Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Apocalypse Merchant

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Fang Heng turned on his survival radio and used it to send messages to nearby players.

“20 survival points for the location of the apocalypse merchant camp. If you know anything, send me a private message.”

A few scattered messages appeared.

“What the heck? 20 survival points? Boss is so rich?”

“What is this? Who doesn’t know how to brag? I even have 100 points.”

“Brother, you didn’t just spend your time killing all the zombies in one day, right?”

“What are you pretending for? If you can get 20 survival points, I’ll chop off my head and kick it like a ball.”

“2 survival points for a bottle of water.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“It’s okay if there’s no water. There’s a stream in the forest. Just drink it and you’ll be done.”


Following that, the topic was completely changed.

Fang Heng was speechless when he saw the players’ feedback.

Just as he was about to turn off the radio, a private message from a player popped up in his personal message.

“Brother, I know the location of the apocalypse merchant, but you have to give me some points first.”

Fang Heng glanced at the other player’s ID – Lu Yu.

He immediately transferred 20 survival points through the system.

When Lu Yu received the survival points transferred by Fang Heng, he was a little surprised at first.

There was such a powerful player who could transfer 20 points to him without even blinking an eye?

Lu Yu’s thought about it and he quickly understood that the other party belonged to an organized team.

“Brother, you’re very straightforward. The apocalypse merchant camp’s coordinates are at (21232,29123). It’s very safe there. I’ve just been there.”

Fang Heng looked at the map. The coordinates of the apocalypse merchant camp that the other party had marked were pitch-black. The distance wasn’t too far and it would only take about half an hour to get there.

He would go over and take a look first.

Fang Heng blended into the zombie crowd and headed toward the location of the apocalypse merchant camp.

More than ten zombie clones were gathered together and they could completely crush ordinary zombies.

If they encountered ordinary zombies, they would be pierced into a sieve by wooden spears.

If ordinary players encountered them along the way, they would mistakenly think that they had encountered a small zombie crowd and run far away, not daring to cause any trouble.

After walking for nearly half an hour and crossing a hill, Fang Heng stopped in his tracks.

He saw it!

The apocalypse merchant camp!

In the zombie apocalypse game, players were not the only survivors. There were also a few NPCs and aborigines. Some of the NPCs were staying in the apocalypse merchant camp.

Players could talk to them and interact with them. If they were lucky enough, they might even be able to trick an NPC mercenary to return as a bodyguard.

Other than that, players could receive quests from the apocalypse merchant and exchange survival points for materials.

Fang Heng had his zombie clones stay on standby and enter the camp alone.

After all, the zombie clone was also a zombie. It was restricted by the system. Once it got close to the apocalypse merchant camp, it might be attacked by the people from the camp.

In the camp, the bearded NPC warmly greeted the newcomer, Fang Heng.

“Hey, survivor, you’re lucky to have met me during the apocalypse.”

“You’re the 18th survivor I’ve seen here, so you don’t get any rewards.”

“This is my new camp. It’s pretty good, right? I can guarantee your safety here, but it’s very cheap to charge 500 survival points for one night.”

Fang Heng ignored the NPC’s initial lines and nodded, “Is there any mission for me to do?”

“You came at the right time. We just set up a gathering point here, and there are many things that we need help with. See if any missions are suitable for you.”

Fang Heng opened the mission panel.

Rows of mission requirements were refreshed.

Fang Heng’s eyes were immediately attracted by the first row of missions.

Clearing the zombies in the lumberyard camp.

Difficulty: SSS

Description: Clear all the surviving zombies in the target location.

Reward: 4000 survival points

(Description: As the time in the game world increases, the difficulty and reward of this quest will gradually decrease.)

It was an SSS-level mission?!

The memory of the previous owner of the body had been in the game for two years and the highest difficulty level of the quest that he saw was only at S-level.

Notwithstanding whether he could complete it or not, Fang Heng never had the chance to get an S-level mission before!

The new server was not bad and no one had ever done an SSS-level mission!

Fang Heng lowered his head and reviewed the mission requirements again.

Kill zombies?

Ah! It was just the right time!

Fang Heng was relieved. The main purpose of this SSS-level mission was to kill zombies. It was very compatible with him. He could earn survival points and also farm evolution crystal fragments.

“I accept this mission.”

“Oh? It’s a very challenging mission!”

“There’s a lumberyard camp by the river. There are a lot of zombies there. If I let them do whatever they want, they might pose a threat to my camp. I need you to completely clear out the zombies in the lumberyard camp.”

“Are you sure you want to accept this mission? You have three days to complete this mission.”


“Very good. Look, this is the first time we’ve met. To ensure that you can complete it, you need to give me a deposit. I think 167 survival points should be it. You would agree, right?”

“Don’t worry, after completing the mission, I will return the deposit in full.”

167 points were exactly what Fang Heng currently had left.

Fang Heng knew that this was one of the settings of the game.

Hidden score.

The King of the Gods had an initial hidden score for each player.

Every time a mission was completed, the King of the Gods would evaluate the overall completion of the mission and update the hidden score.

The player would receive a mission that was more difficult than the hidden score, and the apocalypse merchant would propose to collect a deposit.

The greater the difference between the difficulty of the mission and the hidden score of the player, the more the deposit would be collected. However, the highest deposit would not exceed all the survival points of the player.

Once the mission failed, the deposit would not be returned.


[Hint: 167 survival points have been deducted from you.]

[Hint: You have accepted the mission of the apocalypse merchant, Vettel, to completely clear the zombie horde in the lumberyard camp.]

[Hint: During the apocalypse, one person’s power is too small. You can try to seek help from other survivors to complete the mission together.]

“I wish you success. Also, I have to remind you that the zombies there are quite troublesome. You can’t easily finish them off by yourself. You need to find some help. Don’t die in there.”

“Thank you.”

Fang Heng left the apocalypse merchant camp without looking back.

Find help?

No, he was going to farm alone!

The early-stage players did not even have enough food to eat. On one hand, they had to seize the time to collect materials to survive, on the other hand, they had to think of ways to strengthen the shelter provided by the system. They did not have the time to kill the zombies.

So what if they found help? How much contribution could they make to clearing the camp?

The early players’ combat power was very low.

Fang Heng was different from ordinary players.

Not only did he have the spare energy to kill zombies, but he was also very eager to kill zombies to obtain the evolution crystal fragments.

While he was in thought, Fang Heng had already left the survival camp. He happened to notice two survivors walking toward the apocalypse merchant’s direction.

The two parties looked at each other and did not say anything. They just brushed past each other.

Five minutes later, a scream came from the survival camp.

“What the hell! The SSS-level mission was taken away by someone.”

“Is he crazy?”

“He might be a newbie. He didn’t understand the rules and directly accepted the mission.”

“You’re right.”

Lu Yu nodded, but his head was filled with questions.

The person who accepted the mission wouldn’t be the big boss who spent 20 survival points to ask him for the location of the camp, right?

No way. No matter how powerful he is, he won’t be able to clear all the zombies in that area.

Thinking about the scene he had seen before, Lu Yu felt his scalp go numb.

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