Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1332 - 1332 Defeating the Strong as the Weak! Shocking Everyone!

1332 Defeating the Strong as the Weak! Shocking Everyone!

Li Yuan roared wildly.

However, he realized that Chu Feng was not afraid of death at all.

He detonated the Singularity Universe without hesitation.

If the exploding Singularity Universe were to fuse with the space explosion that was about to shatter…

Li Yuan did not even dare to imagine how dangerous that would be!

When Chu Feng became ruthless, he really did not even let himself off!

“Bastard, bastard!!”

Li Yuan had no choice.

He could only endure the intense backlash and forcefully suppress the space that was about to explode!

It was equivalent to personally stopping his full-strength attack.

That feeling was extremely “satisfying”!

But he had no choice!

Chu Feng’s move caught him off guard!

If he really allowed the two explosions to happen at the same time, just as he had said before, Chu Feng might die, but he would also be severely injured!

If that was the case, it would be fine.

Li Yuan would feel that it was worth it to resolve the huge problem of Chu Feng once and for all!

However, the problem was… who could guarantee that Chu Feng would definitely die?! After so many battles, Li Yuan had long developed some… fear, or rather, horror for Chu Feng.

This guy had plenty of trump cards. Every time you thought that he would definitely die, it was often the time for him to turn the tables!

If Chu Feng did not die and summoned his two Eighth-Turns again, and he was severely injured…

Wouldn’t they be meat on the chopping board, at the mercy of others?!

After all, Chu Feng’s two great combat powers had been summoned by him!

Therefore, Li Yuan did not dare to take the risk!

On the surface, his chances of winning were still far higher than Chu Feng and the others!

With three Eighth-Turns, it could only be said that they could fight him, but he still had the upper hand!

Although Chu Feng was coordinating the combat power of the three Eighth-Turns, they were not one body after all. He could find an opportunity to defeat them one by one!

Therefore, Li Yuan felt that there was no need to fight Chu Feng to the death!

There was no benefit!

Therefore, Li Yuan would rather endure the backlash and erase the spatial explosion.

It was to reduce the power of the explosion in this space.

Give himself some buffer time!

Countless thoughts flashed across Li Yuan’s mind.

The next moment, things before his eyes became a milky white world.

After a long time, deafening explosions could be heard resounding through the clouds.

At that moment, Li Yuan could not be bothered to find Chu Feng’s location.

Full-strength defense!

Just the explosion of Chu Feng’s Singularity Universe could only injure him.

He would definitely be able to withstand it!

But to Li Yuan’s surprise… just as he was doing his best to defend against the explosive energy, behind him, he suddenly felt an extremely sharp and fatal attack!

Li Yuan was shocked.

“What’s going on?!”

From the corner of his eye, he saw that the Five-Astral-Beast, which had clearly disappeared just now, had reappeared.

Furthermore, it resisted the raging explosive energy and a thick arm like an Ancient Demon Ape’s smashed over!

The fatal aura on it made Li Yuan’s hair stand on end.

A chill instantly went from his tail bone to the back of his head!

“Chu Feng! You tricked me!!”

At this moment, Li Yuan suddenly thought of something.

As long as Chu Feng’s Guardian Astral Beast was in his mysterious domain, it could appear out of thin air at will!

To Li Yuan’s surprise, Chu Feng did not use the Guardian Astral Beast to withstand the energy fluctuations of the explosion. Instead, he used it to ambush him!

And the effect was surprisingly good!

At this moment, he had exhausted his old strength and had yet to recover!

He had just suffered a violent backlash from his own strength!

At this moment, he was truly at his weakest.

Li Yuan gritted his teeth, hatred in his eyes.

“This bastard really knows how to seize the opportunity!”

But at this moment, he could only block it with all his might!

Even if he was severely injured again, he could not care less! Fortunately, he only had the combat power of an Eighth-Turn. If the Eight-Winged Angels also came, it might not be as simple as being injured!


Endless tremors resounded through the world.

Violent energy clouds churned.

They covered everything.

At this moment, only an instant had passed since the two of them fought.

The next moment, everyone saw a figure fall to the ground at an extremely fast speed!


He collided with the Battle Emperor’s Chessboard!

Even though the Battle Emperor’s Chessboard was extremely sturdy, it was instantly smashed into a deep pit.

When everyone saw his face clearly, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was shocked.

It was Li Yuan!

In just one confrontation, Li Yuan, who was at the peak of the Eighth-Turn, was actually blasted down?! With Chu Feng’s three Eighth-Turn combatants?!

How was this possible?!

Logically speaking, even if he was surrounded by Chu Feng and the other two, Li Yuan should be able to deal with them. He should even have the upper hand!

What on earth happened?!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King was deeply shocked.

On the other hand, the Green Emperor’s camp was cheering.

“Chu Feng… is too abnormal!”

“It’s one thing for him to fight the strong as a weakling, but he actually severely injured someone in an instant!”

“Then will we definitely win this round?!”

Before anyone could finish speaking, a large group of figures descended from the sky.

With the Demon Slayer in hand, Chu Feng was followed by the Five-Astral-Beast and the Eight-Winged Angel phantom.

His target was Li Yuan, who had fallen to the ground.

He actually planned to take his life while he was down!

Bing Yao and the others could not help but clench their fists.

Once Chu Feng succeeded in one go, they would definitely win this battle!

The remaining Purple Golden Heavenly King could not cause any trouble!

But at this critical moment, an angry roar came from the deep pit!

“Chu Feng! You look down on me too much!”

As he spoke, a tall figure covered in blood suddenly soared into the sky.

He was still facing Chu Feng, who had descended from the sky!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a sharp saber beam and sword hum, to everyone’s surprise, this time, it was Chu Feng and the Eight-Winged Angel who were sent flying!

Li Yuan calmed himself down and stood proudly in midair.

The power of a peak Eighth-Turn was terrifying!

Even though he was severely injured, the power that instantly erupted could still repel Chu Feng and the others!

However, it could be seen that he was far less calm than before.

The powerful recoil also shook his bones.

Blood seeped out of the already damaged wound again.

After being injured, his strength had clearly decreased.

Chu Feng was not angry at being repelled.

He looked at the furious Li Yuan and grinned.

“How was it? Was that force enough just now?”

The first collision was clearly easy to see. He was slightly better!

Li Yuan took a deep breath.

There was no longer any contempt in his eyes, but extreme solemnity.

Just like that day when the nine kings of the Sacred Land escaped from that godforsaken place.

Li Yuan, who was really serious, was like a hungry wolf, fierce and cold!

Just as the two of them were facing each other, on the ground, Bing Yao also slowly raised the Freezing Ice Scepter in her hand and pointed it at the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

Her voice was as cold as snow.

“I will definitely take your dog life in this battle!”

Behind him, Yu and the others laughed loudly and instantly got into formation.

In an instant, the battle erupted!!

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