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Chapter 649 - Was Quite Convenient

Chapter 649: Was Quite Convenient

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Looking at Fang Heng’s puzzled gaze, Li Shaoqiang explained, “After the soul body is awakened, it has consciousness and can take the initiative to attack. Therefore, in most cases, we will first think of a way to weaken it and then put it into the Book of the Dead.”


Fang Heng frowned slightly.

Tan Shuo coughed lightly and added in a low voice, “To put it bluntly, we will beat it half to death.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what we mean. That’s why we need to find some suitable weapons. After all, normal attacks have no effect on souls.”

Li Shaoqiang stopped in front of a small stall. He picked up the potion on the stall and looked at it. He looked at the stall owner and asked, “Handsome, how much is it?”

The seller was a middle-aged man. He raised three fingers at Li Shaoqiang.

“300 contribution points.”

“It’s too expensive.”

“This is the market price. If you buy a bottle of potion from me, I can give you a large bottle of holy water for free.”

The stall owner said in one sentence and then stopped talking. He looked like he did not want to sell it.

“Then I’ll buy ten bottles of potion. How many more bottles of holy water will you give me?”

“Five more bottles.”


Li Shaoqiang took out his membership card and completed the transaction with the stall owner in a rather painful manner.

300 contribution points per bottle. Ten bottles would be 3,000 points.

In the Necromancer Association, contribution points were directly linked to the King of Gods’ points.

The ratio was 100 to 1.

Player could exchange at any time in the hall of the dead. Behind the scenes, the hall of the dead and the Central Federation would jointly endorse its reputation.

Of course, under the penalty setting of the King of Gods’ game, there was a penalty restriction on the number of King of Gods’ points players could trade every month.

Elementary players who earned more than 100 points every month would be deducted a corresponding percentage of the points as penalty.

According to the amount of points exceeded, it would be 10% at the beginning, 20% after 200 points, and the maximum penalty would be 99%.

The association had no way to solve this penalty, and the player had to bear it himself.

According to Fang Heng’s knowledge, the upgrade of the game could increase the amount of this punishment. After the player advanced into the intermediate game, there would be a free trading quota of 500 King of Gods’ points every month.

Li Shaoqiang thought of something again and turned to look at Fang Heng. He asked, “Right, Fang Heng, what weapon are you using? I suggest that you use a long-range weapon. After all, safety comes first.”


Fang Heng looked at the stall in front of him. He casually picked up a machete that was half the height of a person on the stall and tried to wave it twice in the air.

It was heavy and solid.

The key was that it was quite handy.

He held the machete in front of him and looked carefully. There were some strange patterns drawn on the machete.

“Are you going to use this?”

“Yes.” Fang Heng nodded and looked at Li Shaoqiang. “What do you think? I think it’s quite handy.”


As long as you’re happy.

Li Shaoqiang swallowed his saliva and said, “It’s okay. It’s just a little exaggerated.”

As he spoke, Li Shaoqiang turned to look at the boss and asked, “How much is this knife?”

The boss was also a little surprised to see Fang Heng holding the machete with one hand.

For necromancers, such a strength attribute was not common.

He waved his hand. “Forget it. I’ve left this knife here for more than a year, it’s troublesome to move it around every day. I will treat it as a giveaway.”

“Thank you!”

Tan Shuo dragged a large box containing 1.25 liters of bottled water out from behind the stall.

Li Shaoqiang chuckled and said, “Handsome, you gave us the cart too, right? Let’s be friends. We’ll always come to your place to buy potions in the future.”


The stall owner waved his hand, indicating that he would accept the deal.

“Thank you, Boss. You’re so generous. Your business will definitely be prosperous.”

Li Shaoqiang chuckled and took out a small bottle of potion the size of a perfume bottle and handed it to Fang Heng.

“This is a special potion that works against the undead. When applied to a weapon, it will be able to cause damage to the soul body for a period of time.”

Li Shaoqiang continued to explain, “The weapons purchased here have a special glyph on them. The glyph is to better coordinate with the potion and extend the time for the potion to take effect. You can keep the potion for now and use it after you enter the fallen corridor.”


Fang Heng nodded to show that he understood.

He sheathed his machete and hung it behind his back. He then placed the bottle in his hand to observe.

[Item: Unknown fusion potion.]

Description: This potion has been concocted and has many functions.

Description: Upgrade your potion-related skills and obtain more information.

Description: You can use the occult ritual to analyze the potion.

Occult analysis!

There is a chance to find the recipe.

This thing was so small and already cost 3 King of Gods’points. Could he make it on his own?

“Fang Heng, Don’t worry. We’ll help you together. It won’t be a big problem.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Fang Heng put away the potion.

The special effect of occult analysis was quite splendid. He planned to wait for a while until there were fewer people before thinking of a way to study it.

After purchasing, Tan Shuo pulled the cart along the way. The three of them left the main building together, went around the back garden, and came to the third basement of another subsidiary building.

Under the guidance of the attendant, Fang Heng entered a round hall.

The hall was a little dark.

Fang Heng looked around and looked at the layout of the surroundings.

It was very strange. There was a huge black shelf around the round wall.

On the shelf were rows of burning soul candles.

A middle-aged man was sitting in the inner part of the room.

A wooden barrel was placed in front of him and it was filled with wooden sticks.

Behind him, more than ten necromancers were also sitting upright. They looked like they were resting with their eyes closed.

“Teacher Pu Shi.”

After entering the door, Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo bowed to the middle-aged man who was sitting upright at the front.


Pu Shi grunted and opened his eyes.

His gaze swept past Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo before finally focusing on Fang Heng.

“You’re Fang Heng?”

Fang Heng frowned and asked in puzzlement, “Have we met before?”

“No, I’ve heard about you. Wei Tao holds you in high esteem. I didn’t expect Instructor Dickie to view you in a different light.”

Pu Shi was unwilling to say more. He took out a note with the words “38” from the wooden barrel in front of him and handed it to the attendant at the side. He signaled the undead attendant at the side to bring Fang Heng and the others in.

“Take them to Entrance No. 18. This is their first time here. Tell them the rules.”

The attendant respectfully took the note with both hands. “Yes, Teacher Pu Shi.”

Pu Shi’s gaze swept past Fang Heng one last time. His tone had a hint of warning. “No matter what method you used to get Dickie’s approval, let me remind you that it’s better to follow the rules here.”

What a strange person.

Fang Heng shrugged and did not take him to heart. He followed the attendant into the passage at the back.

“Don’t mind him. Teacher Pu Shi is an intermediate game player. He usually looks like this and treats everyone the same. It’s as if everyone owes him millions,” Li Shaoqiang complained to Fang Heng in a low voice, “He has quite a big background. He’s one of the Big Brothers sent by the Central Federation to the association.”

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