Global Descent: 100×Reward

Chapter 641 - Devour! Devour! Heavenly Ghost King’s Peak!

Chapter 641: Devour! Devour! Heavenly Ghost King’s Peak!

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“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have repaired a beginner-level King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Quan Dong!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have refined a King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Xing Chen!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have refined a half-step King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Blood Vengeance!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have refined a half-step King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Mu Yong!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have refined a half-step King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Deng Qiu!”

“Congratulations to Survivor Lin Ye. You have refined a half-step King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Pang Long!”


1. 100 Beginner King-Ranked… (100xReward has been triggered and cannot be triggered again)

1. 100 Advanced King-Ranked… (Already triggered 100xReward, cannot be triggered again)

1. 100 Half-step King-Ranked Puppet Blood Vengeance!

2. 1 Advanced King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Blood Vengeance!

3. Random level, number of Puppet Blood Vengeance! (Excludes the possibility of Level 35 and below from appearing)

1. 100 Venerable-Ranked Puppets—Puppet Mu Yong!

2. 1 Beginner King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Mu Yong!

3. Random level, number of Puppet Mu Yong! (Excludes the possibility of Level 35 and below from appearing)

1. 100 Venerable-Ranked Puppets—Puppet Deng Qiu!

2. 1 Beginner King-Ranked Puppet—Puppet Deng Qiu!

3. Random level, number of Puppet Deng Qiu! (Excludes the possibility of Level 35 and below from appearing)

“It’s finally done.”

Hearing the system’s congratulatory message, Lin Ye’s eyes lit up.

The reason why he dared to stay here and wait for the people from hell was because of these treasure puppets in front of him.

With 100xReward.

Most of the corpses of the top ten Venerables could be upgraded to Beginner King Realm.

Moreover, with his alchemy body made of countless natural treasures, he was not afraid of death.

With the enhancement effects of the Blood God Array and the Heavenly River Sword Array, on average, three to five puppets could defeat a Heavenly Ghost King.

As for Blood Vengeance, who was ranked first, he was even more impressive.

He could be directly upgraded to the Advanced King-grade, comparable to King Xing Chen.

Unfortunately, King Xing Chen’s corpse had been shattered too badly. Only the Divine Dao Heart was left. It had triggered the 100xReward before the corpse was reunited.

Otherwise, it felt like a hundred of Puppet King Xing Chens could crush the current Zombie Divine Hall.

However, he had an opportunity now. If he killed the four kings present currently, he would still be able to do it.

This time, there was no need for a terrifying treasure like the Life Core Wheel to ensure that their corpses were intact.

After refining it into a puppet, he really wanted to beat up the high priest.

It would be best to go to the Zombie Divine Palace’s King’s Treasure Vault again and search it properly.

Even if he could not destroy the core area of the Zombie Divine Hall, he could at least reduce the other party’s arrogance.

With that in mind, he made his choice immediately. “Pick the second option for all!”


In an instant, golden light surged in front of them, and a spiritual vortex appeared in front of the six combat puppets.

Coincidentally, the system sent a hint.

“The stored spirit stones have been used up. Host, please charge spirit stones or natural treasures!”

“It’s gone already?”

Lin Ye’s mouth twitched.

Previously, when he was refining the crucible, he had charged it with tens of millions of top-grade spirit stones. He did not expect it to be used up so quickly.

Indeed, the further one went, the more bottomless the consumption.

Fortunately, he had his 100xReward. There were a lot of top-grade Five-Element Spirit Stones in the Void Ring.

With a wave of his hand, he charged 300 million stones and threw in all the top-grade Five-Element Spirit Stones in his inventory.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, hundreds of millions of spirit stones shattered, turning into a spiritual energy tide that surged into the Five Elements Creation Cauldron.

Then, under the system’s diversion, he charged six combat puppets.

In the blink of an eye, the six combat puppets’ auras became terrifying. Every move they made carried a destructive pressure.

“Unfortunately, there are no king-grade beast souls to match. With just combat instincts, their agility will be greatly reduced.”

Looking at the six zombie puppets that had taken shape, Lin Ye sighed in his heart.

He could only look forward to the opening of the Demon Beast Continent in a few months.

He wondered if he could capture suitable demon spirits to serve as his puppets’ main consciousness.

Of course, the best was still the puppet’s soul body. It was just that the previous battles were too intense.

He had no chance to capture a Venerable’s soul before his soul dissipated.

As for those at king-grade, with the existence of the Life Origin Crystal, capturing their souls was even more ridiculous.

“Human Lord, it’s… not… okay? I’m… really… dying!!”

Then came Mad Howl’s consciousness.

Heavenly Ghost King was getting stronger and stronger, and his speed at sucking blood was extremely fast.

In just ten seconds, he had already devoured 90% of the divine blood in his body.

He had almost become a dried corpse. It was only because he had refined a King’s Body and absorbed the six-colored divine blood that he survived.

However, if another two or three mouthfuls came, even his divine blood would not be able to protect him.

“Go! Kill them!”

Lin Ye narrowed his eyes and immediately gave the order.

In an instant, the six King-Ranked puppets flashed and left the Creation Cauldron.

At the same time, the Heavenly Ghost King outside laughed excitedly.

His withered white hair had completely turned black under the nourishment of the six-colored divine blood.

His thin, almost collapsed body was even greatly replenished.

Although his skin was not full of liveliness, it had at least helped him recover to his prime.

His skin was wheat-colored, and his muscles were bulging like dragons. His blood essence was exuberant, like a ferocious beast ready to attack.

“Hahaha, how satisfying. I searched high and low only to find it so easily.”

“I tried my best to extend my life, but after countless years, I failed.”

“Hell is too poor, and my uncle is too stingy to find a holy relic that suits me. I was about to despair.”

“But I never expected that after being forced out to carry out this mission, I would actually be able to obtain blood that contains six-colored divine blood and Blood God Essence Crystals of Advanced King-grade and above.”

“Not only has my cultivation body recovered, but it has also reached its peak.”

“Just a little more and I’d have stepped into the limit of the kingship and stood shoulder to shoulder with the top ten kings.”

“Little kid, you’re quite lucky. I’ll let you live for the time being. When you go back, be good and be my blood food. When your blood regenerates, it’ll probably be when I advance to the limit of the king level.”

As it spoke, he casually took out a dragon tendon, tied Mad Howl into a meat dumpling, and carried him on his back.

In the distance, Blood Sea King and King Tian Bei were dumbfounded. “Old Ghost, you’ve recovered?”

“I’ve recovered, I’ve recovered. Hahaha, brothers, let’s go back. I’ll treat you all to a drink.”

The Heavenly Ghost King was in a good mood. He suddenly glanced at Ghost Cry, who was fighting King Tian Bei to death.

What he saw made his eyes pop out.

“The aura of the six-colored divine blood and the Blood God Essence Crystal!!!”

“Another piece of top-notch blood food!!!”

Instantly, he became excited.

With just Mad Howl alone, he had regained his youth and reached the peak of his life.

He was one step away from becoming a king.

If he swallowed the blood of Ghost Cry again, there would be no need for him to nurture Mad Howl at all. He would be able to break through immediately.

Being one of the top ten kings, here comes my glory!!!

At this moment, Heavenly Ghost King was so happy that he was about to take off.

“Tian Bei, let me help you!”

As he spoke, his aura surged.

The Heavenly Ghost Body, which had been destroyed by the Night Blade, recovered and even evolved into a new strange power.

However, just as it was about to break through the air and enter the dark domain to devour the fragrant and bloody food in his eyes.


There was a sudden silence.

Immediately after, surging waves came from all directions.

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