Gate of Revelation

Chapter 7: In Order To Survive

GOR Chapter 7: In Order To Survive

The open space outside the airplane was littered with tens of broken passenger seats.

Chen Xiaolian strode outside, produced a mobile phone and turned on the music, setting the volume to the maximum.

Let’s try to use music to lure the monster over…

“You are my little, little apple~”

Son of a bitch, wrong one… The courage that Chen Xiaolian had mustered up with great difficulty was nearly lost!

At a moment like this, shouldn’t something like the theme song for Pirates of the Caribbean be the most suitable one!

Oh well! The mobile phone does not belong to Chen Xiaolian. He had randomly picked it up from the aircraft cabin.

A thunderous roar emitted from the distant forest.


Following the thunderous roar was the sounds of “sha sha” from the forest. In the next instant, a huge shadow lunged out!

Four-Eyed War Cat?

Bring it on!

The monster did not immediately pounce forward. Instead, it chose to walk slowly and advance with caution. This scene surprised Chen Xiaolian.

He activated the light sabre in his hands. The “zi zi” sound coming off the sword constrained the feelings of fear and impulsiveness within him.

The Four-Eyed War Cat still did not charge in. It maintained a position roughly ten meters away and stared at Chen Xiaolian with its weird eyes.

After staring at one another for one minute, Chen Xiaolian felt anxious and shouted loudly. “Come on! Come on!”

The song ‘Little Apple’ have already finished playing! Why aren’t you crazy bastard moving at all?!

If you do not come inside, would I dare move outside?

As Chen Xiaolian’s heart became more anxious, the mobile phone’s song changed. ‘Little Apple’ has finished playing and the phone jumped towards another song…

“What does the fox say? Tchacha-chacha-chacha-chow… Tchacha-chacha-chacha-chow…”

Listening to the Western song ‘What Does The Fox Say’, the cat finally became offended!


With a thunderous roar, the Four-Eyed War Cat charged over! Its target was Chen Xiaolian… not? Its target was the thing before Chen Xiaolian, the… mobile phone?!

Hauling up a passenger seat, Chen Xiaolian slammed it down without any hesitation!

With a Grade B Physique [1], the airline passenger seat with significant weight became as light as a small stool.

It accurately struck its target!

The Four-Eyed War Cat staggered after being slammed; it fell to the ground, then twisted its body and bit out towards Chen Xiaolian! Seeing the huge bloody mouth and the sharp fangs, Chen Xiaolian immediately dodged backwards. At the same time, he grabbed another airline seat and tossed it forward!

The Four-Eyed War Cat avoided the seat. It then waved down, trampling down onto the airline seat that had been thrown at it. With a crunching sound, the seat became deformed. Chen Xiaolian quickly moved to hide himself. His enhanced agility allowed him to move about with speed. The Four-Eyed War Cat tried to charge at him several times, but each time ended with him getting away. At the same time, the light sabre in his hand left several marks upon the Four-Eyed War Cat’s body.

The sounds of “chi chi” remained together with the scorching smell. The Four-Eyed War Cat whimpered as its gaze, which was directed at Chen Xiaolian turned increasingly furious.

The light sabre’s damage is not enough…

Chen Xiaolian’s heart became tense! After glancing around, his heart sank!

The tens of passenger seats that he had arranged have all been either turned upside down or thrown off into the distance!

Back then, he was able to deal with the Four-Eyed War Cat thanks to the airline seats. Considering how much bigger the Four-Eyed War Cat was compared to him, these obstacles effectively limited the speed with which the War Cat moved about. Thanks to that, he was able to barely fight against it. But now…


With a roar, the Four-Eyed War Cat charged forward. Without any airline seats blocking its way, it arrived before Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian subconsciously fell backwards; he felt a powerful gust of wind sweeping past his face! His facial skin burned with pain!


Chen Xiaolian screamed out miserably!

On his upper body, his clothes were torn, three bloody claw marks were left, cutting skin and revealing flesh!

The severe pain nearly rendered Chen Xiaolian unconscious. However, the intense pain also seemed to have stimulated a certain unknown area within his mind…


“Damage taken has reached critical point, small probability of activating Exceed Alter Body Form!”

Chen Xiaolian’s ears were filled with a humming sound! Instantly, his entire body brimmed with a powerful force! It replaced his consciousness and dominated his body!

“Comprehended basic Sword Attacks, Linked Dual Slash! Cross Slash!

Shua! Shua!

The light sabre danced in the air, drawing a stunning image of a standard cross!

The cross appeared directly onto the Four-Eyed War Cat’s body! It roared out before being slammed away, falling heavily onto the ground. This time, it only shook its head and was unable to get up.

Chen Xiaolian felt himself on the verge of collapse, the sword in his hand becoming too heavy to hold.

Gasping for breath, Chen Xiaolian looked at the weakened Four-Eyed War Cat as it lied on the ground…

This, this should be considered… complete, right?

Once I give it a stab, it should end, right?

Chen Xiaolian exerted himself and moved step by step as he staggered forward.

At this moment, the Four-Eyed War Cat suddenly raised its head and opened its mouth in Chen Xiaolian’s direction…

Chen Xiaolian instantly felt something amiss!

This type of action… could it be?


A translucent sphere of qi blasted out from the Four-Eyed War Cat’s mouth. Chen Xiaolian felt as though he was struck with a heavy punch directly in the face. With a “bang”, his body fell down backwards!

Son of a bitch!

It said it is a melee type War Beast!

It said it is a [Melee Type]!!!

Are you messing with me?

Chen Xiaolian fell to the ground resentfully; the light sabre plopped down beside him.

Chen Xiaolian felt dizzy, blood from the gashing wounds on his body had stained his shirt red…

For Chen Xiaolian who still fears the pain of injections, he felt that he had done his best.

He could not muster up even a small ounce of strength; he could only lie down on the ground, staring powerlessly at the monster.

The monster’s state did not seem too good either. However, it seemed to be struggling to get up. As for him…

Blood flowed and Chen Xiaolian felt his strength ebbing away…


A small figure suddenly rushed out from the aircraft cabin!

Takashimoto Shizuka attempted to reach out and grab her, but failed. Soo Soo ran out.

A small and short body rushed out towards Chen Xiaolian’s side.

Chen Xiaolian stared at her. “Why did you come out! Quickly, go back! Go back!”

Soo Soo clung onto Chen Xiaolian’s head and started crying again.

Then, she grabbed onto the light sabre on the ground and stood defensively before Chen Xiaolian. Facing the Four-Eyed War Cat, she used a sharp voice unique to small children and screamed:

“Go away! Go away!!!”

Her small body shook violently, tears and snot flowed down at the same time. However, she persistently stood before Chen Xiaolian’s body!

The Four-Eyed War Cat had gotten up!

It moved step by step, bit by bit, wheezing through its nose. Nevertheless, it continued moving towards Soo Soo!

“Go away! Go away!”

The little girl suddenly closed her eyes and viciously stabbed forward with all her might…


The strike had unexpectedly stabbed directly into the mouth of the Four-Eyed War Cat…

The Four-Eyed War Cat stared with widened eyes, as though it could not accept what had just happened. After that… it fell down again!

[Killed Four-Eyed War Cat x1, Loot obtained: Beginner Class Healing Type Beast Blood x2, Four-Eyed War Cat soul x1. Do you want to pick it up?].

[Beginner’s Quest complete, Beginner Skill Tree activated, do you want to select Primary Skill immediately?].

Chen Xiaolian groaned; he was only able to consciously confirm it before fainting.

1. In the last chapter, the author had Chen Xiaolian’s Physique upgraded to Grade C. This could be a typo.

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