From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Gamble a Hand

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“What are you doing? Why did you bring a knife to school?” Although Qiu Yizhen was quite unreasonable, she would still never bring a knife to school.

Jian Yiling didn’t answer Qiu Yizhen’s question. She held the knife in her left hand and pointed at her right hand.

“Let’s gamble a hand.”

What the hell? Gamble a hand? Was she mad?

Jian Yiling paused for a moment before she continued, “Show me evidence and this hand is for yours to cut; If not, your hand is for me to cut off.”


Jian Yiling’s voice was slightly childish and would be considered even slightly sweet. However, the words that she said were quite scary.

She held the scalpel in her left hand and it stayed suspended ten centimeters above her right wrist. It seemed as though she was ready to cut down as it at any time.

Although her words were soft and weak, the way she did things had a force that Qiu Yizhen didn’t have.

“You’re sick!” Qiu Yizhen said. She felt as though Jian Yiling was crazy.

Everyone else also widened their eyes in surprise. Jian Yiling’s actions were frightening.

The person who shared the desk with Jian Yiling was also at a loss of what to do.

“If you have evidence, there will be no need to be afraid. The one who is going to lose their hand is me. Or is it, that you don’t have evidence? Are you lacking confidence?”

Jian Yiling’s clear eyes gazed in the direction of Qiu Yizhen.

Qiu Yizhen looked at these eyes and suddenly felt a sense of panic.

What was this situation?

Although Jian Yiling remained the same person, compared to the individual from before, she still behaved brashly. However, now, her words were more moderate.

However, why did Qiu Yizhen feel her heartbeat rapidly increase in front of this calm and collected Jian Yiling? She had never felt it before.

“I…” Qiu Yizhen stammered as she felt annoyed in her heart. There were so many pairs of eyes watching her. If she said that she didn’t dare to take the bet, she would lose respect.

However, if she were to bet with Jian Yiling, if she lost, wouldn’t that make her lose respect even more.

How would everyone listen to her afterward?

“Sister Qiu, we don’t need to gamble with her. Let’s go report to the school. She brought a knife to school!”

Her follower beside her gave Qiu Yizhen that idea.

Qiu Yizhen listened to it and thought that it made a lot of sense.

She nearly listened and got lost in Jian Yiling’s words!

And thus, Qiu Yizhen left with her followers.

They disappeared in an instant and everyone else in Class 8 remained dumbfounded.

Was this it?

Did Qiu Yizhen really just admit defeat?

Following this, they looked at Jian Yiling with doubtful eyes.

Could it be that the person who injured Jian Yunnao was not her?

After Qiu Yizhen left, Jian Yiling calmly put away her knife.

Not long after, the Head of Teaching arrived.

The Head of Teaching was a middle-aged man in his fifties. He had little hair and his hairline almost reached the top of his head.

He had a thin body and narrow eyes.

In the minds of all the students of the school, he was given the nicknames, ‘Ghosts avoid him’ and ‘Avoid him at all costs’.

As soon as Class 8 saw the Head of Teaching, they immediately went back to their seats for the fear that they would be called out for doing something wrong.

Qiu Yizhen and her followers followed after the Head of Teaching.

It was time for self-study in the morning. Everyone else in the grade was lively, yet Class 8 remained silent.

“Student Jian Yiling, I heard that you brought a knife to school?”

The Head of Teaching narrowed his eyes and looked at Jian Yiling. His expression wasn’t very kind.

The incident related to Jian Yiling was rather large in Shenghua High School. The teachers couldn’t help but know about.

However, the Jian family had told the school that their child had gotten sick and needed rest. And thus, it was not good for the school to ask again.

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