Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 39 - The Temporary Test Began

Chapter 39: The Temporary Test Began

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“Its grade actually reached E!”

Ye Feng did not dare to let his guard down. This creature was much stronger than anything he had encountered before.

The mutated Orc was an agility-type attacking monster.

Its strength was boundless. It could kill a person with a single slap. Not only did it have great strength, but most importantly, its speed was extremely fast. Instant attack was their sure-kill skill. It was a very strong opponent.

Usually, a mutated Orc could pin down an entire wolf pack.

What kind of concept was this? The wolf pack’s number would not be less than 10, and an Orc’s strength was comparable to 10 wolves!

Although Orcs were usually very strong, they were only active in the wild forest.

They usually lived by the swamp or in caves.

It was very rare for them to appear elsewhere.

Ye Feng looked outside.

The train had just passed through a green plain.

Where did the forest and swamp come from?

Ye Feng pursed his lips. It seemed that there was only one possibility.

The test had already begun!

The sudden appearance of the Orc made Ye Feng feel very strange, but the current situation did not allow him to think too much.

If he still did not take action, this Orc would be able to fight crazily here.

Obviously, the carriage where the Orc appeared was in trouble!


Another explosion sounded.

Although the explosion was loud enough, it did not affect the train in the slightest, and the train had no intention of stopping.

“You guys run quickly, I’ll cover the rear!”

A girl’s voice sounded, and then a surge of power was released.

Although she was also very strong, Ye Feng could still tell that her cultivation level was only F+.

Compared to the Orc’s imposing manner, she was still very inferior.

‘Interesting. She clearly knew that she couldn’t beat it, but she still stayed.’ Ye Feng thought to himself. This girl still had quite the backbone.

Then, more than ten boys had faces full of fear.

They scrambled to run out.

“Brother! What are you still standing here for!”

“Run if you don’t want to die!”

“There’s an E- grade mutated Orc in the carriage. If you don’t run, you’ll be next after he kills that girl!”

Among the people who were running away in a hurry, one of the guys who was running away saw Ye Feng who was still standing there, and kindly reminded him.

“Okay, I got it. You guys go first.”

“I’m curious about what the Orc looks like. I’ll go take a look and then leave.”

After saying that, Ye Feng got up and walked into the carriage where the mutated Orc was.

Looking at Ye Feng’s disappearing figure, everyone was stunned.

“Isn’t that guy afraid of death?!!”

“What’s the situation? Hey, come back quickly! I’m not joking. It’s really dangerous inside!”

“I’m dizzy, is life more important or is curiosity more important?”

“That’s an E- grade mutated Orc. I also noticed that this Orc seems to have gone crazy, and its attacks are as fast as lightning. Not to mention us, even if experts came, they would have to struggle for half a day. If we go, it would be suicide. This guy…”

Everyone came to a relatively safe place.

Standing in the distance, they were constantly paying attention to the interior of the carriage, paying attention to the changes inside.


With a furious roar, the mutated Orc’s body continuously emitted killing intent.

The Orc’s throat continuously let out a rumbling low roar.

In an instant, it engulfed the entire carriage.



The Orc roared in a low voice, like a devil’s whisper, but also like some kind of summoning spell.

This growl lasted for a few minutes.

Only then did the Orc stop.

In Ye Feng’s perception, a powerful force suddenly surged from all directions, as if it wanted to wrap up the entire train.

Ye Feng also knew that something was wrong, but with his current ability, there was no way to find out where this force came from.

At the same time, on the train, many creatures suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

They were all the underlings of the mutated Orc. They were full of fangs, and their short black hair covered their entire heads. They looked ferocious as they glared at everyone.

The difference was that these underlings were not as powerful as the mutated Orc in front of Ye Feng.

“F*ck, why are there creatures invading the train?”

“Oh my god, where did these creatures come from?”

“What’s going on?”

As there were too many creatures, and they appeared out of thin air, they quickly attracted everyone’s attention.

Moreover, these creatures that suddenly appeared seemed to have been hungry for a long time. Saliva kept flowing out of the corners of their mouths, and their bloodshot eyes stared at them hungrily.

Seeing so many humans gathered together, they immediately charged toward them!

For a moment, everyone in the carriage descended into a chaotic battle.

So many creatures appeared at the same time.

It also made Ye Feng even more certain that this was definitely a special test for the Academy!

“Come!” Ye Feng’s thoughts moved, and spirit energy instantly circulated throughout his entire body.

This actual combat opportunity was also rare.

Coincidentally, Ye Feng wanted to see what level he could reach by purely using spirit energy without using the symbiosis body’s ability.

After all, he had just cultivated [Starfire Meditation] to the 8th level last night.

Such an actual combat opportunity must be cherished!

While preparing to participate in the battle, Ye Feng also retained most of his strength.

After all, this was not a real test, and the carriages were filled with his future competitors.

If he exposed himself too early, the uncertainty of his future would greatly increase. Moreover, Ye Feng did not want to display his full strength.

Walking into the carriage, a white rabbit beauty wearing a white miniskirt came into view.

“Didn’t I tell you guys to leave first?”

“Why are you back?!”

The white rabbit beauty also noticed Ye Feng walking in. At this moment, she was panting, as if she had just experienced a battle that consumed a lot of energy.

Not far away, the mutated Orc was currently baring its mouth. Its red eyes were glaring at them angrily. Its entire body was filled with an extremely powerful aura. Its robust body that was covered by the hair that stood like needles was filled with a terrifying vicious aura.

It even let out low roars.

This aura was not something to be trifled with!

“I’ll come over and help you,” Ye Feng said softly.

Looking at the mutated Orc, Ye Feng was completely focused. The attributes of his body were also extremely high.

This way, his speed and reaction ability would at least give him a chance to dodge!

“Can you do it? Don’t try to act strong…”

“Can you feel the hostility on its body? This guy is very strong. It’s not something that you and I can deal with!”

“Mutated Orcs are brutal by nature. They have endless strength. Moreover, they have intelligence and know how to move in groups. Logically speaking, they will attack one by one and then kill them all in one go!”

“I don’t know how this guy appeared here, but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Just now, I tried my best to test it. Its back seems to have the weakest defense. If we can get behind it and attack it, we might have a chance of winning!”

“But, can you… really do it?”

The white rabbit beauty told Ye Feng everything she knew.

But looking at the plain-looking Ye Feng, the aura he emitted did not seem too strong. Compared to the Orc, it was nothing.

With such a gap, was he really here to help and not to make things worse?!

“Don’t worry, it’s just a wild boar!”

“In our mountain, there are the most wild boars. I often catch wild boars and roast them to eat them!”

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