Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

Chapter 506 - Chapter 506: The Prodigies Of The Universe! (2)

Chapter 506: The Prodigies Of The Universe! (2)

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“…However, not breaking the rules doesn’t mean that there’s no other way. I’ve already understood that the Adventurer Assessment in the Crimson Moon World is targeted at newcomers, one-star adventurers, two-star adventurers, and three-star adventurers at the same time.”

“Since that’s the case, we’ll just send our one-star to three-star adventurers to participate in the assessment.”

“The Ice Snow World Overlord is right…” Caitlin’s eyes lit up as she said,”… Imogen doesn’t allow us to break the rules, but as long as we follow the rules, I believe he will be flexible and allow us to do things.”

“Even though he’s from the Universe Adventurer Alliance… he’s only a First Level World Overlord. It won’t do him any good to offend the many factions in our Blood Mountain Star Field.”

“This method will work. I’ll tell Imogen about our decision first…” A World Overlord said. His main body in reality immediately told Imogen about the decisions of the various World Overlords.

A moment later, the World Overlord said to Candace and the others at the round table, “Imogen agreed.”

“Alright, since that’s the case… let’s discuss the distribution of the quotas for each faction…”

Candace and the other World Overlords immediately discussed the number of people who could enter the Crimson Moon World.

“The Blood Mountain Holy Land and the Mirror Moon Lake Holy Land will each send up to 3,000 Domain Lords into the Crimson Moon World.”

“Tyrant Dragon Mountain and the other four organizations will send at most 1,000 Domain Lords into the Crimson Moon World.”

“Each of the 18 clans can send up to 500 Domain Lords into the Crimson Moon World.”

They quickly finished their discussion.

Basically, the stronger the faction, the more quotas they would get.

As Candace and the other World Overlords finished their discussion, the martial artists of the various large factions quickly sealed the meteorite and prevented other martial artists from approaching.

At the same time, the one-star to three-star Adventurers of the various large factions also appeared at the entrance of the Crimson Moon World in large numbers.

After confirming that these people had all accepted the assessment quest, Imogen let them in.

Candace and the other World Overlords gathered on a meteorite. Someone even took out a palace building and waited for the results in the palace.

“This Crimson Moon Church is indeed a terrifying force that once spread across several cosmic countries. It was almost wiped out back then, but it can still rise from the ashes.” Candace lamented.

“The revived power of the Crimson Moon Church… It would be fine if it was only the people from the Crimson Moon World. I’m just afraid that the people from the Crimson Moon World are only a portion of the revived power of the Crimson Moon Church. That would be troublesome…” Caitlin said worriedly.

“What’s there to be afraid of? When the Crimson Moon Church was at its peak, we could destroy all its forces in the Blood Mountain Galaxy… Even if it revives now, what can it do to us?”

“If we can destroy it once, we can destroy it again.”

The person who spoke was a World Overlord with reddish-gold skin and a body as tall as a small mountain.

His name was Redmond, and he was the World Overlord of Tyrant Dragon Mountain.

“Redmond is right. We were not even afraid of the Crimson Moon Church at its peak… How can we be afraid of it after it recovers? Besides, the Crimson Moon Church has offended too many powerful races… If those powerful races know that the Crimson Moon Church has revived, they’ll probably be even more anxious than us…”

A tall and thin green-skinned World Overlord said. He was the World Overlord of the Iron Blood Alliance, Lan Mier.

“I don’t care if the Crimson Moon Church revives. I just want my people to obtain a tube of first-grade Bloodline Potion for me.”

A white-haired man with a snowflake mark on his forehead said.

Candace and the other World Overlords looked at the feminine man with solemn expressions.

The feminine man was known as the Ice Snow World Overlord. He was a true peerless expert and was at least in the top 20 of all the World Overlords in the Blood Mountain Galaxy.

When they heard the Ice Snow World Overlord mention the first-grade Bloodline Potion, Candace, Caitlin, Redmond, Lan Mier, and the other World Overlords also revealed a hint of passion in their eyes.

It was very difficult for a Domain Lord to become a World Overlord…

However, it was even more difficult for a World Overlord to become a Universe Lord.

Universe Lords were known as universe prefixes. They were truly terrifying existences that shook the universe. They were universe-level giants that were far above World Overlords.

Be it in terms of strength or status, a Universe Lord was completely incomparable to a World Overlord.

However, it was really too difficult to advance from a World Overlord to a Universe Lord. Even one million peak World Overlords might not succeed.

Candace and the others were considered top-notch World Overlord Realm experts. Almost all of them were in advanced levels of the World Overlord Realm…

While they seemed to be only a small step away from becoming a Universe Lord, in fact, they almost had no hope of becoming Universe Lords.

If they wanted to become a Universe Lord, they had to comprehend the laws of the universe.

The laws of the universe were above the laws of the universe. The difficulty of comprehending them was hundreds of millions of times higher.

Candace and the others had become influential figures among the World Overlords for many years, but none of them had the power to touch the laws.

Even the Ice Snow World Overlord, a peerless expert among World Overlords, had yet to touch the power of laws.

The reason why they coveted the first-tier Bloodline Potion.

It was because the first-tier bloodline contained some information about the inheritance of laws.

As long as they obtained the first-tier Bloodline Potion, they would replace their original bloodline without hesitation. Then, they would comprehend the nomological information of the first-tier bloodline and take the opportunity to touch the nomological power and advance to the Universe Lord realm..

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