Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1724 - Crazed Supreme ThearChapter Army

Chapter 1724 - Crazed Supreme ThearChapter Army

This time, the Dao Clan had been very discreet and meticulous; they had not left any evidence of their actions. News regarding the three Earth Domain sovereigns and kings… as ordinary clans in the Heaven Domain did not know about their imprisonment, no reports had been sent back to the Earth Domain about this.

However, Mo Lingqiu, Qi Qingchen, and Yi Tu all felt that something was wrong. Previously, news had spread that Jiang Yi was trapped in a mystic realm; why had there been no news from Phantom King and the others after they had gone to the Heaven Domain? Suddenly, Jiang Yi had appeared in the Azure Region as well? He had also killed his way up Azure Supreme Thearch Peak?

The more Mo Lingqiu thought about it, the more he felt uneasy. He started to quietly move the Mo Clan disciples to safety. Yi Tu and Qi Qingchen also followed suit as they secretly started to hide their clans' core disciples.

Regardless of what the reasons were, Jiang Yi had really done it this time. He had cleansed Azure Supreme Thearch City with blood and slaughtered who knew how many Dao Clan disciples; he had embarrassed Azure Supreme Thearch beyond measure. Who knew if the Dao Clan would be crazed and try to exact revenge?

The three clans moved their disciples into hiding so that if something were to happen, at least their clans would not be completely annihilated. Poison Spirit, Mo Yao'er, Zhan Wushuang, Qian Wanguan, and company had also been f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y transferred away by Mo Lingqiu. These people were in the most danger presently. If they were left in Jiang Yi Prefecture, they could easily be assassinated by the Dao Clan to appease their rage.

Yi Tu had wanted to send Yi Piaopiao away as well. However, after considering her character and temperament, he gave up on this notion. If he told Yi Piaopiao about this, she might actually personally head to the Heaven Domain; that would cause even more trouble.

Qi Qingchen seemed to have grown up overnight after the Wintry Sovereign had headed to the Heaven Domain. She hid all her worries and concerns as she stayed put and held the fort in Wintry City. As she held the fort, she kept on cultivating in earnest as she quietly waited for news from Jiang Yi, Wintry Sovereign, and the rest.

As the Heaven Domain was in an uproar now, He Nongying took half a day to digest all the news but still was a little stunned. Qilin Empress also expressed her surprise. After asking in detail what had happened, Qilin Empress burst forth, returned to Qilin Empress Peak, tore through the spatial zone, and disappeared.

Almost simultaneously, Yan Supreme Thearch and Crazed Supreme Thearch also received the reports as they tore through the spatial zone and headed towards where Azure Supreme Thearch was.

All three Supreme Thearchs had gotten a whiff of a different kind of aura. After consolidating all the information, they had made a few uncertain conjectures. Wei Pingping had cut off an arm for Jiang Yi while the Dao Clan had gone to so much trouble to force Jiang Yi into the open. Jiang Yi's aggression and crazed actions in response had then led to the Qing Ling trying to rescue him from Azure Supreme Thearch.

Although the three weren't certain, they all chose to track down Qing Ling and Jiang Yi to find out what on earth was going on.

After the three Supreme Thearchs took action, the Heaven Domain was thrown into even more chaos. All clans sent out their scouts and spies while all the Hunting Envoys went to the spatial zone to gather information. Dao Nù had also sent word for the Azure Supreme Thearch Army in the spatial zone to patrol in all directions to search for Qing Ling and act according to the situation.

In an instant, the area outside the Heaven Primordial Domain was filled with soldiers. All the Netherworld Race scouts that have

been hiding in mystic realms big and small were all shocked and scared, thinking that the human race was about to launch a massive counterattack.

After Jiang Yi flew for fourteen to sixteen hours, he was finally forced to stop. An air-splitting sound had traveled from ahead. That wasn't the sound of spatial zone turbulence; evidently, a Chaos Divine Boat was coming towards him.

After these many hours, he had made much progress in cultivating the Soul Mirage Art. He thought about it for a while and decided to hide the mummy as a white line shone from his body as his body shape changed to a burly one. This Soul Mirage Art was different from the Mirage Divine Ability. While the latter used an illusion art that misled the enemy and distorted what he was seeing, the Soul Mirage Art actually really changed his being.

Jiang Yi was transformed into a burly warrior as he stood upright in midair, his fierce gaze locking in front of him. Soon, a Chaos Divine Boat soared through the spatial zone as more than a thousand divine senses locked onto him.

Jiang Yi scanned over; however, he could not pierce through the Chaos Divine Boat's restrictions. He didn't recognize the symbol on this Chaos Divine Boat as well, and he didn't know which army this belonged to. However, he was certain that this should be a Hunting Envoy boat.

"Who are you? Show your command token!"

A cold voice rang out. The Chaos Divine Boat's restrictions were not disabled as Jiang Yi's eyes shifted, and he snorted. "Who do you think you are? You dare to question me?"

Jiang Yi was King-Ranked while Hunting Envoys were at most only Titled God Thearchs. Jiang Yi naturally could not appear to be too weak; that would immediately raise suspicion. He snorted as he transformed into a shooting star and flew far away.


The Chaos Divine Boat accelerated as it pursued him. When it was ten thousand feet from him, the Chaos Divine Boat's restrictions were finally lifted as troops of soldiers flew out. A person that looked like a commander shot forward as he held a command token and said, "My Lord, we are from the Crazed Supreme Thearch Army. We have been ordered to patrol this region; please cooperate!"


When this group of people flew out, Jiang Yi's eyes lit up as his guqin swiftly appeared; and he played on it furiously. He also released his mummy as he leaped on its shoulder, and the mummy started its emotionless slaughter.

He definitely couldn't be soft at this point in time; if not, he would die. These Hunting Envoys were probably looking for him.

As there wasn't a single King-Ranked martial artist, this slaughter was too easy for Jiang Yi. He easily killed all thousand-odd of them, leaving only that commander alive.

After the killings had ended, Jiang Yi controlled the mummy to grab hold of the commander as he casually released a burning flame and incinerated all the bodies around. He then brought the mummy and that commander into the Chaos Divine Boat.


The commander's baneful aura steadily grew weak as he looked terrified and scanned his divine senses around. He realized that everyone had vanished. When he detected Jiang Yi's mummy, his eyes narrowed as he instinctively wanted to escape from its grip and attack Jiang Yi or send a message back.

"My name is Jiang Yi; I had just killed millions of people in Azure Supreme Thearch City. Are you sure you want to become one of them?"

Jiang Yi's cold voice startled this commander. His eyes flashed, but he did not know what to say. Jiang Yi continued expressionlessly as he said, "I just want to escape. If you cooperate, I will let you live and give you a hundred million divine roots. You should know that I can kill you as easily as killing an ant. Whether you want to live or die; your choice."

The commander was silent for a full five minutes before he gritted his teeth and said, "I want to live!"

Jiang Yi's notoriety had scared this commander. However, Jiang Yi was still rather careful as he kept this person's interspatial rings and weapons as he brought the commander to the stern of the boat. He activated the restrictions there as he ordered this commander to navigate the Chaos Divine Boat to the Poison Devil Wasteland.

This commander actually didn't know much. He had just gotten an order from his superiors to patrol the area to find any suspicious persons while he had also received portraits of Jiang Yi and Qing Ling.

"Crazed Supreme Thearch Army?"

Jiang Yi breathed easy. Fortunately, he had not killed this commander just now. If not, it was nearly impossible for him to fly to the Poison Devil Wasteland; there was definitely going to be a frightening number of Hunting Envoys in the spatial zone now.

With this Chaos Divine Boat and this Crazed Supreme Thearch Army commander as his shields, his journey was now going to be much safer. After all, not many would dare to incur the wrath of the Crazed Supreme Thearch Army.

"You'd better not try anything funny. If I realize any problems, I will immediately kill you. Don't even think of launching a sneak attack as well; I am wearing a Dao Heaven Spiritual Treasure battle armor; you won't be able to kill me at all!"

Jiang Yi coldly said as he entered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man to continue realizing the Soul Mirage Art. He wasn't lying to this commander; under the State of the Union of Heaven and Man, he could constantly keep tabs on him. Once this commander did anything funny, Jiang Yi would kill him heartlessly.

Even the Crazed Supreme Thearch Army had been activated; it seems as if Crazed Supreme Thearch, Yan Supreme Thearch, Qilin Empress, and the others have been alerted as well, right? I wonder how Lord Qing Ling is now.

Jiang Yi sighed internally. He could only pray secretly that nothing would happen to this Divine Tree. If not, his conscience would not rest easy for the rest of his life.

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