Gate of Revelation

Chapter 8: First Loot

GOR Chapter 8: First Loot

When Chen Xiaolian woke up, it was already dawn.

He opened his eyes and realized that he had been carried into the aircraft cabin.

His body was covered with a blanket.

Straining himself, he lifted the blanket to check the condition of his chest. En, it had been bandaged with gauze, while the smell of medicine remained evident.

These must have come from the emergency kit from the plane.

After recovering some of his strength, Chen Xiaolian felt a little surprised.

Beside him, Soo Soo was leaning against one of the seats, her small body curled into a ball shape as she slept. Chen Xiaolian was able to see that within her balled up fist was the piece of chocolate that he had given her earlier.

“Are you awake?”

A gentle voice came from the other side.

Takashimoto Shizuka had originally been sleeping, but she was not able to sleep properly. She got up from the seat and looked at Chen Xiaolian.

“En… do you have water?”

“Yes, wait for a moment,”Takashimoto Shizuka immediately unscrewed a bottle of mineral water and placed it before Chen Xiaolian’s face, pouring it down for him.

Chen Xiaolian felt shy and grabbed onto the bottle of water. “This… I can do it myself.”

Takashimoto Shizuka quietly watched Chen Xiaolian for a moment. She then bit her lips and said. “Sorry.”

She stood up and performed a very Japanese like bow. “I am really sorry! I am being too cowardly!”

“Eh?” Chen Xiaolian choked. Feeling confused, he placed the water bottle aside and coughed out. “What did you say?”

“I am sorry! Back then, I should have come out to help! You alone had to take on so much burden, but I on the other hand only hid inside the aircraft cabin out of fear and cowardice… I am sorry! Please forgive me!”

Chen Xiaolian tried to get up and reach her, but a severe chest pain accompanied even the smallest movement on his part, causing him to groan out. Takashimoto Shizuka immediately moved over to help him lie down.

“Sorry, sorry, I caused you trouble again!”

“Enough…” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “Do not talk about this anymore.”

He waved his hand to stop the Japanese woman from talking. “Listen to what I have to say first.”

“Hai! Please instruct me!”

“…” Chen Xiaolian regarded this Japanese woman silently, pondering for a moment before speaking slowly. “We are currently in a very strange place…” He then pointed at the little Korean loli. “She is just a little child; there are some things she does not know of. However, you are an adult. Thus, there are some things that I need to talk to you about.”

“Yes, please go ahead.”

“Firstly, I do not know what kind of situation this is. The questions within my mind are no less compared to those within yours. However, I can confirm one thing; the things that have happened to us are bizarre. Do you understand?”


“En, it is good that you understand. Also, there is no need to stress yourself out. What I did earlier was simply me trying to help us to survive… It may be more accurate to say that I was trying to help myself survive. There is no need for you to be so thankful to me; all of us have the desire to live. Besides… back then, for a woman to face something like that, I do not blame you for being scared. It is simply a normal thing for everyone.”

“But… she was able to run out and help you…”

“Little children do not understand,” Chen Xiaolian waved his hands. “Perhaps she thought that all this is simply a game. When I was her age, I still believe that there are Superman and Batman in this world. I really believed that the strongest basketball athlete in Japan is Hanamichi Sakuragi!”[1]


Takashimoto Shizuka could not help but burst out in laughter. She then quickly closed her mouth and looked anxiously at Chen Xiaolian.

“Speaking of which, we have yet to introduce ourselves. I am Chen Xiao Lian, you?”

“Takashimoto Shizuka, please advise me.”

The Japanese flight attendant did not reach out for Chen Xiaolian’s outstretched hand, but instead performed a ninety degree bow.

Chen Xiaolian awkwardly pulled back his hands, tapping himself on the nose.

With Takashimoto Shizuka’s assistance, Chen Xiaolian got up and moved towards the aircraft cabin’s entrance. There, he confirmed something.

That was…

The Four-Eyed War Cat’s corpse… disappeared.

He had already heard from the Japanese flight attendant: After the monster died, it turned into a beam of light and disappeared.

However, he could not feel at ease without ascertaining it himself.

Recalling the prompt that appeared on the interface before he lost consciousness, Chen Xiaolian immediately checked it.

An [Item] box appeared beside the [Personal Setting] interface area.

After opening it, he discovered two lines of note.

Beginner Class Healing Type Beast Blood x2.

Four-Eyed War Cat’s Soul x1.

The two words ‘Healing Type’ immediately attracted Chen Xiaolian’s attention. Without showing any hesitation, he tapped it open!

Beginner Class Healing Type Beast Blood: After killing a B Class War Beast or those below B Class, there is a probability of picking this up. It is capable of treating normal external wounds, restoring constitution and strength. Its rate depends on the severity of the injury; the healing effect would gradually weaken.

After tapping it, he found a translucent red coloured mass of liquid appearing on his palm.

It was the size of a thumb and remained suspended upon his palms as though it was unaffected by gravity.

Chen Xiaolian swallowed it without any hesitation. En, it did not give off any taste.

Instantly, a feeling of warmth surged through his entire body. A few minutes later, Chen Xiaolian felt the pain from the wound on his chest beginning to lessen as it gradually turned into an itching sensation.

After untying the bandages, Chen Xiaolian noted that his gashing wound had been closed and healed, leaving only a dark line of bloody scab. This rate of recovery made Chen Xiaolian very happy. Judging by what he could see, his wounds would be fully healed in roughly an hour’s time.

The other matter that caused him to become satisfied was that he could feel his strength recovering.

There was one last matter…

[Skill Tree]

Chen Xiaolian opened it solemnly.

A tree-like grid appeared before him.

Melee Type – Sword Skill – Beginner Sword Skill, Linked Dual Slash – ???

The one at the back is labelled ???. That should mean that it has not been activated.

What caught Chen Xiaolian’s utmost attention was a box located outside this Skill Tree named [Exclusive Skill]. Upon the box were several ??? symbol.

Tapping on it caused a prompt to appear: Do you want to select immediately?

Of course!

Only a fool would not select.

After tapping on it, he saw three options:

[Element Division] [Life Division] [Hero Division]

This is what you call giving people problems! Without giving any description or conditions, how is anyone to know what to pick?

Closing his eyes, he randomly picked one!

[Hero Division selected…]

En, Hero Division? Whatever…

Instantly, the series of ??? symbols disappeared.

[Selection complete, acquired Beginner Skill, options: Fire God’s Howl, Darkness’ Descent, Goddess of Dawn, please select one.]

Without any hesitation, Chen Xiaolian selected [Goddess of Dawn].

…this was not because he would often use she-males when playing games![2] It truly was not!

He was purely attracted by the word [Goddess]…

[Goddess of Dawn selected, skill loading complete, Summon Type skill, please use according to prompt.]

Chen Xiaolian immediately opened the Skill Table and found the option for Goddess of Dawn. He had wanted to activate it to see for himself but hesitated after seeing a line of prompt.

[Summon Type skill, usage restriction, using the instance dungeon’s time as basis, it can only be summoned once every 24 hours. If the summoner is to die in a fight, then cool down begins for 24 hours.]

Seeing the restriction in the form of 24 hours of cool down, Chen Xiaolian hesitated.

There was no telling how much longer he have to remain here… he also do not know if he would end up meeting with any kind of danger… If another one of those Six-Eyed Flying Fish… ah, wrong, if those Four-Eyed War Cat monsters appear again, then he would have a skill to act as insurance in case he could not defeat it.

If he were to use it now, then if something were to happen within the 24-hour period…

Very well, let’s restrain our curiosity.

Eh? That is right! Four-Eyed War Cat!

There is another Four-Eyed War Cat Soul within the items!

Open it immediately for view.

After tapping, a prompt appeared:

[Captured a Four-Eyed War Cat Soul, do you want it to become a War Pet?]

War Pet!?

Chen Xiaolian instantly exclaimed aloud!

Four-Eyed War Cat! He had personally witnessed just how incredible this thing was!

Inexhaustible might! One slap of its paw could break down a tree, this is an adorable asset… ah wrong, this is a fearsome asset! [3]

Such a kind of monster as my own War Pet?

This feeling could only be described as pleasant!

Chen Xiaolian smiled from ear to ear and confirmed immediately!

[Adoption of Four-Eyed War Cat as War Pet successful. Please go to (War Pet) section to inspect.]

Wahahahaha! This is the FEEL, double the pleasure!

Opening the [War Pet] section, a mighty image of a Four-Eyed War Cat greeted him. Below it was a prompt: [Summon it out?]

Chen Xiaolian did not act recklessly. He chose to check out the description: No restriction on summoning frequency or time for this War Pet.

Summon it out immediately! Let this young master admire you for a bit!


A beam of light flashed out and a figure appeared before Chen Xiaolian…

Or more accurately… before his feet!

Chen Xiaolian turned hysterical…

It’s body whirred as its fur sported faint tiger stripes; it nestled down in a languid manner before yawning lazily while its fluffy head began rubbing Chen Xiaolian’s legs…

En, there are also two translucent marks on its head.

Red mark, blue mark…

It would be wrong to say that this is wrong… this truly is… a cat type…

But… but…

Damn it! This senior here had obviously obtained a Four-Eyed War Cat!

Damn it! You give this senior a Garfield cat!

It will have a gigantic body they said!

It will have the strength to break apart a tree with a blow from its paw they said!

WQNMLGB bloody Hell!!

This is what you call a Four-Eyed War Cat?

This is a Four-Eyed Adorable Cat!


The War Pet rubbed its head against Chen Xiaolian’s pants and squinted its lazy looking eyes.


[Four-Eyed War Cat]

Melee Type

Physique (Strength and regen): B

Endurance (Stamina and endurance): C

Agility: C+

Energy Points: C-

Comprehensive Melee Ability: B-

Combat Skills: Tiger Rush (Melee Skill, B Class), Cat’s Roar (Ranged Skill, C- Class), Adorable Flash (Are you sure this is a skill?)

Growth Capacity: B

Appraisal: A type of War Pet that is very suitable for newbie Players to begin their experience here. Due to its limited Growth Capacity, it is not recommended for long-term adoption. It is distinguished by its powerful Physique (initial circumstances) while its weakness lies in its weak Endurance. It possesses a B Class Physique but its Endurance is of the C Class. Its limited health makes it susceptible to dying in battle.

1. Hanamichi Sakuragi is a fictional basketball player in the anime Slam Dunk.

2. Original sentence here ‘这真的不是因为他平时玩游戏会用人妖号啊!!!!’. Thanks to the input of the readers, the word ‘she-male’ here means that even though the character is a female, the one using it is a male. Eg. A male playing an online game creates a female character on his account, thus his character becomes a ‘she-male’.

3. A play on two words with same pinyin again. ‘萌’ here means adorable, pinyin: ‘méng’ . ‘猛’ means fierce, pinyin: ‘měng’.

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