Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures

Chapter 111.1 - The master of Shengxuan period (Part 1)

Chapter 111: The master of Shengxuan period (Part 1)

It seems that this group of people in black came here tonight with a heart ready to die.

Su Qi secretly guessed.

“Qi’er, be careful. All these black-clothed masked people are above the 6th stage of Jinxuan Period. ”

Su Li saw his younger brother struggling to deal with the enemy. He can’t help but feel worried. After killing a black-masked man, he went close to him and said.

“Brother, worry about yourself. I have been promoted to the 7th stage of Jinxuan Period. I can deal with these black-clothed masked people, but these black-clothed masked people have taken a pill that greatly increased their strength.”

After that, the two brothers joined the battle again.

Su Li looked up and saw a large number of black-masked people swarming behind his mother.

“Mother.” Su Li’s eyes were full of murderous intent.

When he was about to fly over, Su Qi suddenly grabbed him.

“Let go, don’t you see that mother is in danger?” Su Li’s eyes turned gloomy and his whole body emitted with anger.

“Brother, can you give father a chance to save the beauty? Father is there. Nothing will happen to mother.”

“Naughty.” Su Li threw away Su Qi’s hand and flew quickly to Su Zimo’s side.

“Oh! Brother, why don’t you listen?”

Su Qi was immersed in his own world when a sharp sword whistling in his ears.

The black-clothed masked people didn’t treat them as children at all. At a young age, their cultivation level was beyond Jinxuan Period. They were so surprised that their eyes almost popped out.

Su Qi leaned back his small body and dodged the sword.

Mu Yunhan, who was not far away from him, saw this scene and looked at Su Qi with admiration. He was in danger, but he could deal with it easily.

Mu Yunxuan had already felt the people behind him. There was a man with much higher cultivation than the rest of the enemies.

There was a strong killing intent atmosphere in his body. Who could be this person?

With a slight wave of his long arm, effortlessly, a few illusory magical beasts of the Shengxuan Period appeared in front of him. It roared wildly and rushed towards the man in black just landed.

Several men in black, who got close to Mu Yunxuan, felt a blow, and then disappeared instantly.

Seeing this scene, the remaining people looked at Mu Yunxuan in fear.

But they still bite the bullet and attack.

When Su Zimo saw this, she was so surprised that she covered her wide-open mouth with her hands.

Then she looked at Mu Yunxuan as if she had seen a ghost. Can this evildoer be more ridiculous?

Only the people at the pinnacle of the Shengxuan Period can transform the magical beasts they once killed into a virtual body and let them deal with their enemy. The virtual body of the magical beast was ten times more powerful than the actual magical beast.

People at the pinnacle of Shengxuan Period was an unprecedented master. Mu Yunxuan has reached the highest level. The man in front of her was beyond her reach. No wonder she can’t win against him.

Moreover, for Mu Yunxuan with a cultivation level like that, people like them in Jinxuan Period were just like ants.

The gap was so big that a certain woman wants to cry without tears.

Seeing this, Su Li was also shocked, but he still jumped over to Su Zimo’s side. Because the people in black were constantly coming.

The scene was in chaos, a strong smell of blood filled the whole area. The bluestone slabs on the ground were hit by profound energy.

Su Li knew that his mother was like a chick with no wings in the dark, lonely, and helpless. As a son, he didn’t want to see his mother helpless, so he tried to fight around his mother.

Mu Yunxuan frowned and looked at the black-clothed masked men who kept coming. There were at least two hundred people.

“Li’er, be careful!”

Su Zimo closed her eyes, she did not dare to look at the dark place and tried her best to overcome her fear.

After worrying about Su Li, she looked back at Su Qi.

Seeing the darkness, Su Zimo only felt that the world was shaking. When she was about to think something else, Mu Yunxuan picked her up and flew onto the aisle on the second floor.

“Damn it, who the hell did you provoke? These people in black are strong and they are not easy to deal with.”

Su Zimo asked coldly while looking at her two sons with worry.

“Wife, don’t worry. With your husband here, these people are just like ants. They can’t hurt you. Don’t be afraid, the candlelight here is much brighter. Just stay here for the moment.”

Mu Yunxuan comforted her softly. He was also wondering why these people appeared here.

Looking at their moves, they don’t look like people from the Modu.

“I can’t stay here! Qi’er is struggling to deal with these people, I have to help him.”

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