Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 9 - Nails and Wooden Planks

Chapter 9: Nails and Wooden Planks

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Fang Heng thought back to the interview and felt that the old woman was targeting him.

One step at a time.

The development of the game was going well. After a while, the trading channel between players would open. As long as they could sell some materials, it would not be difficult to fill their stomachs.

He was forced by Xia Xi to come for the interview.

Fang Heng did not want to stay here for too long.

He took a sip of coffee.

As expected of a big company, the taste of coffee was pure bliss.

The human resource lady carried a stack of documents and hurried into the reception room.

“Mr Fang Heng, this is an emergency. Our company will sign an internship contract with you directly. The probation period will be half a month and the monthly salary will be 30,000 yuan. It will start from today. You will be confirmed automatically after half a month.

“This is the contract. Can you see if there are any problems?”

Do I get to sign the contract so soon?

30,000 yuan per month?

In Sucheng, 30,000 yuan was considered a high salary.

However, Fang Heng hesitated for a moment.

Was it really necessary to join Phoenix Sound Company?

Yes, at least for now, he was short of money.

The game had just been launched and he lacked trading channels. It was difficult for him to cash out the materials he had collected and his phone was already receiving reminders from the bank to pay his debts…

Fang Heng looked over the contract carefully.


Fang Heng was a little surprised.

The contract was too good!

The conditions were better than expected and it made him wonder if this was a trap.

30,000 yuan a month, no mandatory working hours, any materials, equipment, skills and other rewards that the player obtained in the game need not be given to the company.

The only thing he needed to do was to complete the company’s performance appraisal.

If his performance was not up to par, there would be a deduction from his bonus, and in the worst-case scenario, he would be fired.

There was also a bonus?

Fang Heng thought to himself that since he would only be working here for a month, he would first take out 30,000 yuan to resolve the urgent matter.

He would just resign after a month.

Since he was accepted into the company, he could also see if he had a chance to obtain the company’s S-level talent enhancement mission…

He would temporarily endure it and work as a worker for a month.


After thinking for a while, Fang Heng signed his name on the contract.

“Mr Jimmy is an important customer of Phoenix Sound Company. President Qin hopes that you can start work immediately and ensure Mr Jimmy’s safety in the game during this period. This will be part of your internship performance evaluation.”

Fang Heng nodded and thought that this job was pretty good.

As long as Jimmy didn’t run around and cause trouble in the game, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to fill his stomach and guarantee his safety.

This way, he could save a lot of time and make use of it to develop in the game.

It was that simple and he could earn 30,000 yuan a month?

Fang Heng suddenly had a feeling that making money was very simple.

“I’ll take you to the business department first. Your accommodation hasn’t been arranged yet. Can I arrange for you to stay in the hotel next door for the next few days?”

“Of course!”

After all, it was a big company and he had free accommodation in a hotel.

Fang Heng muttered in his heart.


In the gaming business department on the third floor.

The lady from the human resource department had just led Fang Heng into the door when an unkempt and unshaven young man walked up to them.

“You’re finally here, my Miss Angel, is he the newcomer? I’ve been waiting for a long time. We’re short of manpower. What’s your level? What district are you from?”

As he spoke, he was sizing up Fang Heng from time to time.

“No, no, no. If your project team needs people, you have to report it to the higher-ups. This person isn’t for you. President Qin has temporarily let him stay with you for two weeks.”

“What do you mean? He’s not my person? Let me tell you, now that District 8 is open, we’re in urgent need of manpower. You know how urgent this situation is. Besides, I’ve already made the report…”

“Aiya, aiya, don’t tell me that. Fang Heng has a special mission from the boss, it’s…”

The human resource lady was just about to explain when her phone rang again.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be right there.” She hung up the phone and pushed Shen Qing in front of Fang Heng.

“Fang Heng, this is Shen Qing. You’ll be working here temporarily for a few days. Follow him to familiarize yourself with the environment. Just remember to complete the mission that the boss gave you. When the boss is available, she’ll talk to you face to face.”

After saying that, the young lady hurriedly ran away.

“Sigh!” Shen Qing sighed and patted Fang Heng’s shoulder. “Are you new? I’m Shen Qing, the team leader of Team 3 of the business department. Which server are you from?”

“Server 8.”

As Fang Heng spoke, he looked around.

The interior of the entire office of Team 3 was very big. There was a row of game cabins on one side of the room and one-third of them were running.

Most of the employees were sitting in front of their computers, busying themselves with their work. They looked like they were in dire stress.

“Oh! It’s also a new server. It must be very busy.” Shen Qing nodded and then he pointed at a row of advanced gaming cabins in the room. “Team 3 doesn’t have so many rules. The seven gaming cabins here are still new. You can choose one and use it as you like. If you want to eat, it’s on the seventh floor and the eighth floor…”

“Brother Qing! Come and take a look. There’s a big deal in District 7! The client is rushing us!”

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Shen Qing shouted and said to Fang Heng, “Take a look first. If you have any problems, feel free to look for me.”

Fang Heng nodded silently.

The business department seemed very busy.

It was good that no one cared about him.

Just now, the secretary said that he would start work today, so it was time to go to work, right?

Playing games was part of his job scope.

After all, the early stages of the game were the most pressing and they could not be delayed.

Fang Heng walked to a new game cabin, opened it and directly entered the game world.

There were two ways to enter the King of Gods’ game. One was to enter the game voluntarily, using items like the game cabin to enter the game.

The game cabin was set with an emergency button. Once it was pressed, the player in the game would receive a prompt.

The other option was to join the game involuntarily. The player would be pulled into the game world by the King of Gods’ game and disappear from the real world.

This method was considered extremely dangerous.

Opening his eyes, Fang Heng appeared in the system shelter again.

Inside the cabin, wood, stones and other materials were randomly thrown on the ground.

A zombie staggered into the cabin and threw the collected materials on the ground one by one.

Seeing this, Fang Heng rubbed his temples as he experienced a little headache.

Liu Lin and Liao Bufan were out.

According to their plan, this morning, Liu Lin and Liao Bufan would start to search the area on the west side of the cabin. They would find out the situation there and see if they could find a suitable place to build a shelter.

Jimmy was still in the real world just like him.

In this way, there was no one in the entire shelter. If someone came in and saw the materials lying all over the ground, wouldn’t they be laughing in their dreams?

He needed to build a shelter as soon as possible to store the materials and prevent other survivors from intruding.

Fang Heng opened the game log to check.

[Hint: During the hacking, your zombie team collected firewood*221, nails*7, instant noodles*1, parts*1, insulator*1, turbid water*4, bird eggs*3, bricks*7…]

Eh? Found instant noodles!

Fang Heng summoned all the zombies to stop the hack and return to the cabin. He then made himself another bowl of instant noodles.

Twenty minutes later, Fang Heng walked out of the cabin after eating and drinking his fill.

Behind him were ten zombies holding wooden spears.

Their combat ability was not bad.

In the morning, Fang Heng had already circled the cabin a few times, clearing away the zombies that were wandering around and farming some evolution crystal fragments.

Perhaps it was because they were in the early stages of the game, but the King of Gods’ game was more merciful. There were not many zombies that had resurrected around the cabin, and even after circling twice, he only managed to obtain two crystal fragments.

“Forget it. Let’s put aside killing the zombies for now and move on to the next step of the plan.”


To build a player’s shelter, there were two types of materials that were essential.

Wooden planks and nails.

Fang Heng had zombies as coolies, so it was not a big problem for him to make and collect wooden planks. On the other hand, it was a little difficult to obtain nails.

It was very difficult to satisfy the demand of building a large shelter by simply collecting materials in the wild and trading with players.

The other way to obtain them was to make them themselves.

This would require cast iron and a furnace.

The materials needed to make a furnace were very complicated and they also needed to rely on extremely high skill levels.. It was almost impossible to do so in the early stages, so they could only buy them from the apocalypse merchant camps.

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