough to cause huge damage!

Looking at Ye Feng’s extremely agile movement technique, the short-dressed woman was also surprised.

The ghostly footwork was vividly displayed on Ye Feng’s body. It was as if he was able to dodge every attack that flew toward him.

‘With this footwork, his strength shouldn’t be weak.’

‘But why is his aura so weak?’

The short-dressed woman looked at Ye Feng, who did not have any fluctuations, in surprise.

Ye Feng’s strength might not be as weak as she had imagined.

But his spiritual energy aura was really too weak. This did not seem like an ability that could be selected to participate in Cloud Mist Academy’s entrance examination!

Moreover, under the attack that was so fast that only afterimages could be seen, Ye Feng was actually able to dodge!

Don’t look at how the mutated Orc was extremely thick and sturdy. Its attack speed was extremely fast, as fast as lightning!

And it was within such a short distance.

Yet, Ye Feng was actually able to dodge it unscathed.

At this speed, was he still human?!

“Are you alright?”

Looking at the short-dressed woman’s astonished gaze, Ye Feng thought that she had been scared silly.

“Ah? I’m fine, I’m fine…”

Ye Feng nodded and was about to make a move.

A few more people suddenly walked in from the carriage door.

Ye Feng looked over. They were the students who came here to support.

Looking at the spiritual energy surging on their bodies, they were not weak at all. There was even a long-haired man who had broken through to E grade.

“You guys get out of the way. Be careful of accidental injuries!” The long-haired man snorted lightly.

A thick cold air was emitted from his body. The cold air turned into a long sword. With a whoosh, it flew toward the mutated Orc.

“It’s actually the Polar Ice Fox’s ability?” Ye Feng released his perception and saw through the long-haired man’s symbiotic body.

The Polar Ice Fox could be considered a very rare symbiotic body. Its ability was the power of ice and it was also very powerful.

The remaining few men, seeing the long-haired man fly out, also activated their spiritual powers. Rays of light flashed and rushed toward the mutated Orc!

Ye Feng’s focus was on the long-haired man.


The incomparably sharp and powerful ice sword directly struck the Orc’s body.

Just when everyone thought that they could heavily injure the Orc…

In the next moment, their eyes widened.

They saw that the Orc directly waved its hand and broke the sword in half at the waist. The long-haired man, who was close at hand, had a change in expression. His figure retreated explosively, wanting to escape.

But it was too late!

A monstrous evil aura exploded from the Orc’s body.

The long-haired man had just moved when the Orc threw a punch at him.


“Pu–!” The long-haired man did not have time to dodge and received the punch directly. The huge impact made him lose his mind instantly.

Seeing the long-haired man being blasted several meters away, the few people hurriedly stopped.

Even an E grade symbiote could not defeat this pig! How could they be its opponent!?

Just as they were about to retreat, the Orc had already charged in front of them.

A punch!

A palm!

Those few people instantly spat out blood and flew backward. They fell to the ground and did not move at all, directly fainting!

A few more people came from behind. When they saw that the ground was covered in blood, their eyes were filled with shock.

“This Orc is even stronger than I imagined!” The short-dressed woman took a deep breath, and her eyes revealed helplessness.

But very quickly, the long-haired man started to struggle again.

He released his icy spirit and bombarded the Orc’s body.

The extremely strong icy spirit instantly froze when it touched the Orc’s skin. Then, the icy spirit turned into icicles that continuously stabbed at the Orc.

However, it was useless. Although the condensed cold ice slowed down the Orc’s movements, its body was not affected at all.

After all, the pigskin was really thick!

Normal attacks would not have much effect on it!

This was the most powerful point of the mutated Orcs.

Its attacks were as fast as lightning, and its body was almost indestructible. These characteristics made it an extremely invincible existence.

The mutated Orc’s gaze became even more vicious, and the evil aura on its body became even more intense!

Step by step, it approached the long-haired man.

Just one step away, when the Orc was about to reach out and grab the man…

“Let me play with you!”

Suddenly, a surge of aura surged out, causing the Orc’s movements to be delayed for a second.

Hearing this, everyone’s gaze turned to look at the extremely calm Ye Feng.

Everyone’s eyes revealed a look of shock.

“Hey, don’t go!”

When the short-dressed woman saw Ye Feng stand out, she subconsciously stretched out her hand to pull him back. If he went out now, wouldn’t he be courting death!

“You hide a little behind and leave the rest to me!”

After Ye Feng finished speaking, the spirit energy aura all over his body surged wildly.

The mutated Orc was indeed very strong, but Ye Feng did not want to reveal his strength yet. He could use this opportunity to try the [Starfire Meditation].

‘1st stage!’

The [Starfire Meditation] was instantly released.

Even on the speeding train, it still did not affect Ye Feng’s meditation.

The moment the meditation was released, Ye Feng immediately felt pleasantly surprised because he could feel that spirit energy was continuously gathering in his body at this moment!

‘So meditation can not only recover spirit energy, it can actually gather spirit energy!’

Knowing that there was such an ability, Ye Feng’s eyes lit up. This time, he had the means to fight!

Originally, Ye Feng thought that [Starfire Meditation] was only a passive trigger and only had the effect of passively restoring spiritual power. But now, it seemed that [Starfire Meditation] was indeed worthy of being a high-quality B- grade skill.

It could attack and defend, all relying on one’s own comprehension. If one attacked, one’s aura would be released, and spiritual power would be gathered.

To defend was to restrain one’s aura and scatter one’s spirit energy!

However, this seemingly simple operation was indeed one of the main reasons why this skill was so difficult to learn. Countless people stopped in their tracks and were unable to break through.

This was because training alone was not enough. One had to rely more on one’s own comprehension!

It was actually so powerful!

‘2nd level!’

‘3rd level!’

The aura was still rising crazily!

Last night, Ye Feng did not have an opponent, so he could only conjure up a battle opponent. Therefore, he did not know how much damage his spiritual power could cause.

But now, it was different.

In front of him stood a creature that could easily take their lives.

Ye Feng was also fully focused.

During the process of gathering a large amount of spiritual power, Ye Feng’s extremely excellent physical quality also emitted an extremely strong sense of oppression at all times.

And this kind of oppression did not only come from the release of spirit energy, but also came from the power of the symbiotic body that was constantly being emitted from within his body.

This kind of power allowed Ye Feng to continuously become stronger.

‘5th level!’

The [Starfire Meditation] had gathered to the 5th level. At this moment, Ye Feng had sufficient spirit energy, and his hands were directly clenched into a fist.

An extremely powerful killing intent flowed out from him.

This killing intent had an extremely strong penetrating power, causing one’s hair to stand on end when they came into contact with it, and their entire body would tremble non-stop.

Of course, Ye Feng had not tried it yet.

It spread out.

In battle, what Ye Feng did not lack the most was battle experience.

Although he did not have that much battle strength in the primeval forest before, he had used all sorts of adaptability to deal more blows to his target, and only in the end did he use up that little bit of vitality.

But now, it was different.

Ye Feng had the support of the [Starfire Meditation].

He was also a mage.

His combat power was also greatly improved compared to before.

If he wanted to do it, he would do it!

As long as he activated his spirit energy, Ye Feng would have an endless stream of power. This spirit energy was not a joke.

Feeling the spiritual energy that was now surging wildly, Ye Feng was full of incomparable intrepid strength.

‘6th level!’

Feeling the peak of spiritual power in his body, Ye Feng did not think too much, condensed a barrier to protect himself, took a step, and his figure suddenly burst forward in a flash. A fist was thrown out!


Ye Feng’s figure instantly appeared in front of the Orc. With his speed, even in the small carriage, after-images appeared!


The mutated Orc roared in anger and its body suddenly expanded. With just a punch, Ye Feng’s barrier that condensed a huge amount of spiritual power was actually instantly dissolved!

A huge impact directly swept over!


Withstanding the huge impact, Ye Feng took a few steps back before he stabilized his footing.

But the people around were not so lucky. Such a huge impact directly sent them flying!

Ye Feng’s eyes lit up, and he muttered in his heart, ‘I didn’t expect my spiritual power to be able to condense such power!’

The mutated Orc’s body had expanded explosively just now, and now it had grown to nearly three meters tall.

Under the Orc’s incomparably sturdy and huge body, it made Ye Feng’s body appear extremely small.

After all, it was a creature whose cultivation had already reached E grade.

Its ability was naturally not low, but compared to Ye Feng, it was still not enough.

In the next moment, the Orc charged toward Ye Feng with enormous strength!

But before it got close to Ye Feng, it was tightly bound by the spiritual energy released from Ye Feng’s body.

An incomparably terrifying pressure was released from Ye Feng’s body.

Such a terrifying pressure made the surrounding air become incomparably hot. This pressure was only released by Ye Feng controlling [Starfire Meditation].

But the effect was far beyond Ye Feng’s imagination.

In an instant, the aura engulfed the entire train!

“F*ck, what exactly happened inside!”

“This aura, isn’t it too exaggerated!?”

At this moment, the students who were fighting with other creatures in the various carriages of the train noticed this aura at the first instant.

And in the carriage where Ye Feng was located, both the long-haired man and the short-skirted woman were stunned when they saw the air around them slightly distorted.

‘I actually broke through again?’

At this moment, Ye Feng’s eyes were filled with joy and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

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