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Chapter 648 - Wallowing in the Cloister

Chapter 648: Wallowing in the Cloister

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“Really? But I didn’t see too much of a reaction when I was collecting the soul of the Marquis of the vampires in District 7 not long ago.”


Tan Shuo lowered his head, feeling even more depressed.

A beginner had already started using the Book of the Dead for actual combat.

Moreover, it was an extremely difficult operation to absorb the soul of the Marquis of the vampires!

In comparison, what about himself?

Listening to Fang Heng’s question, Li Shaoqiang was also stunned.

He did not expect Fang Heng to have already used the soul seal of the Book of the Dead for actual combat.

To be able to be accepted as a student by his mentor Dickey, Fang Heng was indeed a genius!

Li Shaoqiang was ashamed of his inferiority.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Li Shaoqiang adjusted his glasses and looked around. He lowered his voice and explained to Fang Heng.

“Fang Heng, it’s different. The elementary soul bodies that I’m referring to escaped from the gap between the world of death. They belong to souls that have already awakened. The soul bodies are more condensed. The souls that you’ve absorbed in the game are souls that have just died. They haven’t awakened yet, and their main body has just died. Their souls are still in a state of unconsciousness, so it’s very easy for them to be put into the Book of the Dead.”

Fang Heng scratched his head.

He finally understood.

He had stepped into a pit!

“Alright, then how can I find an elementary soul? Is it to go to the high-level wailing room?”

“There’s no such thing, but there is indeed a fallen corridor built within the association. Elementary souls can be found wandering there…”

“Isn’t that settled then?” Fang Heng relaxed a little. He grabbed a skewer of roasted meat. “I’ll try it over there later. I have to solve this problem somehow.”

“Cough cough…”

Li Shaoqiang almost choked when he heard Fang Heng’s words.

Try it?

Was he playing around?

That place could be fatal if one was careless!

Li Shaoqiang felt that Fang Heng did not understand, so he coughed lightly and explained again, “Fang Heng, you need to apply to the association to enter the fallen corridor. You can only enter after a series of tests. Other than the ability test, there’s also…”

Fang Heng didn’t even finish listening. He put down the kebab in his hand and interrupted, “Who should I ask to apply?”

“Oh? Is the matter in the game over?”

Dickey was in a great mood when he heard Fang Heng come over and say that he wanted to enter the fallen corridor to collect elementary soul bodies.


This was his student. He came back to cultivate as soon as he was done with work.


Dickey’s fingers lightly tapped on the armrest of the chair. The more he looked at Fang Heng, the more satisfied he felt.

With his strength, it was not a big problem for him to enter the fallen corridor alone.

For safety reasons…

While he was thinking, Dickey looked at Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo behind Fang Heng.

Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo felt guilty for no reason and lowered their heads.

Alright, it was time for the comparison segment again.

“Go, Fang Heng.” Dickey lightly swiped on the application form. “I’ve specially approved your admission application. Elementary souls are different from normal unconscious souls. You must be extremely careful and don’t force yourself.”

Fang Heng nodded his head in thanks. “I’ll remember it. Thank you, Teacher.”

Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo lowered their heads and looked at each other from the corner of their eyes.

They saw the expression on the other party’s face as expected.

Special approval?

Was it really just the treatment of his favorite?

“And the two of you, it’s been a year since you applied for the assessment, right?”

Hearing this, Li Shaoqiang was stunned, and his heart pounded furiously.

He hurriedly raised his head and replied, “Teacher Dickey, it’s already been a year and a half. The application we submitted is still in the assessment period. There are still two years before the assessment ends.”

“Mm, I’ve also specially approved your application. This time, both of you bring Fang Heng along. He has just arrived and doesn’t understand the fallen corridor. You must help him more and not be rash. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Instructor.”

The two of them were overjoyed when they heard this and immediately nodded in agreement.

What a fellow!? They actually managed to sneak into the fallen corridor because of him!?


Good news!

Joy fell from the sky!

This round was really worth it!

Who would have thought that they would encounter such a good thing after coming here for a meal?

This was not a simple qualification to enter!

The fallen corridor was already the highest-level secret of the Necromancer Association. Under normal circumstances, other than having to go through the security assessment of their identity, they would also have to go through all sorts of tedious qualification simulation tests and assessments.

An average person would not be able to come down there unless they had three to five years of experience!

Li Shaoqiang was dizzy. He felt as if he was about to faint from the pie that had suddenly smashed into his face.

He even giggled foolishly from time to time as he walked.

He did not even know how he had left the Instructor’s office.

“Cough, cough.”

In comparison, Tan Shuo was still relatively calm.

After a moment of joy, he returned to the state where his Dao heart was broken.

So what if he entered the fallen corridor?

The gap between him and Fang Heng would only grow bigger and bigger.

The future was bleak!

Looking at Li Shaoqiang, who was laughing foolishly at the side, Tan Shuo coughed lightly and pushed him. He reminded him softly, “Wake up and pay attention to your expression management.”

“Oh… is it that obvious…”

Li Shaoqiang suppressed the joy in his heart and forced a straight face.

The three of them headed downstairs.

“Fang Heng, wait for us. We’re going to the fallen corridor.”

Depending on Fang Heng to gain such a huge benefit, Li Shaoqiang naturally did his best to help Fang Heng.

He carefully explained to Fang Heng the relevant points to pay attention to in the fallen corridor.

“The fallen corridor is a place built by the association for the members to experience and experiment. The construction cost is not cheap. How should I put it? Very few people will try to capture souls in there. That kind of thing is difficult and unrewarding.”

“In short, there’s a great danger in the fallen corridor. Because the soul has already awakened its consciousness, it will take the initiative to attack. So for safety reasons, most of the time, the absorbed soul will be brought out to cultivate.”

Fang Heng nodded and caught the meaning behind Li Shaoqiang’s words.

“I understand. When the time comes, I’ll bring more Books of the Dead inside and capture more souls in one go.”


No, I didn’t. That’s not what I meant..

Li Shaoqiang felt bitter in his heart.

D*mn it. It took so much effort just to grab an elementary soul, and Fang Heng even brought a few more books.

Big Brother, you treat this as a game?

Were you playing games back then?

Li Shaoqiang felt that Fang Heng was a little inflated.

He scratched his hair and persuaded, “Fang Heng, it’s not wrong for you to say that, but no one has ever done that before. After all, it’s too difficult for us to collect elementary souls at this stage.”

“Oh, okay.”

Fang Heng nodded and decided to bring more Books of the Dead into the hall.

As they spoke, Fang Heng and the others entered the hall of the dead on the first floor.

Li Shaoqiang had no intention of passing by. Instead, he brought Fang Heng to the stall area on the right side of the hall of the dead.

There was a rental stall inside the hall of the dead. Any association member could use it, provided that they paid a sum of rent every month.

“We need to prepare something before we go to the fallen corridor.”

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