Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1331 - 1331 Three Eighth-Turn Combatants! Lunatic!

1331 Three Eighth-Turn Combatants! Lunatic!

Looking at the dazzling eight-winged angel phantom in front of him, Li Yuan was still calm.

He was not the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

After absorbing 90% of the Chaos Totem’s power, although it was not his intention, his strength had undoubtedly reached the top!

He did not take an ordinary Eighth-Turn seriously.

“Is this all?”

Looking at Chu Feng, Li Yuan smiled lightly.

“But it’s not enough…”

Chu Feng also smiled faintly.

“Wait a moment, there’s more.”

Li Yuan raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Chu Feng could not be bothered with him. With a wave of his hand, a Heaven Shrouding Formation descended.

It enveloped the phantom commander behind him.

The brilliant formation was terrifying and emitted fluctuations of the Master God Weapon level!

Unification Heaven Formation!

The fusion array he had snatched from the Green Wood Heavenly King!

In terms of value, such a special Master God Weapon was far from what the previous Heaven Breaking Divine Claw could compare to!

It had to be at least a middle-grade or even a high-grade Master God Weapon!

Seeing that the top-notch divine artifact that originally belonged to him had been used by the enemy, the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s face twitched.

If he had not been careless, even if Chu Feng had enough phantom commanders, he would not have been able to threaten them!

After all, so what if there were more of them?

He could easily defeat them one by one!

However, after the Unification Heaven Formation fused all its power into one, it was different.

It was not as simple as one plus one!

The Unification Heaven Formation was the opportunity for that qualitative change!

How strong would they be if more than fifty phantom commanders joined forces?

Just as he was sighing, suddenly, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was stunned.

“That’s not right… How can he make so many phantom commanders listen to his orders so obediently?!”

The phantom commanders often fought for themselves. To make them listen to orders like ordinary soldiers…

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

However, Li Yuan slowly spoke.

“Since he can control our soldiers, it’s not surprising that he can control his own soldiers.”

However, this time, Li Yuan was really wrong.

The reason why Chu Feng could control the soldiers from the Gloomy Emperor’s camp was completely because of the mysterious ring.

As for controlling the soldiers from the Green Emperor’s camp, it was because of the authority of the King-Ranked soldier…

Just as the Purple Golden Heavenly King and Li Yuan were shocked, Chu Feng had already fused the power of all the phantoms into his body!

In an instant!

Chu Feng felt as if the surrounding world had changed.

With a casual wave of his hand, space shook and sonic booms could be heard!

As he had yet to completely restrain his vast power, the current Chu Feng was like an invincible war god as he stood in midair.

“Eighth-Turn… It’s definitely the power of an Eighth-Turn!”

Chu Feng’s eyes were filled with surprise!

He did not expect this.

These phantom commanders actually gave him a surprise.

They forcefully pushed his strength to the level of an Eighth-Turn Divine Lord!

Of course, to Chu Feng, his realm was far from the Eighth-Turn level.

Fortunately, after comprehending the Dao for three days, he had a deep understanding of the fourth slash and could managed to use such a powerful force.

“Two Eighth-Turns…”

There was finally a hint of seriousness in Li Yuan’s eyes.

Even if he was a peak Eighth-Turn, it was impossible for him to ignore two opponents of the same rank. That would be a huge loss!

When Chu Feng heard Li Yuan’s soft surprise, the smile on his face became even more brilliant.

“This is nothing.”

“Didn’t you think it’s not enough?”

As he spoke, he ignored the shock in Li Yuan and the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s eyes.


A dazzling halo suddenly appeared around Chu Feng.

The next moment, a humanoid behemoth tore through space and descended into the halo with its hands raised…

The Five-Astral-Beast had already completed its evolution!

Roar roar roar!

There was a shocking roar.

Its tail swayed.

The Five-Astral-Beast’s aura also began to soar crazily.


Another Eighth-Turn!

Li Yuan’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King exclaimed.

“How is that possible?!”

“In the previous battle, he could only summon an eight-winged angel with difficulty. He was almost wiped out by me!”

“But in the blink of an eye, three Eighth-Turn combatants appeared out of thin air?!”

If the Green Emperor’s camp had such combat power in the past, they would have easily killed him.

Li Yuan took a deep breath.

He glanced at the three top-notch combatants in front of him.

He said in a deep voice, “Actually, it’s all the methods he used previously, but Chu Feng forcefully turned something rotten into something magical! Creating a god out of thin air! It’s unbelievable! Chu Feng… is a monster!”

Chu Feng’s laughter happened to reach their ears.

“How is it? Is it enough now?”

Li Yuan’s expression darkened as he replied in a deep voice, “Perhaps, but it’s still too early to say who will win!”

With the three Eighth-Turns joining forces and Chu Feng’s unpredictable methods, Li Yuan was indeed not confident enough!

Chu Feng did not care and smiled faintly.

“I believe that I will win in the end!”

Li Yuan sneered.

“In that case… let’s see how strong you are!”

With that, without any hesitation, he took the initiative to attack. With a casual wave of his hand, he raised countless energy barriers and surrounded Chu Feng and the other two.

“Space… Explosion!”

After becoming powerful, the various methods he had learned in his previous life began to come in handy.

Just as it finished speaking, Chu Feng felt the surrounding space begin to fluctuate violently, as if it would completely collapse in the next moment and drown everyone!

“Then watch me fight violence with violence! Big Bang!”

Chu Feng sneered.

You’re going all out the moment you arrive, right?

Then I’ll accompany you to the end!

Coincidentally, the power gathered by the phantom commanders is too great. I can’t perfectly control it at all.

It is good to throw some out first!

As he spoke, a small black ball appeared in Chu Feng’s hand. It seemed to contain the circulation of the universe!

This time, he did not rely on anyone else’s strength.

Chu Feng alone… Of course, there were more than fifty phantom commanders standing behind him.

The black ball instantly began to expand.

In the blink of an eye, almost the entire sealed space was filled.

Li Yuan, who wanted to escape from the spatial barrier, was enveloped before he could start moving.

At this moment, Li Yuan was really flustered.

He really did not expect Chu Feng to be so suicidal!

Originally, he only wanted to use the spatial explosion to weaken the combat power of Chu Feng and the other two as much as possible.

However, he did not expect Chu Feng to be so unyielding!

The first thing he did was to die together!


“If the two ultimate moves erupt at the same time, I might be severely injured, but the three of you will all die!!”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“You idiot, do you really think I’ll trade three for one with you?”

“Can’t I put away the Eight-Winged Angel and the Five-Astral-Beast first?!”

“Anyway, they’re something I summoned. I’ll release it after the explosion. At that time, will you still be able to resist when you’re severely injured?”

“As for me… Don’t worry, I’m tough! You don’t have to worry about me for the time being!”

Chu Feng laughed loudly.

With a wave of his hand, he put away the Eight-Winged Angel and the Five-Astral-Beast.

They wouldn’t be affected.

Then, he detonated the Singularity Universe without hesitation!

“Lunatic, lunatic! You’re a lunatic!!”

At this moment, Li Yuan could only roar crazily.

Why was it a life-and-death battle the moment they came up…

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