Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 507 - World Lord

Chapter 507 World Lord

“In the Dispute mode, all passages to the server position will be opened. District 8’s Zombie Apocalypse world can declare war on another world that has entered Dispute mode.

“After leaving the novice stage, every once in a while, all the worlds controlled by the player will enter a period of forced Dispute mode…”

Dispute mode referred to conquering other worlds?

Fang Heng frowned as he carefully analyzed the information that was transmitted into his brain.

He suddenly realized that after District 8 activated the Tier 3 space tearing device, there were still many game worlds that could not be entered.

Those few worlds might already have a World Lord that set them to Protection mode.

“In that case…” After carefully digesting the information that flowed into his brain, Fang Heng realized a huge cheat key, Newbie Protection mode!

It was the best mode. Under it, all the passages in District 8 were forcefully sealed. To forcefully open the teleportation passage, one needed nearly 100 times the resources!

However, District 8 could open a passage to other unowned game worlds that had opened earlier.

For game worlds that were owned and set to be in Dispute mode, he could open a time passage to take a look!

Unfortunately, the Newbie Protection period was only three years from the start of the game. He still had a little over than two and a half years!

He still could not fully process the information in his brain and was making conjectures.

As he was thinking, a game hint appeared again.

“Hint: player has Server 8 Zombie Apocalypse level 5.”

“Hint: current Server 8 is categorized under default normal tax rate at 0.05%, default tariff rate of 1%.”.

“Hint: in Dispute mode, after the World Lord has completed the Tier 4 space tunnel (space tearing device), it can be shared with all the players in District 8 to use. The relevant restrictions regarding tariffs will also be lifted.”

“Hint: according to the current Server 8 Zombie Apocalypse level, when a player who belongs to Server 8 Zombie Apocalypse receives main storyline contribution points as a reward, the World Lord will receive an additional 0.05% main storyline contribution points as a reward.”

“Description: the maximum tax rate can be adjusted to 10%. When the tax rate goes higher than 0.05%, the tax will be partially borne by the player. “.

Fang Heng was stunned.

Tax rate? Main storyline contribution points for free?

Wait a minute. It didn’t seem like it was all for free.

Every player who started off in or changed their server to District 8 would automatically receive the status of a District 8 player. All players who belonged to District 8 would receive a corresponding tax deduction before receiving the main storyline contribution points.

The current tax rate was 0.05% , which was equivalent to getting main storyline contribution points for free.

Fang Heng could also choose to max out the tax rate at 10%.

However, in that case, the remaining 9.95% of the main storyline contribution points would be obtained from the player.

Fang Heng rubbed his chin and thought carefully.

He had an epiphany.

It was a little different from what he had imagined

After a long time, District 8 seemed to have become his territory, and the players in District 8 seemed to be his henchmen.

However, at the moment, the henchmen in District 8 were too weak.

The main storyline contribution points earned by District 8 Zombie Apocalypse were close to zero.

As Fang Heng continued reading, more and more questions arose in his mind.

The current level of the world was level 5, so the level could be upgraded as well? What was the level up through?

Just as Fang Heng was confused, a few more messages popped up in his vision.

“Hint: Zombie Apocalypse’s first World Lord has called for a regional voting conference. The conference will be held in three hours’ time. Message: Congratulations, Fang Heng. I’m World Lord Wei Tao of District 1. Let’s meet. I think we should have a lot to talk about.”

Wei Tao?

What a familiar name…

Fang Heng raised his eyebrows and then realized that he was the general manager of the Federation’s Zombie Apocalypse region!

Regional conference?

What was that?

Fang Heng had too many questions in his heart.

The other player participating in the Council were also the World Lord of the Zombie Apocalypse Game?

Maybe he could get some useful information from them.

Fang Heng thought for a while before deciding

“Hint: you voted for it.”

“Hint: more than half of the World Lords have agreed to participate in the conference. The conference will start in three hours.”

Fang Heng continued to check the world settings.

Other than the external settings, there was also a series of internal settings.

The time of the Zombie Apocalypse and Blood Moon in District 8 could be adjusted freely, and the number of zombies spawning every day could also be adjusted manually.

At the extreme, he could even adjust the zombies to never spawn and the Blood Moon to never appear!

Fang Heng thought for a moment, then temporarily adjusted the Blood Moon’s appearance to once every half a year. The rest of the settings remained unchanged.

The maximum number of players who could randomly enter District 8 every month, as well as the level and maximum number of players who could change their server to enter District 8, could also be changed.

Finally, there was the option of expulsion.


Players who belonged to District 8 could be expelled from District 8?

There was actually such a move?

Fang Heng was shocked.

As long as he was willing, he could even wipe out all the players in District 8! He could completely turn District 8 into his own back garden!

Fang Heng felt some lingering fear, but also some relief.

Fortunately, he had won the final ownership of District 8. Otherwise, if he got kicked out of District 8 by the World Lord after building the prison to several thousand levels, he would feel too indignant.

Considering District 8’s level, tax rate, and tariff, Fang Heng felt that in theory, he should let his District 8 have as many players as possible. When there were more players, he could get bonus main storyline contribution points.

Of course, it was better to have as many powerful players as possible. Half-baked players were not needed.

Fang Heng was not in a hurry to make a move and would observe for a while.

Outside the shelter, a small car stopped by the roadside.

“The plan failed. We have confirmed that Fang Heng can control the fusion Tyrant form in District 8. ” Ji Qiubei’s tone was low.

“It’s not your fault. The commander already knows the details. ” Liu Keyi nodded and said, “I’ll take you to a safe place first. The commander is looking for you. We need you to return to District 7 immediately to take charge of the situation.”

“Okay, ” Ji Qiubei acknowledged.

He had already expected his identity to be exposed sooner or later.

Ji Qiubei thought, “The final ownership of District 8 hasn’t been decided yet. I can leave it for now. Currently, the construction of District 7’s time teleportation passage is the most important thing.’

“Fang Heng! Don’t think that it’s over just like that. I’ll let you be arrogant for a few days first. I’ll settle this score with you sooner or later!” he gritted his teeth and said fiercely as he got into the car.

Liu Keyi had just started the car. After driving for less than ten minutes, a game hint suddenly appeared in her vision.

“Hint: player Fang Heng has completed the final hidden ending of District 8, Final Purification.”

“Hint: main storyline contribution points have been determined. Player Fang Heng has obtained the final ownership of District 8.”

“This… ” Liu Keyi’s mind went blank for a moment. She turned her head to look at Ji Qiubei in disbelief.

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