Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 33 - The Good-for-Nothing

Chapter 33: The Good-for-Nothing

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The Jiang Clan had many descendants; the direct lineage consisted of more than twenty members while the collateral lineage had even more. There were at least over a hundred collateral lineage descendants like Jiang Ruhu. Those truly prodigious descendants would definitely not be appearing in the Martial Arts Demonstration Court.

The recruitment of the Mt. Spirit Beast College and West Garrison Army was to be hosted soon. Jiang Yunshan personally gave out the orders to allow all descendants that had certain levels of ability to go into seclusion to cultivate essence force or practice martial arts. It was obvious that all the descendants in the Martial Arts Demonstration Court did not have sufficient talents and would be unable to make a breakthrough within a short moment, which was why they could only hone their martial arts.

Even though the descendants that were within the Martial Arts Demonstration Court weren’t of elite level, all their status was superior to Jiang Yi’s. Especially the two individuals who resembled Jiang Henshui’s dashing facial features. One of them was Jiang Henshui’s younger blood brother—Jiang Gushui. The other was Jiang Rulang, the son of Disciplinary Court’s Deputy Elder—Jiang Yunshi.

The presumptuous words that Jiang Yi said obviously enraged the two of them. But the one that Jiang Yi called out for was Jiang Ruhu. They didn’t want to claim what wasn’t directed at them. They let out cold snorts and cast their sights at Jiang Ruhu, waiting for a good show.

The two of them remained calm; but the collateral descendant, who was of the third stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, stood at the door and had a fiery temper. Before Jiang Ruhu had the chance to speak, he pointed at Jiang Yi’s nose and berated him, “Who do you think you are? Get out of here!”


Jiang Yi’s essence force frenziedly circulated; Jiang Yi flashed right in front of the one who scolded him and gave him a lightning-quick slap before he could even react. The collateral descendant flew back by several meters and crashed onto the ground.

“The strength of four horses… the fourth stage of Cast Tripod Realm!”

Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang got a slight surprise. They were rather unfamiliar with Jiang Yi but knew that he had exceptional instincts that were even superior to Jiang Henshui’s. Being in the same generation, they would more or less have some impression. They could clearly remember Jiang Yi’s dantian being sealed, and he was only at the first stage of the Cast Tripod Realm last year? How did his strength suddenly skyrocket?

Jiang Ruhu and the group were all stunned. Two months ago at the Western Hills, Jiang Yi was just at the second stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, right? Such large progress in such a short amount of time… could he have consumed a heaven-tier elixir? Thinking back when Jiang Yi was just at the second stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, he was already beaten into a pulp. Jiang Ruhu couldn’t help but take two steps back unconsciously.

“I said I only want the legs of Jiang Ruhu, Jiang Bao, and Jiang Song. Those that do not want to be mistakenly injured, please stand aside!” Jiang Yi’s voice echoed without any emotions. Majority of the descendants of Jiang Clan took a few steps back. If Jiang Yi dared to make a move in the Martial Arts Demonstration Court, it meant that he was taking all risks. It wasn’t worth it to fight it out with a madman.


Seeing that the situation was going awry, Jiang Song turned and ran towards the side door. It would be equivalent to having his leg broken if he didn’t try to escape. Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang weren’t going to interfere; neither could he rely on Jiang Ruhu’s strength. As long as he ran out to shout that Jiang Yi injured someone, Jiang Yi would definitely be punished by the Disciplinary Court.


However, a figure was even faster than him. Jiang Song could feel an intense killing intent from his back. He then immediately turned back to see a leg violently swinging down from midair. He panicked and screamed, “Third Young Master, Brother Lang, Brother Hu, save me!” At the same time, Jiang Song tried to withstand the kick by using the Wrestling Hand.


The snapping sound of the bone could be heard. Under the full force of Jiang Yi’s kick, he left no mercy and easily broke both the arms of Jiang Song who was at the second stage of the Cast Tripod Realm. At the same time, Jiang Song got blasted off by the heavy forces from Jiang Yi.


Just as Jiang Yi landed, his body vigorously jumped into the air again. He raised one of his legs and swung it down at Jiang Song.

“Jiang Yi, have you gone mad?”

“Jiang Yi, stop!”

As the clan’s Third Young Master, Jiang Gushui had to step in, if not Jiang Song’s leg would be forcefully shattered and possibly crippled. Jiang Rulang’s father was the Deputy Elder of the Disciplinary Court. He used to frequently bring up the Disciplinary Court to oppress other clan descendants, which was why he couldn’t stay silent in front of so many people.

“Crack!” “AHH!”

The reply to both their statements was the crisp and clear sound of bone cracking, followed by the miserable scream from Jiang Song. Seemingly deaf to the shouts from Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang, Jiang Yi raised his leg again, targeting Jiang Song’s other leg this time.

After trampling on Jiang Song’s other leg and crippling it as well, Jiang Yi then turned around and spoke to Jiang Gushui indifferently, “The Jiang Clan has an unspoken rule. That is to not get the other clan members involved in one’s own conflicts, right? If Jiang Ruhu and his group had any vengeance against me, I will make no complaints if they come for me! But why do they need to bring this onto my servant girl who doesn’t know an ounce of martial arts? Today, regardless of the presence of the two of you—even if God is here—I will still cripple the three of them.”


Finishing his declaration, Jiang Yi’s sights suddenly turned to look at Jiang Bao; like a lightning, he rushed at Jiang Bao. He looked just like a horrifying killer god that was bursting with killing intent: both his legs and robes were drenched with Jiang Song’s blood.

“Jiang Yi, you dare continue hurting people? No one can save you today!”

“That’s right. Jiang Yi, if you dare make another move, then don’t blame us for being harsh!”

Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang burst out shouting while Jiang Ruhu swiftly hid behind the two of them. Jiang Ruying had already gone seeking for his brother, Jiang Rulong. Once Jiang Rulong arrives, Jiang Yi would be left with the path to death. Jiang Yi had sinned gravely today; even if they were to accidentally kill him, it wouldn’t be considered wrongdoing. They would only receive a scolding at worst.


Jiang Yi ignored the threats of Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang and swiftly chased after Jiang Bao. He didn’t use any martial arts and just forcefully sent a fist. It was too simple to deal with Jiang Bao who was only at the second stage of the Cast Tripod Realm.


After Jiang Bao tried to escape, a giant force was felt from behind. He regurgitated a mouthful of fresh blood and fell forward. He couldn’t be bothered with the pain and shouted with fear, “Third Young Master, Brother Lang, are you guys still not going to step in? If I get more of this, I would be beaten to death!”

Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang maintained their position. It didn’t matter if such a minor character like Jiang Bao got injured. It would increase the offenses that Jiang Yi committed and would justify their interference instead. But the looks on both their faces were getting increasingly unhappy.


Once Jiang Bao’s legs were forcibly broken by Jiang Yi’s trample, his sights were locked on Jiang Ruhu. Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang couldn’t hold back any longer and began circulating their essence force. Putting on an imposing aura, Jiang Gushui roared, “Jiang Yi, this is your last chance. Stop right now and wait for the Disciplinary Court to serve your punishment. If not, do not blame us for being impolite!”

Both of them were at the fifth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm. In their eyes, Jiang Yi wasn’t of any threat even though he had a drastic progression in strength. They initially didn’t want to get involved with the matters of Jiang Ruhu, but how could they witness the breaking of Jiang Ruhu’s legs?

“Today, I will cripple Jiang Ruhu. Anyone who obstructs me shall face the consequences!”

Jiang Yi walked towards the group with an indifferent expression. With eyes of chill, Jiang Yi’s black robes were covered fresh blood, and so was one of his hands. In addition to his sharp killing intent, his entire figure was releasing a frightful presence.

“Hmph! Jiang Yi is committing crimes in public. We have tried to advise him, but he continues to be stubborn. Everyone, listen to my orders and take down Jiang Yi!”

After a few shouts, Jiang Gushui gestured with a wave of his hand and was the first to rush at Jiang Yi. Now that the clan’s Third Young Master was leading the takedown, everyone didn’t dare to sit on the fence any longer. Jiang Yi might look terrifying, but what could one man do against the dozens of people here?

“Go, break this maniac’s legs and send him to the Disciplinary Court. My father shall serve his punishment there,” Jiang Rulang let out a shout and rushed at Jiang Yi from the other side.


This was exactly the result that Jiang Ruhu wanted. No matter how heaven-defying Jiang Yi was, he still wouldn’t be able to go against that many people. In other words, it also meant that with so many of them stalling him, Jiang Rulong would definitely be able to arrive on time.

“I have no intention to make all of you my enemies. Don’t force my hand! Get lost!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes had a flash of black light. This was his first time utilizing the black essence forces. With a shout, his body was like a phantom dashing forward. His fists produced six phantom afterimages and shrouded Jiang Gushui who was leading the charge.

“Hmph, Phantom Punch. I know, it too!”

Jiang Gushui let out a faint smile and produced six fist shadows to clash with Jiang Yi’s six fist shadows. From his view, the two of them had a one-stage difference and the strength difference of one full horsepower. If Jiang Yi dared to go head on against him, it was like courting death. At the same time, his own attack speed and reaction speed was much superior to Jiang Yi; thus, no matter how he approached this, Jiang Yi still wasn’t his match!

“Tsk Tsk!”

What shocked Jiang Gushui was that Jiang Yi’s fist style changed suddenly from Phantom Punch into Wrestling Hand. When he was about to change his fist style to match it, Jiang Yi changed his fist style again. Jiang Yi’s hands turned into two pieces of seaweed and stretched towards Jiang Gushui, his legs sweeping like snake whips. Jiang Gushui was unable to react to the extreme speed combined with the perfect combination.


Even with the difference in cultivation of one stage, Jiang Gushui still got sent flying by the kicks of Jiang Yi. Luckily, Jiang Yi didn’t exert his full force; if not, both his legs would have been injured, too.

“Competing with martial arts? You bunch of good-for-nothings… when did you think you can win against me?”

The sneering laughter of Jiang Yi echoed as he passed through the crowd like a breeze. Any of the members that got in contact with Jiang Yi were simply swept aside. Seeing everyone got sent flying by Jiang Yi, Jiang Gushui gave a look of disbelief. When did this sealed trash become this valiant?

Jiang Yi didn’t even make use of the black essence forces to enhance his strength. He relied on his terrifying vision and Phenomenal Stage martial arts to easily defeat everyone here. Fifth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm? In his eyes, they couldn’t defeat a pile of manure.

“Pong, Pong, Pong…!”

One by one, bodies were thrashed all over, and they were all constantly crying ‘Ouch!.’ However, their eyes were actually filled with fear instead. It wasn’t because they were injured, but because they were acting injured so they wouldn’t need to attack anymore. Majority of them couldn’t even discern the technique used by Jiang Yi and got blown away by him. To carry on rushing him would be to seek trouble for themselves.

Jiang Rulang, who was at the fifth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, got sent flying in a short notice. The slap he got from Jiang Yi left a red burning palm mark on his fair skin.


Jiang Ruhu had been observing the situation all this time. After seeing Jiang Rulang got blasted off, he didn’t dare continue watching anymore. He shrank his body and stealthily slipped towards the side door. Jiang Rulong was yet to arrive; if he still didn’t escape, he would end up in the same state as Jiang Bao and Jiang Song on the floor.

“Hmph! Still trying to escape? Jiang Ruhu, accept your death!”

Jiang Yi’s sights were locked on Jiang Ruhu—how could he allow him to slip away? Using some odd footwork, Jiang Yi’s speed increased as he traversed through the crowd and launched an iron first at Jiang Ruhu. This was his first time using the Extreme Divine Steps. He couldn’t care if was there any possibility of it being recognized.

“Jiang Ruhu, accept your death?”

Right at this crucial moment came a cold voice from the side door. A gigantic and stalwart figure dashed in and saw Jiang Yi’s fist approaching Jiang Ruhu’s back, he shouted furiously, “You brat! How dare you hurt my younger brother? You shall die today for sure.”

“Jiang Rulong?”

Jiang Yi let out a stare and instantly withdrew his iron fist, only to change it into Silk Hands to grasp Jiang Ruhu’s hair. He then did a vigorous leg sweep to bring Jiang Ruhu’s plump body to the ground.

Afterward… in front of Jiang Rulong, Jiang Yi swiftly stomped on Jiang Ruhu’s chest, he sneered and looked at Jiang Rulong. “I am not just going to hurt him; I am going to cripple him! You want to kill me? Are you sure you have that ability to do so?”


Before he even finished his sentence, Jiang Yi lifted his leg high and stomped on Jiang Ruhu’s leg.

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