Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

Chapter 505 - Chapter 505: The Prodigies Of The Universe! (1)

Chapter 505: The Prodigies Of The Universe! (1)

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[Name: Chu Zhou (Domain Lord Level Nine)]

[Attribute Points: 2,932 trillion]

[Destruction Law: 7% (Perfection of the Shattering Profound)]

[Space Laws: 30% (Perfected Dimensional Space Profound, Perfected Space Leap Profound, Perfected Space Shield Profound, Perfected Space Tear Profound, Perfected Space Distortion Profound, Perfected Space Folding Profound)]

[Myriad Transformation Secret Manual: Perfected First Level]

[Soul Armor: Perfected Second Level]

[Metal Devouring Divine Body: Perfected Second Level]

Chu Zhou looked at the change in information on his Attribute Board and nodded in satisfaction.

“With my current strength, I should be one of the top Level Nine Domain Lords… In that case, I’m qualified to fight for more resources in the Crimson Moon world.”

Chu Zhou muttered to himself and instantly disappeared.

A triangular spaceship flickering with blue lightning shuttled through the universe and flew towards the meteorite area where the entrance to the Crimson Moon World was.


A blue-haired man in a blood-colored cloak suddenly flew out of the triangular spaceship.

“Candace, you’re here too!”

Not far away, a purple-eyed woman with long ears greeted the blue-haired woman.

“Caitlin, long time no see.” Candace’s figure flashed and flew to the purple-eyed woman’s side.

When the two of them stood together, their bodies emitted terrifying energy fluctuations.

They were all powerful figures in the Blood Mountain Galaxy and were top-notch experts among the World Overlord Realm experts.

One of them was a big shot from the Blood Mountain Holy Land, while the other was a big shot from the Mirror Moon Lake Holy Land.

The Blood Mountain Holy Land and the Mirror Moon Lake Holy Land had a very close relationship with the Blood Mountain Empire’s royal family. They were both official factions of the Blood Mountain Empire and could be said to be on the same side.

Therefore, the Blood Mountain Holy Land and the Mirror Moon Lake Holy Land had a good relationship. The warriors of the two forces also cooperated.

Candace and Caitlin had obviously known each other for many years, and their relationship was not bad.

Candace looked around and realized that there were many spaceships and a large number of powerhouses nearby.

Moreover, a large number of spaceships and experts were rushing over.

“What’s going on? These people are actually here. Why aren’t they entering the Crimson Moon World?” Candace asked.

“They do want to go in… However, this time, the person in charge of the Universe Adventurer assessment, Imogen, said that we can’t destroy the assessment. If he doesn’t let anyone in, who would dare to barge in?” She replied helplessly.

Upon hearing this, Candace immediately frowned.

Imogen was only a first level World Overlord Realm expert. He was nothing to influential figures like them.

However, they couldn’t help but worry about Imogen’s identity.

Imogen was a representative sent by the Universe Adventurer Alliance. If they touched him, the consequences would be very serious.

In front of the giant Universe Adventurer Alliance, even the Blood Mountain Empire was like an ant… The factions they belonged to were even smaller.

“Let’s discuss with Imogen and see if we can stop the Adventurer Assessment or end the Adventurer Assessment early… The Crimson Moon Church in the Crimson Moon World is suspected to have revived a faction that was destroyed a million years ago. It’s no longer suitable to continue being the Adventurer Assessment venue.”

As Candace spoke, he flew to Imogen with Caitlin.

Almost at the same time, many World Overlords from other factions also arrived in front of Imogen.

“Imogen, this Crimson Moon World is a world controlled by the Crimson Moon Church that was destroyed a million years ago. It’s no longer suitable for the Adventurer Assessment. Why don’t we end the Adventurer Assessment early?” Candace said loudly to Imogen.

“That’s right. The Crimson Moon Church is unholy and everyone has the right to punish them… We’re here this time to completely destroy this faction.”

“Imogen, the Adventurer Assessment is over. We can hold it again… Why don’t we get the Adventurers inside to withdraw first?” Many World Overlords echoed.

“No. The Adventurer Assessment must be carried out normally!” Imogen glanced at Candace, Caitlin, and the other World Overlords and said firmly, “The rules set by the Universe Adventurer Alliance must not be broken… Even if something abnormal happens in the Crimson Moon World, that’s part of the assessment.”

“You can also barge into the Crimson Moon World. I can’t stop you… but I will report your actions to the Inspector of the Universe Adventurer Alliance’s branch in the Blood Mountain Star System!”

The expressions of Candace and the other World Overlords stiffened slightly when they heard what Imogen said.

However, they really did not dare to barge in.

“Everyone, let’s go to the Mirror Universe World and discuss a solution!” Candace said to the surrounding World Overlords.

All the World Overlords nodded and their consciousness immediately entered the Mirror Universe.

In the Mirror Universe, Candace, Caitlin, and many other World Overlords sat around a round table.

“Everyone, Imogen doesn’t allow us to enter the Crimson Moon World, so we have no choice… After all, we really can’t afford to offend the Universe Adventurer Alliance. Do you have any solutions?”

Candace looked at the other World Overlords helplessly.

A feminine-looking man with a snowflake mark on his forehead said coldly, “Since Imogen doesn’t allow us to break the rules of the Adventurer

Assessment, let’s not think about breaking the rules…”

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