Gate of Revelation

Chapter 13: I Am NPC?

GOR Chapter 13: I Am NPC?

The two youngsters stared at each other for a moment before letting out a sigh at the same time.

“Sigh, forget it. I do not have the strength to talk about this right now.”

“That is correct, ensuring our survival and finding out how to leave this place is more important,” Chen Xiaolian spoke out. “If we really die here… then my novel will be castrated.”

“Pei, even if it does not get castrated, your novels are not much different from an eunuch,” Han Bi viciously replied.

Chen Xiaolian touched his nose and smiled, then he suddenly spoke. “There are a few more problematic details. If our speculation is true and that we had entered here by accident into an infinite element world of adventure, then those who were on the same airplane as us are actually infinite element players from Earth. If so… how did we end up becoming unauthorized entrants? Logically speaking, if this is an infinite element world, then the Host God should be an omniscient existence, right?”

“Don’t talk about that anymore; the more you talk about it the more afraid I am… I fear that the two of us would be wiped out at any given moment.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “That is right, there is one thing I want to confirm. How did you obtain your abilities and become ‘player’?”

“A metallic sphere, similar to a steel ball.”

“… Just as I expected,” Chen Xiaolian suddenly asked. “Everyone has one steel ball, right?”

“Indeed, after the plane had crashed, I realized that this item had appeared out of thin air into my pocket – this is true for others as well.”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

Because… a trace of discomfort had suddenly appeared in his heart!

Metallic sphere!

Steel ball!

Clearly, that is something that allows one to obtain the ‘player’ status, something that could turn an ordinary person into a ‘player’, making them part of this game world, gifting them with abilities and accepting them into the system.

However… this steel ball is something that everyone has?


Chen Xiaolian was certain that he…


The steel ball that allowed him to become a ‘player’ and obtain those abilities was not his own! It was acquired from the corpse of a ‘player’ in the aircraft!

Assuming that… only ‘players’ have the steel balls, then the player who died on the plane died due to some unexpected factors. Thanks to that, the steel ball ended up in his hands.

However… since we are both ‘unauthorized entrants’, why is it that Han Bi would have a steel ball? If something like a game system did exist, then why did it ‘include’ Han Bi as a player and assign him a steel ball?

On the other hand, I did not get one?

En, Takashimoto Shizuka and Soo Soo also did not get it!

Why is that?

Could it be…

A peculiar thought suddenly flashed through Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

Could it be… everyone else are players.

As for me… and the other two females.

We are… NPCs?

This idea was too absurd, so much so that Chen Xiaolian dared not ponder deep into it.

He did not even inform Han Bi about him not getting ‘equipped’ with a steel ball.

It was not that he did not trust Han Bi, but rather… his heart felt deeply disturbed!

By the time the two of them returned to the camp in valley, it was already midnight.

The others from the newbie group had already returned. Chen Xiaolian saw that Mediterranean was pale, his chest bandaged with gauze, and was drinking a bottle of potion. The Tribal Warrior held on to a weapon resembling a military knife and wiped it as he sat beside the fire. As for Skinny Woman, she was already asleep.

Han Bi handed over the caught Firefly Frogs to Damon who maintained his cold countenance. The Team Leader Newton, however, spoke out. “Well done.”

One tent was clearly insufficient for five newbies. Thus, Chen Xiaolian and Han Bi took the initiative to move together to one side. The leaned onto a piece of rock and sat together.

“By the way, do you have pet food?” Chen Xiaolian recalled something important.

Garfield had already been drawn into the system, but the poor thing had yet to eat anything. Considering the time, if he does not feed Garfield soon then the poor cat’s life may be forfeit.

Although this cat had entrapped its owner… (Its hidden attribute is not ‘Entrap Owner’ by any chance, is it?) [1]

No matter what, it is still his pet. He cannot allow it to starve to death.

“I have pet food, but the things that pets eat are different. My pet food is for the Dog Type. What type of pet is yours?”

“… cat.”

“In that case, you won’t be able to use mine,” Han Bi shook his head. “Just exchange it yourself. Just use points for it.”



Chen Xiaolian had found another difference between him and Han Bi!

He simply does not know anything about those points. As for the Exchange System… there is none in his System Interface!

Originally, he had thought that he was only different from those real players… after all he is an unauthorized entrant.

Unexpectedly… even though the both of them are unauthorized entrants, there are actually differences between them?

“My points are not enough,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “Could you borrow me some first?”

“Cat food, right?” Han Bi did not give it much thought. He immediately exchanged out a jar of pet food from the system

Chen Xiaolian accepted it, a small glass jar. He opened it and glanced inside to find that there are tens of pieces inside…


Cat shaped biscuits!

“Feeding one is enough for 24 hours. In addition, a pet that has been fed could slowly recover from injuries and physical strength when placed within the system. Pets cannot recover if they are hungry,” Han Bi laughed. “This jar of cat food costs 5 points, remember to pay me back.”

Chen Xiaolian had wanted to ask what ‘points’ are and how to acquire them in order to exchange out those items.

However, their current location makes it inconvenient to discuss these matters. Moreover, his heart had become increasingly uneasy. He simply chose to shut his mouth.

Summoning Garfield out, Chen Xiaolian fed it a small piece of cat biscuit. Seeing his dying pet eat up, he then threw it back into the system.

“Quickly go to sleep. We may have to begin the Instance Dungeon Quest tomorrow,” Han Bi said in a low tone. “Revitalize yourself, only then could we have the strength to protect ourselves.”

Instance Dungeon Quest!

These words caused Chen Xiaolian’s eyebrows to jump.

Clearly… Han Bi knows the specifics involved in the Instance Dungeon Quest!

For Chen Xiaolian however, the description for the Instance Dungeon Quest could still not be opened!

… this is yet another difference!

Am I really an NPC? An NPC who picked up a player’s equipment?

With this question hovering in his mind, Chen Xiaolian closed his eyes. The past two days had indeed been tiring for him.

Even before the skies had turned bright, Chen Xiaolian had already woken up. His physique that had been strengthened was clearly far superior to the common people. Although he had only slept for a few hours, his mind felt fully rejuvenated.

Looking around, he saw that the camp had become busy. As for those from the newbie group, they were all up busy with their own personal matters.

In the other team’s camps, preparations of weapons and equipment could be observed. Strangely shaped swords and other weapons were brought out. There were also some odd looking fire arms. For example, there were those that resembled rocket-launchers, while some others gave off an extreme sci-fi feeling.

At this moment, a sharp voice was heard.

“Team Leader, look what we found!”

A tall and lanky man quickly strode into the Wind Slasher Guild’s camp.

A shining baldhead, fine lined chin and a big nose, he wore a black cloak and both his wrists were wearing exaggerated metal bracers.

“This person is called Du Ya. Be careful. Among the members of Wind Slasher Guild, this person is the most sinister and ruthless. For the past few days that I have been in this Wind Slasher Guild, I have suffered no small amount thanks to him. Even though Damon is rude, he only has a bad temper. But this Du Ya… at any rate, just be careful of him.”

Han Bi who was standing beside Chen Xiaolian warned him in a low tone.

Unfortunately… Chen Xiaolian heard none of those words!

His eyes were wide open as he stared at the one called Du Ya… or more accurately, he was looking at the two figures behind him!

Anger flashed within Chen Xiaolian’s eyes!

Takashimoto Shizuka and Soo Soo had their bodies tied up with a metal rope that seemed to be sparkling with a certain rhythm.

Both of them seemed dispirited as they followed behind Du Ya. It was clear that they were being forced.

Shizuka’s expression was one of stupor, her eyes carrying a deep amount of fear as she lowered her head, too fearful to look around. The arm and sleeves area of her flight uniform was torn off. Soo Soo was even more pitiful.

The little loli’s face was dirty and filled with dust, leaving two trails of tears down each cheeks, her eyes swollen and red. She had been sobbing non-stop all the way. On her feet, only one shoe could be seen.

Under those circumstances, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt a surge of blood rushing into his head!

1. Garfield nearly caused him to die in Chapter 9.

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