Gate of Revelation

Chapter 14: Internally Worried Externally Distressed

GOR Chapter 14: Internally Worried Externally Distressed

Before Chen Xiaolian could make his move, Han Bi suddenly moved over. Standing right beside Chen Xiaolian, he secretly pinched Chen Xiaolian’s wrist.

“Do not act impulsively!”

Han Bi spoke in a low tone.

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and turned to look at Han Bi.

Han Bi looked at the two females and whispered. “That younger one… I remember that she is the one seated beside you. Is she an acquaintance? Friend or little sister?”

While he spoke, Han Bi glanced at Chen Xiaolian and quickly continued in a low voice. “Regardless, do not act impulsively… once you charge out, then everything will be over. Your identity will be exposed and you can forget about saving them! Endure, then wait patiently for the opportunity…”

Newton had already moved towards Du Ya. Looking at Du Ya, he then looked at the two girls behind. “What is going on?”

“Ha, I do not know what is going on either. I was hunting a War Beast; unexpectedly, the hunt led me farther away and actually brought me all the way back to the aircraft area. In the end… look what I found!”

“Two NPCs?” Newton curled the corners of his mouth. Moving closer, he looked at the two females with a cold expression. Takashimoto Shizuka was scared to the point of having her entire body shiver while Soo Soo bit down hard on her lips, tears falling down from her eyes.

Newton’s expression turned odd. “I did not hear anything about this instance having NPCs. This is a harvesting type instance and the selected location is one that is not densely populated. As for those in the plane, they should all be host bodies. Why would there be NPCs present?”

“Who the Hell knows. But… this would not be the first time that the Development Team made a mistake,” Du Ya sneered as he stretched out his tongue to lick his lips. His eyes was turned towards Shizuka in a greedy manner as he openly stared at the flight attendant’s stocking covered legs. “Team Leader, since this is an accidental harvest, how about giving them to me? We have been preparing here for three days and have been feeling too bored. We might as well have some fun. Hahaha…”

“Development Team problems will be reported by me when I return,” Newton spoke with a cold voice. “Du Ya, constrain yourself. If this was two days ago, I would not have cared what you wanted to do. However, today is different – the instance dungeon is about to open. Reserve your physical strength. If there is still time after this instance is complete, this woman will be your toy; you can do whatever you want with her – but not now! If you mess up this quest, I will personally tear out your bones!”

A trace of disappointment and indignation flashed across Du Ya’s eyes and he grunted. “Very well, you are the Team Leader!”

He turned around and moved beside Takashimoto Shizuka, raising his nose on purpose and sniffed at the Japanese flight attendant’s neck. He laughed. “How fragrant… this is truly a pleasant surprise! However, good things could be left for last. Once the quest is completed, I will take my time to enjoy you.”

Having said that, he extended his hand and heavily slapped down onto Takashimoto Shizuka’s buttocks. The Japanese flight attendant screamed sharply, dodging over to the side and nearly falling onto the ground.

“Calm down!”

Han Bi sensed that Chen Xiaolian was about to make a move. Han Bi increased his strength as he grabbed onto Chen Xiaolian’s wrist, muttering in a low voice. “If you do not want to die, then endure! Besides… you are definitely not their match, trust me on that.”


Chen Xiaolian exhaled deeply, his taut body finally easing up.

“All right, put these two NPCs aside. After the instance dungeon opens, we may be able to use them to open the way,” Newton sneered. “Sara!”

Sara immediately moved towards Newton’s side. “What is going on?”

“I want you to look after these two people,” Newton laughed. “I cannot trust that Du Ya, his self-control is simply too weak.”

Sara laughed gently and sent a flirtatious glance at Newton. She walked over and looked at the Japanese flight attendant.

Shizuka’s eyes became wide open as she looked at Sara in horror. “Chief flight attendant?”

Sara laughed. “Chief flight attendant? Ah, I nearly forgot, my host body’s identity is the plane’s chief flight attendant. Unfortunately, I am not your Chief flight attendant. Also…” Sara stared at the Japanese flight attendant’s face. “Looking at your beautiful face makes me irritated. Do not talk to me and do not provoke me, or else I will carve your face right now.”

Takashimoto Shizuka’s body trembled, she bit her lips and was too fearful to say a thing. She could only use her frightened eyes to look at Sara.

Sara then knelt down before Soo Soo.

“What a cute little thing,” Sara extended her hands to pinch Soo Soo’s cheeks. She then turned over to Newton and asked. “I like this little one, can I take it as my pet? I want to make a cage and stuff her inside. After that, I will get some beautiful clothes for her.”

Her voice was gentle, but the words she said caused a shiver to run down the spine of those who listened.

“I have said it before, after the quest is complete, you can do whatever you want. That is if those two are still alive by then.”

Newton grunted and looked at the skies. “All right, it is getting late. Speed up the preparation process! The Instance Dungeon is about to open up!”

Sara took over the custody of the two females from Du Ya. Du Ya gave a “heng”, his face expressing dissatisfaction, but he clearly dared not disobey Newton’s command.

However, when Sara was leading the two females into the Wind Slasher Guild camp, an accident occurred.

Soo Soo suddenly spotted Chen Xiaolian who was standing beside Han Bi. Her eyes suddenly turned bright as she shouted out sharply. Crying out, she ran towards Chen Xiaolian.

“Oppa! Quick save me!”

Although her body was tied up with ropes, Soo Soo rushed forward and crashed headfirst into Chen Xiaolian’s chest.

Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

Beside him, Han Bi’s heart pounded madly as he subconsciously stepped back, releasing his hold on Chen Xiaolian’s hand.

Soo Soo fell onto Chen Xiaolian’s bosom and started sobbing bitterly.

Chen Xiaolian could feel several gazes turning towards him.

Newton, Sara, Du Ya… and also Damon who was standing far away with folded arms as he watched on with a cold expression. Within the Wind Slasher Guild’s campsite, several other team members from other tents had also turned their gazes over.

Towards the crying Soo Soo, Chen Xiaolian had wanted to hold up this poor child and hug her. At this moment, however, his heart was racing uncontrollably, the cold sweat flowing down his back seemed to have soaked his underwear.

The few seconds of time in which it transpired had seemingly lasted for centuries!

In the end, Chen Xiaolian did not move his arms. He only looked down at Soo Soo – his expression one of motionless indifference.

“What is this? This little child seem to recognize you.”

Sara gently laughed as she moved over – in Chen Xiaolian’s ears, her originally pleasant sounding gentle laugh had turned harsh and cold!

Secretly sighing, Chen Xiaolian tried his best to put on a vexed tone. “How am I supposed to know?”

In his bosom, Soo Soo continued crying. “Oppa, why aren’t you saying anything. Why won’t you save me… wu wu wu wu wu…”

Chen Xiaolian raised his head as he ignored her and looked at Sara. “Why aren’t you taking her away?”

“It seems that this little child is very fond of you,” Sara narrowed her eyes.

“This little child probably recognizes Xiaolian’s host body…”

The one who spoke out was Han Bi. He stood at the side and said carefully. “After all, everyone here were boarding the same plane. Maybe Xiaolian’s host body have some relation with this little child. Also, didn’t the woman earlier called you the chief flight attendant?”

“Eh? This idiot suddenly became clever,” Sara curled her lips.

Sara’s hands shot out at lightning like speed, grabbing onto Soo Soo’s hair. She pulled the little girl away, ignoring her struggle and threw her at Takashimoto Shizuka. “Hold on to her and follow me. If you disobey, then I will first kill you.”

Takashimoto Shizuka held onto Soo Soo in fear as she herself was shedding tears. She forcibly clamped onto Soo Soo’s mouth, whispering something to her in rapid succession before following Sara as she held onto Soo Soo.

Before leaving, Takashimoto Shizuka gave Chen Xiaolian a glance but dared not say anything.

“You owe me one,” Han Bi purposely approached Chen Xiaolian with a smiling face. He placed his hand onto Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder, putting on an amiable look. He then spoke in a low, angry voice. “… what is going on with these two females. You did not tell me anything about them at all last night! It seems there are a lot of things that you are not telling me!”

Chen Xiaolian. “…”

“Shut your mouth,” Han Bi coldly spoke. “From now on, I won’t trust you anymore. If you want to die, then do not drag me with you!”

Sure enough, he then released his hands and moved over to a side, sitting down. He never turned to even look at Chen Xiaolian again.

Chen Xiaolian silently gritted his teeth and sat down not far away from Han Bi as he secretly clenched his fists.

Internally worried and externally distressed!

In this unfamiliar and dangerous guild, his future is uncertain… and the one companion beside him is now estranged.

Chen Xiaolian felt an extreme aching in his head.

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