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Chapter 642 - Heavenly Ghost King, Dead!

Chapter 642: Heavenly Ghost King, Dead!

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“An array?”

“It’s even a high-level sword formation!”

Heavenly Ghost King raised his eyebrows.

Under the vision of the King’s Domain, the endless Heavenly River was instantly seen through.

Every drop of river water seemed to be the sharpest sword qi in the world.

Because there were so many of them that they exploded, a qualitative change occurred, forming a river of sword qi.


The sword river swept across, and in an instant, Heavenly Ghost King’s body let out clanking sounds and sparks flew everywhere.

“Too weak. You can’t even break my body.”

The Heavenly Ghost King at his peak looked disdainful.

In the next moment, two bright balls filled with divine aura and sword qi landed in front of it.

“This is?!!!”

“Ancient god aura?”

“Could it be… the legendary…”

“An ancient divine artifact?!!!”


Heavenly Ghost King widened his eyes.


In an instant, a deafening explosion sounded.

A terrifying energy fluctuation turned into a mushroom cloud that covered a radius of ten thousand meters.

“What the hell?”

“Moo! What powerful ancient god power!”

“The Ancient Gods are here?”

Blood Sea King, King Tian Bei and King Zhen Shan were shocked. They each abandoned their opponents and fled from the explosion area.

Not far away, Tian Xi, Ghost Cry, and the other members of the main team also received intelligence from the Heart’s Web in advance.

With the help of the Three Pure Avatars’ Great Light Domain, they escaped from danger at the speed of light.


In the mushroom cloud.

Thick blood mist surrounded the void, and from time to time, ghostly cries could be heard.

The tone was very familiar. It was undoubtedly from Heavenly Ghost King.

After a long time, the screams disappeared, but the life force did not disappear. Instead, it intensified.

At the same time, a terrible force was brewing, like a volcano ready to erupt.

“A peak-level King is indeed powerful. He actually blocked the self-destruction of a two-million-year-old core wheel.”

Ten thousand meters away, Lin Ye’s Three Pure Avatars could not help but sigh.

Previously, when he killed King Xing Chen, he had used the Mushroom Formation.

Two million-year-old ancient divine artifacts—Life Core Wheels—were buried in the center of the array formation.

The remaining hundreds of vital cores were thousands of years old and ten thousand years old.

With so many Life Cores detonated, 99% of King Xing Chen’s combat strength was crippled, leaving only a Divine Dao heart that did not have any strength to resist.

This was why he easily subdued it and refined it into a combat puppet.

On the other hand, Heavenly Ghost King’s life-saving ability might not be comparable to the Dark Astral Body and the Great Black Hole Technique of King Xing Chen, but with his cultivation level that had just advanced to the peak of the King-grade, as well as the energy from devouring a large amount of six-colored divine blood and Blood God Essence Crystals, he could recover to the peak of his physical body.

He blocked the explosive power of the two million-year-old Life Core Wheels.

Of course, the consequences of taking it head-on were also very terrifying. When the blood mist dissipated and Heavenly Ghost King’s body was revealed.

His entire body was red and emitting extremely hot heat.

His body was riddled with holes by the ancient god’s energy.

This was especially so for his cheeks, which had just been repaired. Half of them had melted, and even his eyes had vaporized.

All that was left was a fist-sized profile and a single eye filled with death.


Soon, the corpse-filled eyes were bloodshot and shining again.

It was even more scarlet than the Nether Sea.

Immediately after, a terrifying killing intent descended.

Heavenly Ghost King let out a shrill, vicious curse.

“My flowing hair, my fair skin, my handsome face. Damn it!!!”

“Damn brat, I’m really angry!!!”

“I swear I’ll pull out your tendons and pull out your bones. I’ll drag your body into an endless hell and burn your soul for all eternity!”

With that, the bloody hands reached behind him. He no longer planned to rear Mad Howl.

After this explosion, even Mad Howl was not dead, he should have been severely injured.

Instead of wasting it, it was better to eat him on the spot. Even if he could not return to his original state, it could not affect the battle.


But soon his broken face stiffened and the clam froze.


“He melted!!”

“That’s impossible!!”

“F*ck, you’re too useless. You’re at least a King-level expert, but you can’t even withstand this?!”

Heavenly Ghost King was about to go crazy.

It only had about 10% of its strength left, and his combat strength was at most equivalent to what it was before coming.

It would probably take an unimaginable amount of resources to restore himself to his original state.

“It’s all that thieving boy’s fault!”

“He must die!!”

Never had Heavenly Ghost King hated someone so much.


However, the moment it roared angrily, the void turned purple.


Thick purple qi covered it, blocking the High Priest’s gaze.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the distance, hundreds of blood flags disappeared into the void.

He quickly and accurately cut off the connection between Heavenly Ghost King, Blood Sea King, King Tian Bei, and King Zhen Shan with the illusory Blood God Array.

“Oh no!”

In an instant, Heavenly Ghost King realized the danger.

But it was too late. When he was disturbed by the Heavenly River Sword Formation and severely injured by the two Life Core Wheels.

If he was bent on escaping then, Lin Ye really could not do anything to him.

But now.


The Void Dimension cracked open like a mirror, and a terrifying figure flew out.

“Heavenly Ghost is in danger!”

“Go save him!”

The outside world seemed to have received some kind of transmission.

King Zhenshan’s expression changed drastically, and his body transformed into his body.

At the same time, he burned his blood essence and ignored the obstruction of Gu Tianxi and the others, forcefully charging into the dense purple qi.

So did Blood Sea King and King Tian Bei.

One transformed into a sea of blood, while the other condensed a hand that covered the sky and surged into the purple gas.

Unfortunately, before they could reach the Heavenly Ghost King,

An extremely fast flash of light passed through the Heavenly Ghost King’s body.


The light faded and a leaping heart appeared in the shadowy hand.

In the next moment, beside the black shadow, Lin Ye grabbed the half-crippled Mad Howl and fell from the void.

He took the piece of heart.

Without a word, the invisible Ancient God Spike surged into his heart and quickly wiped out the soul and will of the Heavenly Ghost King.


The Heavenly Ghost King’s bloody single eye revealed intense fear as it let out a terrified roar.

Then, his eyes darkened and his aura dissipated.

The corpse was stored into the Void Ring by the unfamiliar man.

“Old Ghost, dead?!!!”

“What the f*ck!!!”


Seeing this, the three kings gasped.

The Heavenly Ghost King had already evolved to the peak of the King Realm, but he was still mercilessly killed by the black shadow.

This guy was definitely a high-level King. He should be a peak-level King-grade zombie king like Old Ghost.

Even if they encountered it alone, they would definitely die.

Moreover, Ghost Cry, Demon Venerable [Dragon], and the main force of the Lin Clan were still outside.

They had also lost the crucial Blood God Array. Their combat strength, numbers, and support were all suppressed.

Instantly, a false sense of fear rose in his heart.

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