Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures

Chapter 111.2 - The master of Shengxuan period (Part 2)

Chapter 111: The master of Shengxuan period (Part 2)

Su Zimo pushed away Mu Yunxuan, drew out the ice and snow in her hand, and quickly flew towards Su Qi’s direction.

“Wife… …”

Mu Yunxuan was disheartened. Why was this woman so disobedient? Can’t she trust him?

Mu Yunxuan sighed in his heart, unwilling to see his wife and children in danger.

“All of you get out of the way for this lord.”

The shout with spiritual energy made everyone feel like they had heard a demonic sound.

Everyone retreated to Mu Yunxuan’s side in an orderly manner.

Su Zimo didn’t have time to think about it, she used the ice and snow she drew towards the black-masked man Su Qi was competing.

Looking at her sweaty son, Su Zimo felt distressed.

“Mother, you are practicing secretly. Why didn’t father call to stop earlier? I’m exhausted.”

Su Qi panted in Su Zimo’s arms and complained a bit about his father.

“Why are you shouting when you’re tired? And who just ran faster than the rabbit?”

Su Zimo knocked his forehead angrily.

Behind them, there was a black-clothed masked man who fell to the ground. When the mother and son passed by, he stood up abruptly, and quickly stab Su Zimo’s back with a sword.

Because this person was so close, Su Zimo had already sensed it.

After turning around, the tip of the sword has reached the chest.

Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with horror, and Su Qi tried to move his hand quickly.

“Su Zimo.” Mu Yunxuan yelled in fear, and his virtual magical beast moved instantly.

At the critical moment, they only heard a bang.

The sword of the black-masked man fell on the ground with his severed arm. Mu Yunxuan then kicked him far away.

It turned out that Jin Cheng and Mu Yunxuan arrived at the same time.

Jin Cheng cut off the black-masked man’s arm, and Mu Yunxuankicked the black-clothed masked man away.

“Are you alright?” Jin Cheng asked while looking at Su Zimo nervously.

“Yes, I’m okay.”

Su Zimo looked at Jin Cheng. She was secretly rejoicing in her heart. If that sword didn’t fell, she will seriously get injured.

Mu Yunxuan saw Jin Cheng looking at Su Zimo nervously. Last time in the prison, he found that Jin Cheng looked at Su Zimo with a strange look in the eyes, and now, he was looking at her nervously. Could it be that Jin Cheng… …

Mu Yunhan and Zi Mo also looked at each other quickly when they saw Jin Cheng’s strange behavior.

“Oh! This villain scared me to death.”

Su Qi scolded and then asked anxiously: “Mother, are you hurt?”

“No.” Su Zimo shook her head. Why did this young man look at her strangely? Su Zimo searched her memory and a vague figure appeared in her mind, overlapping with Jin Cheng’s figure, who was in front of her. There was a little similarity.

“You are…….”

Su Zimo pointed to Jin Cheng…

“Mu Yunxuan, hand over our master and the Taoist Priest. Otherwise, I will kill everyone who is in this mansion today.”

The Leader of the black-masked men shouted arrogantly and interrupted Su Zimo’s words. There were more than two hundred people here, all of whom were masters of profound spiritual energy. He didn’t believe that so many people he couldn’t kill Mu Yunxuan.

Upon hearing this, everyone understood that these people were here to save Ling Qiushui and Taoist Priest.

“You are looking for death.”

Mu Yunxuan, who was a little angry because of Jin Cheng’s behavior, was even more furious at this moment.

“Today I will kill you without a body to bury.”

Mu Yunxuan roared, his whole body overflowing with strong killing intent.

Everyone felt the powerful murderous aura.

“Nine Wings, I leave all of them to you as a reward.”

*Roar* The nine-winged golden dragon was like a hungry tyrannosaurus, he flew towards the black-masked men with great force.

Mu Yunxuan was not idle either, his tall figure appeared in a flash in front of the leader.

After a *crack* sound, the leader’s neck was broken and flew towards his men behind him.

*Shua* Then the leader’s body fell into pieces.

The nine-winged golden dragon flew past towards the enemies. Not even a single piece of clothing was left behind. The figure of the black-masked men disappeared without a trace.

Within half a minute, Mu Yunxuan and the nine-winged golden dragon killed all the masked men in black.

Everyone looked at him in shock.

“Wow! Mother, father is so good.”

The corners of Su Zimo’s lips twitched. If the people at the peak of the Shengxuan Period couldn’t even deal with such a few small people, then she will be as good as Mu Yunxuan’s strength?

Mu Yunxuan took the nine-winged golden dragon back to his dantian and seriously walked towards Su Zimo.

“Let’s go back and rest!”

Mu Yunxuan looked at her deeply, just now, only he knew how scared he was of losing her. When the blacked masked man stabbed her with a sword just now, he almost suffocated with fear.

Mu Yunxuan walked to Su Li and hugged Su Li.

Su Li bit his lip but didn’t refuse Mu Yunxuan to hold him.

He leaned his small body close to Mu Yunxuan’s arms as if looking for a safe harbor.

Mu Yunxuan’s heart was moved, then held Su Li tightly with both hands.

-End of this chapter-

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