Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1725 - War Dispersion

Chapter 1725 - War Dispersion

With the Crazed Supreme Thearch Army, the entire journey was much safer. Ordinary people could not look into the Chaos Divine Boats; only Pseudo Thearch-Ranked martial artists could.

However, there were only so many Pseudo Thearch-Ranked martial artists in the world. It was highly unlikely that they would personally go to the void to investigate, unless Jiang Yi was really that unlucky. If that was the case, there was no way he would have been able to avoid it anyway.

More and more Chaos Divine Boats appeared along the way. Every half an hour, they would find another one. These Chaos Divine Boats did not just belong to the various armies but also to the great family clans.

The commander of the Crazed Supreme Thearch Army did not do anything rash. While he was in the State of the Union of Heaven and Man, Jiang Yi kept his eyes on him. The mummy was standing right beside the commander, his claw at the ready and prepared to strike him at any time.

Since he had this commander with him on the Crazed Supreme Thearch Army's Chaos Divine Boat, the patrol envoys and inspecting armies did not stop them. After all, there were too many Chaos Divine Boats around; they were all over the place. As long as they belonged to the various armies or great family clans, they would not draw too much attention.

Jiang Yi continued to realize the Soul Mirage Art, forcing himself not to think about Qing Ling. His worries were warranted. At that moment, Qing Ling was indeed in deep trouble.

The Crazed Supreme Thearch and the Yan Supreme Thearch were beginning to hunt her down. Both of them guessed the direction in which she escaped and went ahead of her to obstruct her way. Neither of them wanted to do any harm to her; they merely wanted her to hand Jiang Yi over. They said that Jiang Yi was a devil capable of all evils and that he had to be brought to justice.

Qing Ling had no choice but to use her wood-elemental origins to shake both of them off and continue running. The Azure Supreme Thearch was still not giving up the chase. Now that the Crazed Supreme Thearch and the Yan Supreme Thearch had joined the chase, the Qilin Empress was the only one left who had not shown up.

The three Supreme Thearchs were personally hunting Qing Ling down. From time to time, they would even go ahead of her to try and obstruct her way, making it incredibly difficult for her to keep it up. At first, she thought that she would be able to hold them off for at least half a day. Now, it looked like she would not be able to hold them off for much longer.

Dao Nù and Dao Leng wanted to give it their all, but neither of their battle abilities measured up to Wei Pingping's and Heavenly King Yun's. If Dao Nu had been around, they might have had a chance. After all, Wei Pingping was the first of the thirty-six Heavenly Kings.

Wei Pingping and Heavenly King Yun were gone. Dao Nù and Dao Leng were furious but had no place and no time to vent their frustrations.

At once, they found the hidden Teleportation Formation and teleported back to the Heaven Primordial Domain. Then, without stopping to rest, they teleported to the void where Qing Ling was said to be. They did not even have time to detour to Azure Supreme Thearch. Once they received Dao Nu's orders, they led soldiers out to the void to search for Qing Ling. The Azure Supreme Thearch suspected that Qing Ling hid Jiang Yi somewhere. Therefore, he sent a voice transmission for Dao Nu to send men out to search for him.

The entire Azure Supreme Thearch Army had been activated. Tens of millions of soldiers appeared in the vicinity of where Qing Ling and Jiang Yi teleported out. They set up a huge net, searching every inch thoroughly. Unfortunately, Jiang Yi was already fifty million kilometers away. No matter how many people were deployed, it would be extremely difficult to find him.

Time went by bit by bit. Soon, ten Lower-Domain days passed. Soon, tens of Lower-Domain days passed. The three Supreme Thearchs had no idea how far they had traveled while chasing Qing Ling down. Four of them were approaching the closest realm to Heaven Primordial Domain - Heaven Spirit Domain. Qing Ling tried to shake her three pursuers off by activating her wood-elemental origins many times.

After two more Lower-Domain days, Qing Ling finally used up her wood-elemental origins. She was nearer to the Heaven Spirit Domain now. She could already see Netherworld Race beings wandering around in the void. Qing Ling halted and calmly remained in the middle of the void, waiting for the Azure Supreme Thearch and the others to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later, the Azure Supreme Thearch was the first to arrive. When he saw Qing Ling hovering in midair, he grinned and said, "Run. Why aren't you running anymore? The Heaven Spirit Domain is right ahead. Why don't you enter it?"

Qing Ling did not answer him. Instead, she stared calmly at the Azure Supreme Thearch, the corners of her mouth curled up in a mocking smile.

The Azure Supreme Thearch seemed to be insulted by her mocking look. Coldly, he shouted, "Hand Jiang Yi over, Qing Ling. I will let you survive on account of your contributions to the human race."


Qing Ling laughed. Her naturally charming face became even more seductive. From afar, she could see the Crazed Supreme Thearch and the Yan Supreme Thearch rushing over. Suddenly, her heart thudded. Still laughing mockingly, she said, "Azure Supreme Thearch, do you know why you cannot achieve the same level as the Heavenly Thearch? You are very talented, and your Dao Heart is stable. You are hardworking and lucky.

"However, you have a fatal flaw. Your heart is not in the right place. You don't have the benevolence and love that the Heavenly Thearch had; neither do you have his magnanimity and bravery. That is why you will never achieve what the Heavenly Thearch did!"

The Azure Supreme Thearch remained expressionless. He did not respond to Qing Ling's words, not denying them either. "Tell me: are you going to hand him over?"


The Yan Supreme Thearch and the Crazed Supreme Thearch approached, standing on either side of the Azure Supreme Thearch. The Yan Supreme Thearch had a head of red hair, just like Jiang Yi. He was trained in the fire-elemental Quintessence, and he looked like a ball of flames himself. A haze seemed to cover his face as he said, "Qing Ling, Jiang Yi killed many innocent people. Why are you still protecting him? It'll be hard for us to explain to the rest of the human race. Hand him over, and we will bring him to justice."

"That's right!"

The Crazed Supreme Thearch lived up to his name; his character was maniacal, and he looked just like one of the furious-looking gods in the temple, ferocious and fiendish. He stared at Qing Ling and said, "We cannot let this person survive or the rules will be overturned. Today, Jiang Yi conducted a massacre in the Azure Supreme Thearch City. Tomorrow, others might do the same in Yan Supreme Thearch City and Crazed Supreme Thearch City.

"Would we be able to maintain order in the world if we allow Jiang Yi to survive? The Netherworld Race beings will attack us at any moment, but Jiang Yi did something this sadistic and evil. How can we answer to the civilians if we don't kill him?"


The divine tree suddenly combusted into flames as a terrifying aura rushed out of the tree and towards the three Supreme Thearchs. Their expressions changed at once, and they were forced to retreat.

"War Dispersion? Qing Ling, are you insane? You're ruining thousands of years' worth of hard work for the sake of one brat?"

The Azure Supreme Thearch roared in anger. This was the same move Qing Ling used to fight off the Netherworld Thearch back then. Once she used the War Dispersion, Qing Ling's cultivation would be ruined, and she would have to start again from scratch. Although given Qing Ling's capabilities, she would be able to achieve Thearch-Ranked capabilities in a few thousand years, did she really still have that long to live? To endure the pain that came with the Soldier's Solution and to endure thousands of years of loneliness… were all of that worth it to save one Jiang Yi?


A destructive explosion echoed throughout the void, causing pieces to scatter all around. Then, the air split open to reveal a terrifying hole, which stretched over one million kilometers. The earth-shaking explosion caused the Netherworld Race beings nearby to be shocked. The Azure Supreme Thearch and his two companions retreated thousands of kilometers but could still feel the impact of the explosion.

"Back then, I was forced to use the War Dispersion for the sake of the human race. This time, I am doing it again for Jiang Yi. I had no regrets or qualms the first time, and this time is no different because he will prove… that everything I did is worth it!"

A distant voice filled the entire void as the tree branches and roots turned into streams of light, flying in every direction. They were unstoppable. The Azure Supreme Thearch and the others did not know which tree branch Qing Ling's essential soul was hidden in. Back then, the Netherworld Thearch could not destroy her essential soul; now, they all-the-more could not do the same.

War Dispersion… this was Qing Ling's unique final move.

Her essential soul would hide in one of the tree branches or other remains of the tree and cut across the void to land in a hidden place. The tree branch or remain would turn into a seed, which would slowly grow and cultivate, enduring thousands of years of solidarity and loneliness.


Tens of thousands of kilometers away, a beautiful face surfaced. The Qilin Empress had finally shown herself. Her expression was filled with pity and sorrow. Without saying anything, she sighed softly. Then, the face disappeared into the void once again.

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