Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 34 - Begging for Death

Chapter 34: Begging for Death

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Jiang Rulong was seven-feet tall, two heads taller than Jiang Yi. His body was that of a violent bear; it was entirely different from plump Jiang Ruhu and was packed with firm muscles. He had a square face and large ears; just from his appearance, it was safe to say that he was a fierce fighter.

“Ahh! I will kill you, bastard!”

Witnessing Jiang Yi break Jiang Ruhu’s leg, his eyes instantly broke wide open as a killing aura cloaked his body. With a burst of his leg muscle, his entire body rushed towards Jiang Yi like a frenzied bull.


Jiang Yi had already expected Jiang Rulong to appear here. He knew clearly that had it not been because Jiang Rulong who followed Jiang Henshui back to the Jiang residence, Jiang Ruhu wouldn’t dare to touch Jiang Xiaonu. Precisely because Jiang Rulong came back, Jiang Ruhu got anxious to seek his revenge on Jiang Yi and used Jiang Xiaonu as a substitute instead.

When Jiang Ruying slipped out earlier, he had already noticed it and decided to save Jiang Ruhu for the last, just for Jiang Rulong! It was to let Jiang Rulong to witness him breaking the leg of Jiang Ruhu and to… enrage him!

This was why Jiang Rulong was just charging him like a frenzied bull. Jiang Yi remained calm and quickly bent over to pick up Jiang Ruhu by his other leg and use him as a weapon to smash at Jiang Rulong.

He had used this technique on the Western Hills before. He knew this skill had great power and could catch the enemy off-guard. Jiang Rulong’s seventh stage of the Cast Tripod Realm was too overwhelming. Jiang Yi had once fought against Leng Qianqian, who was at the eighth stage of Cast Tripod Realm, in the Technique Practicing Room. Despite that, he still wasn’t certain that he could win in real combat, which was why he chose to be cautious.

This technique sure was aggressive!

At least now, Jiang Rulong was in a state of confusion. He, who had a whole array of skills, could do anything. But with Jiang Yi using his younger brother as a sack to smash at him, what could he do? He could only constantly retreat and yell with wrath, “You little bastard, I am going to kill you—kill you! Little bastard, bring my brother down if you have the guts. See if I will tear you apart!”

“Hu hu!”

Jiang Yi sneered and swung Jiang Ruhu at Jiang Rulong. Jiang Ruhu, who was about 78 kilograms, was swung around in the hands of Jiang Yi, not different from a sack. He whirled Jiang Ruhu with ease and wielded him with prowess.


Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang were both in a state of lost, too. They had many fights but nothing as brutal as this one. Their hearts were thumping as they looked on the situation. What if Jiang Yi accidentally smashed Jiang Ruhu’s head onto the limestone flooring? Wouldn’t his brain juices be spilled all over?


Jiang Ruhu was already prepared to die: the intense pain within his body numbed his senses, and he was in a dazed state of mind, too. All those didn’t matter; the thing he was most ashamed of was to be whirled around like a human sack. This was the second time he got whirled in front of so many people. How would he still lift his head in the Jiang Clan?

“Oh, no!”

The hand that Jiang Yi used to grab onto Jiang Ruhu slipped. It seemed as though he whirled too vigorously and didn’t grab on properly. His face let out an expression of fear because Jiang Ruhu’s body was flying head first towards the wall. If Jiang Ruhu were to crash in head-first… that brain of his was bound to burst apart like a watermelon.


Jiang Rulong received a scare; his body was actually meant to dodge to the side, but he managed to twist his body and shot towards Jiang Ruhu like a cannon. He finally caught a hold of Jiang Ruhu in time, right before Jiang Ruhu crashed into the wall.

“What a close shave!”

Jiang Rulong’s face was covered in cold sweat. Before he even had time to recover from the shock, he felt a sharp killing intent locking onto him. He turned around for a scan but shrank his eyes instead—because a fist was expanding indefinitely in his sight.

“Little bastard, you are so despicable!”

Jiang Rulong suddenly came to realize that Jiang Yi wasn’t careless. It was intentional: everything was within his plans. He, who was carrying Jiang Ruhu, lost his center of gravity due to the vigorous dash, coupled with the speed of Jiang Ruhu. He had lost a huge portion of his combat strength, and it was now a great opportunity for Jiang Yi to sneak in an attack.


Jiang Rulong was indeed worthy to be the no.2 of the Jiang Clan’s young generation. At this critical moment, he used one hand to grab Jiang Ruhu and tossed him aside, soon finding his center of gravity by stepping on the ground with a single leg. He leaped back up and kicked at Jiang Yi with his other leg, leaving behind an afterimage.

The seventh stage of Cast Tripod Realm is indeed formidable!

Jiang Yi sighed in silent but didn’t panic. He had terrific visions and could clearly predict Jiang Rulong’s attack trajectories. He continued to dash towards the front but took half a step back to easily dodge Jiang Rulong’s leg whip. He then used the Silk Hands to wrap around Jiang Rulong’s other leg and began to whirl vigorously.

A body’s sense of balance was extremely important. When a person lost his center of gravity, he would instinctively fall into a state of panic and be unable to utilize any of his combat strength. Just like Jiang Rulong who was being whirled around by Jiang Yi, his mind naturally began to panic and fall into a dazed state.

Jiang Yi began to quickly turn his body and used all his strength to whirl Jiang Rulong with his top speed. When Jiang Rulong’s mind was in a dazed state, Jiang Yi then moved vigorously to smash Jiang Rulong against the wall.


With such forces, the results needed no description. Jiang Rulong’s head was bleeding profusely and painted half the wall in fresh blood.

“Ahh, Ahh! Little bastard, I’m going to kill you! Kill you!”

Jiang Rulong roared furiously. The intense pain that came from within his head—the blood that soaked his eyes caused him to go into a frenzied state of mind. He continually contorted his body and roared furiously, his other leg randomly kicking as an attempt to hit Jiang Yi and rid of his grasp.

“With your strength like that, you want to kill me? I have not yet begun to fight!”

With his exceptional awareness and vision, how would Jiang Rulong be able to hit him? With the fact that Jiang Yi could simply control Jiang Rulong’s body to make him lose his center of gravity, how would Jiang Rulong be able to escape from his grasp? Letting out a subtle sigh, Jiang Yi was rather disappointed in Jiang Rulong’s combat strength. He hadn’t even used the black essence forces to enhance his own strength. He merely used some tactics to easily defeat Jiang Rulong, and he wasn’t even able to have a satisfied battle.

Since he already smashed up the head of Jiang Rulong, Jiang Yi didn’t have any scruple any longer. He simply continued to whirl Jiang Rulong around in the Martial Arts Demonstration Court like he was performing a mad dance. But this time, he controlled his strength as he didn’t dare to smash Jiang Rulong to his death. If he did, he would be immediately put to death.

Jiang Gushui and the others looked at each other helplessly, but some had long gone to seek for help. They never would have thought the sealed trash, who they looked at with disdain, would become such a ferocious existence that could not only oppress dozens of clansmen but could also easily defeat the Jiang Rulong who was the no.2 of the clan’s younger generation.

“I’m going to kill you—kill you…”

In the massive Martial Arts Demonstration Court, apart from Jiang Song, Jiang Bao, and Jiang Ruhu who were screaming miserably, there was only Jiang Rulong who continually roared with wrath. His thunderous voice hurt everyone’s eardrums and caused everyone to feel… the irony at the same time!


Jiang Yi’s body suddenly stayed in place, he then loosened both his hands and launched Jiang Rulong’s body high up like a cannonball. At the same time, he catapulted himself with both his legs and swiftly caught up to Jiang Rulong. He used both his hands to grab the falling Jiang Rulong and pressed downwards, using a single knee to position it at Jiang Rulong’s waist.


Everyone couldn’t help but close their eyes, but the sound of bones cracking could be heard clearly. Their minds shuddered as they looked at Jiang Yi with fear.

Who knew the normally low-profile and honest trash could be so vicious and so ruthless? If Jiang Rulong and Jiang Ruhu had not been clansmen, wouldn’t they be tortured to death?

Everyone here had once bullied someone or beaten up the lower-classed clansmen. They were also extremely ruthless when they were beating people up; but right now, they were all shocked by the measures of Jiang Yi. There was only one thought in their minds: never incite the wrath of this man in the future.


Sounds of heavy footsteps could be heard from the outside which brought everyone to their senses. Jiang Gushui and the others came to a realization quickly.

Future? What future?

Did this Jiang Yi still have a future? He would most probably be turned into a complete cripple today, right? To commit such ruthless and mad crimes. Even if the Disciplinary Court didn’t kill him, they would cripple his cultivation and turn him into a disabled trash for the rest of his life.


An exploding voice resonated as a dozen individuals penetrated into the Martial Arts Demonstration Court. A black-robed middle-aged man walked in with severe eyes. His violent and imposing aura shrouded the entire Martial Arts Demonstration Court. His sights locked on Jiang Yi like lightning, the sound of essence force circulating heard from his hands. It was obvious… if Jiang Yi didn’t stop, he would have made his move.

“Jiang Yi pays his greetings to the Martial Court Elder!”

Jiang Yi wasn’t stupid: the leg that was originally about to trample on Jiang Rulong was withdrawn immediately. He looked at the robed individuals with an unflinching expression while bowing with respect.

Everyone awoke from the realization and followed up with a respectful bow. “Greetings Martial Court Elder.”

“What is going on here?”

The essence force went back into the body of the middle-aged man. Looking around with a furious expression, he shouted, “What are you all still standing there for? Why aren’t you bringing the injured to recuperate? Everyone else is to be sent to the Disciplinary Court. You bunch of bastards are truly lawless, uh?”

“Report to the Elder: I know what exactly happened!”

Jiang Yi’s face didn’t have a hint of the frenetic, even when facing the clan’s Martial Court Elder. He spoke with neither an overbearing nor a servile tone to the clan’s overall no.3 combatant, “All these people are injured by me. I will go to the Disciplinary Court, and I will admit my mistakes, too. But I beg for all the clan’s Elders to be at the hearing. If not… I would rather die than go to the Disciplinary Court. I beg for Elder to personally execute Jiang Yi!”


The Martial Court Elder’s expression was now even more severe. Circulating the essence force around one of his hands, he took a big step towards Jiang Yi and spoke in a gloomy and cold voice that echoed throughout the entire Martial Arts Demonstration Court. “How dare this little bastard be this presumptuous even after injuring all these people? Do you really think I dare not kill you?”

Jiang Yi didn’t even lift his head and submissively lowered his head. He spoke out again, “I beg for Elder to accept my request! Jiang Yi is willing to die in your hands but absolutely unwilling to go the Disciplinary Court and… die of persecution!”

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