Gate of Revelation

Chapter 38: Invest Capital

GOR Chapter 38: Invest Capital

Observing Chen Xiaolian’s solemn gaze, Roddy restrained his original desire to spit out more words of mockery. He then honestly answered.

“Qiao Qiao, nickname: Big Miss Qiao, Queen Qiao. Her character is sometimes glacial, sometimes fiery. In short, she possesses the external looks of a gentle Goddess ranked beauty. However, Heavens had seen it fit to bestow upon her the soul of an S type… unless you have an M type of body, you better not provoke her [1]. She is born into a wealthy family with a single parent. Her father is involved with capital management. How much money they have is something I do not know. As for her mother, I too have never met her. I hear that she had left after a divorce a long time ago. Right… Queen Qiao really knows how to fight… I had personally witnessed her step out to defend a female schoolmate. With one kick, she left a perverted taekwondo instructor coughing out blood.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “What about her little sister, the girl called Soo Soo.”

Roddy stared at Chen Xiaolian. “You… you are not really a paedophile, are you?”

“Are you going to talk or not?” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

“I must have owed you a debt in my past life…” Roddy rolled his eyes. “Soo Soo, real name: Kwan Ran Soo, a Korean. Although they are called sisters, she has no blood relation with Queen Qiao. So, if you like sisters, then you are in for a disappointment…” Having said that, Roddy looked at Chen Xiaolian. Seeing no reaction, he quickly skipped the topic. “I hear that Qiao Qiao’s father used to have a Korean business partner. However, an accident happened and their entire family was killed except that one girl. She was thus taken in by Father Qiao. Presently 10 years-old and a treasured darling of Queen Qiao… En, I feel that Queen Qiao is not only an S type, she is also a little sister-con!”

Hearing up to there, Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and stood up. He patted Roddy on the shoulder and gave out a sigh. “All right, thanks.”

Seeing Chen Xiaolian walking away, Roddy looked on blankly. “You are leaving? You aren’t by chance actually thinking of going to pester those two sisters, are you? As your bro, I must warn you: Queen Qiao is not one that you should provoke! If she says she will break your three legs, then she would really end up doing it!”

Chen Xiaolian walked to the door, and then turned to look back. “Mind your own stuff first… S type, M type, little sister-con… in the future, you need to cut down on two dimensional stuff.”

It was only after Chen Xiaolian had walked out of the room that Roddy finally reacted. “… He… This fellow’s meaning, he is saying that I have a juvenile mentality?”

After walking out of the hotel, Chen Xiaolian stopped a taxi and went home.

He walked in through the wide-open doors to see Garfield sleeping soundly on the sofa… this stupid yet adorable fat cat was actually drooling as it slept, causing the pillow to be soaked wet by its drool.

Chen Xiaolian moved forward and picked up the fat cat into his arms. He then sat down on the sofa before letting out a sigh. He then gathered himself.

Come out then… System.

In his field of view, the familiar system immediately appeared. The translucent system interface looked exactly the same as the one which appeared in his ‘dream’!

[Prompt: You have completed a ‘King Solomon’s 72 Demons Series Instance Dungeon’. Acquired instance dungeon reward, the Sealing Pillar of the Seventh amongst the 72 Demons, Marquis of The Blaze, Amon.] [Prompt: You killed Player Newton, small probability of picking up equipment belonging to killed target triggered: Genetic Enhancement Serum x2, Mid Class Healing Beast Blood x5, Cross-shaped Medallion Sword x1.] [Prompt: Completed ‘King Solomon’s 72 Demons Series Instance Dungeon’, computing achievements in instance dungeon, killed Demon Soldiers x 456, acquired Demon Soul Fragment x456, also acquired system reward points x456 points, can be spent in Exchange System.] [Prompt: Due to the usage of ‘Overwhelming Sunlight Purification’ skill, Player attribute values have been reduced to a critical value, and have entered a weakened state. Please increase attribute values before entering the next instance dungeon. If Player is to enter the instance dungeon without doing so, following the time of the instance dungeon, after 180 minutes have passed in weakened state, Player will automatically die.] [Prompt: Due to the Player completing First Kill and Beginner Trial Period in the instance dungeon, Player is now an official Player. The respective attribute values prompt mode has been activated, please examine.]

En? The meaning behind this line is that I have passed the probation period?

All the prompts are here.

Chen Xiaolian sighed, a complicated feeling roiled about in his mind.

In one night’s time, he was able to gradually accept this incredulous fact. At this moment however, as he was reading through the system prompts, his mind was unable to look forward to it.

The loot and rewards acquired could be considered very generous. Chen Xiaolian opened up these reward items located in the Item Box one by one. Traces of surprise gradually appeared in his heart.

Amon’s Sealing Pillar came with the following description: One of King Solomon’s 72 Demons, Marquis of the Blaze, Amon’s core spirit’s Sealing Pillar. Unknown application, special props.

Very well, special props… I thought this item could summon out Amon as a pet.

Could it be… by collecting all 72 Demons Sealing Pillars, one can summon out King Solomon?

Heng, from a gaming perspective, this type of setting is not impossible.

Killed 456 Demon Soldiers… En, could it be that the system had judged that the Demon Soldiers that died in the detonation and collapse of the main hall to be his kills? En, that is very likely. He suggested the idea after all. In addition, he had also participated in the detonation process itself.

456 Demon Soul Fragments. Reading the explanation, it appeared to be something similar to composite materials. As for its specific usage, it was not made clear.

Points on the other hand were something Chen Xiaolian was very serious about. He recalled that the points could be used in the Exchange System to exchange out various items. Han Bi exchanged the Pet Cat food for him… Oh, right. He still owes Han Bi 5 points.

The problem however… his own shitty system is an emasculated version with no Exchange System.

Forget it then, the GM had mentioned before that he would think of a method to solve this problem. He will first save up on the points; it may end up being useful later.

Judging by this, it appeared that the biggest loot came from killing Newton!

[Genetic Type Enhancement Serum: Utilized to enhance a warrior’s attribute values. After use, all attribute values will be enhanced to B Class. No effect on Energy Points. This serum can only be used once, no effect upon second usage.]

Clearly, this Genetic Enhancement Serum is an item used to enhance the strength of newbies. For veteran Players like Damon, Sara and Newton, this potion would be of no use.

As for why Newton would have this on him, it was likely due to his position as Team Leader. He probably took it with the intention of granting it to new Players who make it into the team.

Chen Xiaolian immediately opened up his personal attribute value’s screen.

As mentioned in the prompt, his personal attribute value interface has changed.

Three types of physical attributes: Physique, Endurance, Agility… unfortunately, as an aftereffect of using ‘Overwhelming Sunlight Purification’, all the attribute values in Chen Xiaolian’s personal setting were… E!

In addition, all those E letters were displayed in a bloody crimson colour!

En, if one is to enter the instance dungeon in a weakened state, then that person will die in 180 minutes.

In order to preserve my life, I will have to use the Space Marines genetic serum. [2]

Fortunately, after having completed an instance dungeon and becoming an official newbie, there was now a detailed description for each personal attributes.

From low to high, the classes are E, D, C, B, A, S… For above S Class, there was a system prompt: Temporarily not displayed.

The description for each attributes was as follows:

Physique. (Combination of strength and cell regenerative capacity.)

Endurance. (Combination of stamina and the capacity to withstand damaging attacks.)

Agility. (Combination of nerve and muscle reaction speed.)

Energy Points. (Ability to discharge energy from the body.)

Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation as he produced a Genetic Serum from the system. The item had a science fiction feel to it. After injecting it into his body, the item disappeared.

Chen Xiaolian watched with delight as his Physique, Endurance and Agility values all instantly increased to B Class.

This was tantamount to having attained the level of strength that genetically modified soldiers in science fiction movies have…

En, with all three attributes at the B Class, one can kill a mature Four-Eyed War Cat in melee combat.

It needs to be said that even for a mature Four-Eyed War Cat, not all of its attributes will reach the B Class.

After having completed the injection, Chen Xiaolian did not feel any unusual reaction from his body. He then retrieved a can of beer from the refrigerator and gently squeezed it, causing it to burst apart as a result!

“… interesting,” Chen Xiaolian rubbed his chin and whispered. “With this level of strength, going unarmed against even tens of them may not be a problem.” [3]

There was one more Genetic Enhancement Serum left. Chen Xiaolian left it untouched in the Item Box.

Mid Class Healing Beast Blood x5, this is good stuff!

As for the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword, Chen Xiaolian felt surprised after seeing it.

It was the sword that Newton had given to him back then before taking it back. It has now turned back into a small pendant-like item. Chen Xiaolian simply wore it around his neck.

En, after checking about he saw that there was still something in the Item Box.

Black Widow’s soul.

Back then he had been unwilling to have the adorable cat exterminated, resulting in him being unable to adopt this A Class War Beast as pet – Now knowing what to do with it, he had thrown it into his Item Box.

Opening it again, Chen Xiaolian was delighted to find that it now has a detailed description.

Son of a bitch! Things sure are different now that he had become an official Player after undergoing the Trial Period.

[Black Widow’s soul: Can be used to summon a Black Widow spider to be adopted as War Pet. It can also be devoured by another War Pet to increase that War Pet’s Growth Capacity.]

Growth Capacity!

The Four-Eyed War Cat is ridiculed as the weakest pet because its natural abilities are at the B Class… while its Growth Capacity is also… a shitty B Class!

Which meant that no matter how much effort is put into nurturing it, this stupid adorable goods can never increase its strength!

However… if devouring the soul of other War Beasts could increase its Growth Capacity…

Eh? That is not right. If devouring the soul of other War Beasts could increase its Growth Capacity, then the Four-Eyed War Cat would not be looked down upon so…

Chen Xiaolian quickly tapped open the system’s War Pet interface.

He then tried to let the Four-Eyed Adorable Cat devour the Black Widow’s soul…

The result…

[Prompt, inputting Black Widow’s soul. Due to incompatibility with the original War Pet, Four-Eyed War Cat, success rate of devouring is at 1.3%. Do you wish to continue?]

“… You really are shitty goods!” Chen Xiaolian cast a glance at Garfield beside him.

Continue my ass! I choose No!

Having finished checking the spoils of war from the system, Chen Xiaolian felt hungry. He quickly cooked himself a bowl of instant noodles. After gobbling it down, he headed into the bathroom for a bath.

Standing before the mirror, Chen Xiaolian looked at the clear and clean face of his, then sighed. “Assisting the God of this world to rebel against Transmigrants? You sure do not have the looks of a saviour… sigh, protecting my own life is the most important thing.”

After finished wearing his clothes, Chen Xiaolian adjusted his thoughts.

He made up his mind. No matter what, it was crucial for him to first find Han Bi and Soo Soo!

Han Bi himself had informed Chen Xiaolian of his residential address and school. However, Han Bi is located in another city distanced hundreds of kilometres away from Chen Xiaolian.

Soo Soo on the other hand… she is in the city!

Moreover, according to the GM, Soo Soo did not lose her memories. It was only due to a specific reason that she seemed to be incapable of recognizing him.

Regardless, Chen Xiaolian decided that he should first find Soo Soo before worrying about anything else!

He picked up the phone and proceeded. “Hello, Roddy? I forgot to ask you something. That… Queen Qiao and her sister, what is their residential address?”

A voice came through the other end of the phone. “Chen Xiaolian! Do you really want to follow that paedophilic heart of yours to the end? No! As a conscientious person, I absolutely cannot inform you!”

“As I recall, you were hiding below the basketball goal in the last PE session and was secretly peeping at the panties of the class monitor…”

“Pei! This senior is an upright man! Besides, do you have any evidence?”

“En, someone had borrowed me his laptop some time ago. Then, I had accidentally noticed a hidden folder titled ‘I Love Class Monitor’ below the E Drive. The folder is full of the ‘action’ works of a Japanese actress who somewhat resembles the class monitor… oh right, I even got the screenshot for it.”

“… … Brother, I am someone who upholds brotherhood in the highest regard! Queen Qiao’s residential address is at XXX Street XX Number A Building B1!”

An hour later, Chen Xiaolian arrived with a taxi before the entrance of an upscale residential building.

However, as the taxi stopped, Chen Xiaolian did not even have the time to pay the taxi fare before witnessing the black Land Rover that had once nearly hit him exited the gates of the residence.

From the half-open window, Chen Xiaolian was able to see Qiao Qiao in the driving seat and Soo Soo in the passenger seat.

Watching the Land Rover driving down the street, Chen Xiaolian instantly shouted towards the taxi driver. “Quick! Quickly chase after that Land Rover!”

This taxi driver was quite the interesting fellow. He glanced at Chen Xiaolian and asked. “Little brother, are you chasing after your girlfriend?”

“En! Quick! Do not lose it!” Chen Xiaolian had no mood to entertain his nonsense.

The taxi driver laughed and immediately started the taxi before stomping onto the pedal as he chased forward. “Don’t look down on me just because they are in a Land Rover while we are in a taxi car. This brother is constantly the racing winner in our company!”

After following for around half an hour, the taxi driver saw Qiao Qiao driving towards the highway and could not resist. “Little brother, they have gone up the highway. This road leads to the train station. Considering how far away the train station is, the taxi fare will not be cheap.”

Chen Xiaolian remained silent. He pulled out a stack of red bills from his wallet and handed it over. “Follow them wherever they go!” [4]

The driver suddenly gave a sigh. “Youngsters these days, they really do invest capital when chasing girls…”

1. S&M: Sadist and Masochist.

2. Space Marines from the game Warhammer 40K. They are members of an elite fighting force in the Imperium of Man, created through a series of genetic enhancement and implants.

3. I am guessing he is talking about the Four-Eyed War Cat.

4. Red bills generally denotes the highest value that RMB bank notes have: 100 yuan.

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