Gate of Revelation

Chapter 37: Perverted Freak? Masochistic Freak?

GOR Chapter 37: Perverted Freak? Masochistic Freak?

I am… an irregularity?

Why does this sound so condemning?

This feels like someone is saying that I am a pit!

Chen Xiaolian drank even more…

Finally, he became drunk.

There is no need to be surprised… if an ordinary person is to suddenly encounter and hear all these, not mentally collapsing is already quite the feat.

After all, Chen Xiaolian is only an 18-year-old teenage male.

Before losing consciousness due to being drunk, he lied upon the table listening to the final words left by the middle-aged man:

“After the 72 Demons instance dungeon was completed, it was refreshed. Thus, all host bodies were resurrected.

Following the system protocols, all host bodies will have their memories within the instance dungeon erased and restored as NPCs.

However, you are part host body, part NPC and part Player… this triple identity made you into an unrecognizable irregularity, evading the system refresh’s memory erase.

Han Bi is an Awakened. A fault will occur in the memory of Awakened ones because the appearance of an Awakened is simply no different from a system BUG. This BUG would bring about an outcome; the first time that they become an Awakened and undergo their first refresh, their memory will experience a fault causing an interruption to occur in their memories.

En, as for the specifics, I will not bore you with it.

In conclusion, what you need to know is that Han Bi’s memories will fully recover in the next three days. This is the Awakened’s personal BUG.”

“Then… what about Soo Soo? She should have become like me, right? She seemed to have obtained some ability. Why did she lose her memories?”

“Hahahaha! That little girl is quite an interesting existence. I will only tell you this, she did not lose her memories!

However, within her body is a setting, which I find quite interesting. You can slowly go figure it out.”

The middle-aged man left the table, moving to the entrance of the pub. When he reached the entrance, he suddenly turned his head and cast a glance at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian was sprawled on the table. He tried his best to prop himself up, but his vision was shaky.

“An irregularity, you are also a new, albeit accidental discovery for me. Thus, even I could not predict how much help an Irregular like you could provide me in the future. However… a new change is always a good thing.

I have helped you re-activate your system. In addition, I have also used the system to issue the rewards from the 72 Demons instance to you. You will be able to view it.

However… the Exchange System; I will think of another way to compensate for it. In order to escape the Development Team’s notice, I cannot open up the Exchange System that makes up a Player System’s core function for you. Otherwise, you would be no different from the other Awakened ones; you will be easily discovered. That is why… within the limits of my jurisdiction, I will create a substitute for you. At the current though, it is still incomplete.

In short… the next instance dungeon will be happening soon, I wish you good luck.

You must live on, please do not die.”

“Die? What will happen if I die?” Chen Xiaolian raised his drunken face. “Would I end up the same as the other NPC host bodies? Have my memories erased? Then continue with my designated normal life?”

“Of course not,” The middle-aged man replied with a very serious tone. “Do not forget, you no longer have a genuine NPC identity. Thus… once you die… you will disappear for real.”

Chen Xiaolian felt as though he just had a very, very long dream.

In his dream, he saw various confusing scenes.

He saw Newton who had turned into a skeleton stepping towards him with a scimitar in his hand, one step after another…

He dreamt of seeing Takashimoto Shizuka who had been stripped naked, leaning upon him…

He dreamt that he had met a seemingly ordinary middle-aged man in a pub. That man then claimed that he is the God of this world…

Then, he dreamt himself…

En? A highly wet feeling?

Why is there so much water at the bottom area of his body?

Chen Xiaolian woke up. He opened his eyes and sat up!

Turning around to assess his surroundings, he saw that he was clearly within a hotel room while his body was lying upon the bed.

Standing beside the bed… was none other than the girl with straight, long black hair, the one called Qiao Qiao. She stared at him with a frosty pair of eyes.

Ah, her hand was holding on to a bottle of mineral water as she splashed the mineral water on to his head and body…

“What are you doing?”

Chen Xiaolian jumped up vigorously. However, the dizziness resulting from his hangover caused him to instantly sit back down on the bed.

At that moment, someone else in the room stepped forward. He quickly placed himself beside Chen Xiaolian as he smiled bitterly. “I say, Big Miss Qiao Qiao, please do not be so violent, all right? We are all friends here… let us discuss matters properly.”

Chen Xiaolian rubbed his faintly throbbing temple as he looked at the one standing beside him.

It was Roddy.

His classmate and best friend.

“Roddy? Why… are you here?”

Roddy smiled bitterly. “You got drunk in the pub next to the police station with no one to pick up the tab and insufficient money on yourself. You then gave the owner my phone number. That is how I got a call to go pick up the tab and take you away. I say, you really are a true bro. You did not bring enough cash when you go for a king’s meal, yet you still remember my phone number. Should I be thankful to you for having me in your heart? Or should I be angry?”

“Then, what about her?” Chen Xiaolian pointed at Qiao Qiao.

“As I was carrying you out from the pub, I coincidentally saw Big Miss Qiao coming out from the police station. Once she caught sight of you she wanted to rush over and deliver a kick… I had to go all out to block her. See? I had to suffer several hits as well!”

Chen Xiaolian kneaded his face. He turned to Roddy and whispered. “En, thank you bro. I currently have some matters to discuss with this… En, this Big Miss Qiao. Can you go out and help me get something to eat first?”

Roddy’s face turned blank for a moment. He turned to look at the hostile looking Qiao Qiao, then at Chen Xiaolian. “Just what kind of hatred is there between you two? No wait… how did you two know each other? Oh, all right… I won’t ask! I will go buy some stuff, all right? Er… However, please don’t fight one another!”

Then, Roddy moved closer to Chen Xiaolian and whispered to him. “Do not provoke her… she really knows how to fight!”

Chen Xiaolian gave an absurd smile. He looked at Roddy and sighed. “Don’t worry… if we are to talk about people who can fight… you don’t even know just what kind of fighters I have met.”

Roddy then stepped outside.

Chen Xiaolian exerted his strength to move out of the bed. His eyes then met Qiao Qiao’s before he pointed to a sofa in the room. “Let us sit down and talk.”

“All right!”

Qiao Qiao’s answer was short and simple. Her straight, long black hair brought with it a natural aura of deep tranquillity as she moved to sit down on the sofa.

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate as he picked up the half-full bottle of mineral water that Qiao Qiao had just used on him. He then gulped it down.

The thirst he felt due to the hangover was lessened.

He sat down beside Qiao Qiao and scratched his head. “Where should I begin…”

“Begin from how you got to know about my little sister! How did you know her name! Also, you have been constantly pestering us since we met at the airport. What intentions do you have towards my little sister… tell me all about it! Let me warn you, for a paedophilic pervert such as you, I have no qualms about breaking your three legs at any given moment!” [1]

Break… three legs?

What an outrageous girl…

“Firstly, I am not a paedophilic pervert,” Chen Xiaolian gave a ludicrous smile. He casted a solemn gaze at Qiao Qiao and spoke in a low tone. “I knew your sister while flying on the plane. She was seated right beside me.”

“Then, how did you know her name?” Qiao Qiao coldly asked. “My sister is extremely shy, she would never talk to strangers. In addition, she would most certainly not reveal her name to strangers.”

“I… I had accidentally picked it up while she was on the phone?” Chen Xiaolian felt that it was impossible for him to explain to an ordinary person the matters regarding ‘instance dungeon’, ‘Players’, ‘Awakened ones’… speaking about those would be pointless if nobody believes him!

“Heng! Picked it up? Do you speak Korean?”


Chen Xiaolian could not answer.

Qiao Qiao slowly got up. She threw a contemptuous gaze with eyes filled with disgust at Chen Xiaolian. “Listen well, consider what I am going to say next as a warning!”

“Soo Soo is a very cute little girl! I know that for paedophilic perverts like you, she is very attractive!

However, remember this!

If you dare come close to my little sister or hold any intention towards her, I will kill you! In order to protect her, there is nothing I cannot do! Heng, a bastard like you will not be able to endure my strikes!

In addition, now I know who you are! You are Roddy’s schoolmate. Your name, your residence, your school… I know it all!

Finding you will be very easy!

So, you had better not harass her again! Otherwise, I will give you a taste!”

Qiao Qiao then stood up and suddenly raised her left leg. She then slammed it down on the coffee table before Chen Xiaolian.


She pulled up the pant area covering her left leg, all the way up to her knee.

A straight and slender leg was suddenly exposed before Chen Xiaolian’s eyes.

Regardless of which direction one were to look at it from, this was certainly an absolutely beautiful leg!

Her full calf was straight and slender, with delicate ankles, and clear smooth skin…

However, the most eye-catching detail was the existence of a tattoo on her calf: A rose vine winded up her calf. At the crown of the vine was a vibrant red rose!

In an instant, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes became focused.

However… it was obvious that Qiao Qiao did not deliberately expose her calf for him to enjoy the view.

Upon Qiao Qiao’s boots was a dagger!

She pulled out the dagger. Then, with a “bang”, she nailed it on the coffee table!

The sharp dagger shone with coldness!

“Observe carefully. If I am to see you again, I will personally use this dagger to cut off that one thing away from your body!”

After finishing her sentence, Qiao Qiao pulled out the dagger. She cast one last glance of hostility at Chen Xiaolian before turning around and walking towards the door.

Roddy happened to return as she was opening the door. Seeing Qiao Qiao coming out, Roddy became somewhat nervous. “Did you finish your discussion?”

“Move!” Qiao Qiao gave him a cold and mean glare. “Keep your distance from me in the future! Heng! For you to have such a perverted friend, you are nothing good yourself!”

Roddy walked into the room with an embarrassed face. He then saw Chen Xiaolian frowning as he remained seated upon the sofa.

“I say, Xiaolian! Just what kind of Heavenly harm and destruction of order did you commit to provoke that Big Miss?”

Roddy sat down on the sofa. He produced a piece of bread he had procured downstairs and handed it over to Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian accepted it and forcefully bit down on it. He then looked at Roddy and slowly said. “Right on time… tell me, this Qiao Qiao girl and her little sister, what are the specifics regarding these two.”

“Eh? Damn! Are you really a paedophile? Or, could it be that you have fallen for Qiao Qiao? Does that mean you are a masochist?”

[1 Everyone probably knows this by now, but males have three legs: One on the right, one on the left, and one right in the middle.]

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