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Chapter 508 - Settled

Chapter 508 Settled

The ownership of District 8 was settled?! How was that possible? The person who obtained the final ownership of District 8 was Fang Heng?! How did he do it? How long had it been since the announcement of the District 8 rankings?

Ji Qiubei could not believe what he had seen with his own eyes for a moment. His face instantly turned extremely pale.

He had been thinking of returning to District 8 to have a thorough battle with Fang Heng after dealing with the time passage in District


But presently, the game hint had shattered all of his delusions.

Ji Qiubei’s mind was buzzing.

Under normal circumstances, a player would need at least a few years to complete the main storyline.


How did Fang Heng shorten such a long duration to a few months?!

Liu Keyi noticed Ji Qiubei’s pale face, then turned back and continued to control the steering wheel.

“I’ve completely lost.” After a long while, Ji Qiubei took a deep breath.

Only now did Ji Qiubei truly understand why Fang Heng would not hesitate to start a war with the Federation in order to seize the unknown sample body.

It turned out that Fang Heng had long reached the last part of the main storyline, the unknown sample body!

In comparison, his previous actions were terribly foolish!

“Mr. Ji, are you all right?”

“I’m fine. District 8 is no longer under our control. All those hiding in District 8 shall immediately enter hibernation mode. We need to focus all our attention on District 7 to complete the passage.”

“All right. I’ll immediately make the arrangements after we return to the shelter.” Liu Keyi saw Ji Qiubei’s unfriendly expression, then stopped herself from saying more.

“Say what you want to say.” w∪xiawοrld dot site

“Mr. Ji, I was thinking that Fang Heng might have the ability to move between District 7 and District 8. In that case, after he takes over District 8, will he continue to attack District 7?”

Ji Qiubei was stunned and clenched his fists tightly. “Your reminder is timely.”

Gradually recovering from the huge blow he said with a fierce glint in his eyes. “So, we need to think of a way to stop Fang Heng in advance…”

As he spoke, Ji Qiubei’s body was gradually shrouded in a layer of white light.

What was going on?

Ji Qiubei realized that he could not move.

Immediately after, a line of game hints appeared on his retina.

“Hint: you have been expelled from District 8 by the World Lord.”

In the office, Kou Huai browsed through the player forum of District 8, trying to analyze the difference in strength between Night Owl and Fang Heng.

Both of them were very interested in the final ownership of District 8, so the probability of them fighting was quite high.

Who would win in the end?

Hopefully, the battle would last a little longer.

As Kou Huai was thinking, his eyelids twitched.

Eh? Why was the forum stuck?

After being stuck for a full 0.5 seconds, the forum page automatically refreshed.

The entire forum of District 8 exploded with posts! Instantly, rows and rows of new posts were refreshed.

What was that?

Upon a closer look, Kou Huai suddenly stood up from his chair, his face full of disbelief.

He carefully checked it three times to make sure that he was not mistaken.

District 8… Fang Heng got District 8? Him?!

After a long time, Kou Huai sat back in his chair.

He felt as if all the strength in his body had been sucked out, leaving only a shell.

In order to fight for the final main storyline of District 7, he had worked hard for nearly ten years.

Countless sleepless nights and more than half of his youth had been spent on it.

As for Fang Heng, he had used only a few months to easily complete the final main storyline of District 8 and obtain the ownership of District 8.

Why were the heavens so unfair?

After the initial indignance and extreme jealousy, a lingering fear rose from the bottom of Kou Huai’s heart.

He knew Fang Heng’s character from past research.

That greedy bastard!

After seizing District 8, he would definitely not give up so easily. He would definitely make a move on District

Their Federation had suffered repeated defeats against Fang Heng in District 7, and Night Owl in District 8 was not a match for Fang Heng. Fang Heng easily took the final main storyline from them.

Presently, even if he joined forces with Night Owl in District 7, Kou Huai felt that they would not be able to stop Fang Heng from invading District 7.

Ring, ring…

Kou Huai picked up the phone.

“It’s me. You already know, right?”

Kou Huai’s mood was heavy. He nodded and acknowledged. “Yes.”

“He’s a threat. You’ve also sensed it, right? He’ll definitely make a move against District


“Yes. You think so too?”

“We can’t wait for him to make a move. We need to deal with him in advance. I already have a plan and need your help.”

In District 8, Yu Jie immediately took action after becoming the acting chief commander of District 8.

Yu Jie felt that the matter of how to deal with Fang Heng was somewhat troublesome.

In the video conference, the Federation of District 8 was divided into two factions, and both sides were arguing endlessly over it.

“It’s very obvious that all of this is the Night Owl organization’s interference. They’re trying to sow discord between our Federation and Fang Heng. We absolutely can not fall into the Night Owl’s evil scheme!”

“I don’t think so. From his previous actions, Fang Heng’s attitude toward the Federation is not good. For example, District 7 is where Fang Heng acted behind the scenes…”

“Excuse me, the matter in District 7 has not been decided yet. There is no actual evidence to show that Fang Heng is controlling the Scavenger Army behind the scenes.”

“We have strayed too far. Let’s come back to the topic. Even if Night Owl is the one behind this incident, it is a fact that Fang Heng has destroyed our large-sized shelter. He has also caused a large number of casualties and material losses. It is not too much to hold Fang Heng accountable, right?”.

Everyone in the video conference spoke one after another. Yu Jie felt his head ache listening to them.

Suddenly, Yu Jie’s phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, Yu Jie showed a serious expression and picked up the call.

“Yes, sir. Yes, we’re discussing the relevant issues. Okay, I understand. ” Yu Jie quickly put down the phone and looked around the room. “Everyone, it’s the chief commander of Zombie Apocalypse, Chief Wei.”

Everyone immediately quieted down and looked at Yu Jie with a serious expression.

Wei Tao, Chief Commander of Zombie Apocalypse of the Federation!

He was the actual controller of Zombie Apocalypse District 1. He was also the first player in the Federation to complete the Zombie Apocalypse.

“Just a few minutes ago, Fang Heng completed the main storyline of District 8 and became the World Lord of District 8. Chief Wei requested that District 8 cooperate with Fang Heng. He will find a way to talk to Fang Heng about the details.”

Hearing that, everyone who participated in the video conference had shocked expressions on their faces.

It was not because of Wei Tao, but because of District 8′ situation!

Even Chen Yu who was listening by the side was shocked.

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