From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Big Sister Qiu

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Shenghua High School was the best private school in Hengyuan City. If one could go there to study, they either had amazing grades or they had substantial family backing and good circumstances.

Mo Shiyun belonged to the category that had amazing academics whilst Jian Yiling belonged to the one who had good family circumstances.

The other type was individuals such as Jian Yiling’s brother Jian Yunnao. An individual who had amazing academics and good family conditions.

Jian Yiling was in her first year of senior school. She had just started school in September.

Unlike Jian Yunnao and Mo Shiyun who were in the accelerated/selective stream, Jian Yiling was part of the normal stream. Even in that stream, she would rank last.

When Jian Yiling arrived in Classroom 8, there were already a lot of students in the room.

Upon seeing Jian Yiling, everyone showed a surprised expression.

Jian Yiling didn’t care about them. She walked straight to her seat.

However, she saw that there were a lot of things that were on her desk.

And the things that belonged to her had disappeared.

Jian Yiling saw that her belongings were scattered in the junk cupboard at the back of the classroom.

All of a sudden, the mood of the classroom froze.

Jian Yiling’s eyes fell on the person who shared a desk with her.

That person nervously explained, “No, it wasn’t me, it was Sister Qiu! Sister Qiu brought people over. I wouldn’t dare to do such a thing!”

For the person who shared the desk with her, both Sister Qiu and Jian Yiling were not people she wanted to mess with.

Jian Yiling knew who Sister Qiu was. In the original novel, Sister Qiu had a good relationship with the female lead Mo Shiyun. Although this relationship wasn’t reflected much in high school, it was evident in society. When Mo Shiyun had entered the society, Sister Qiu had been a great friend and helped Mo Shiyun solve several of her troubles.

Mo Shiyun’s character was a girl who was incredibly good at understanding others and one who had good relations with everyone.


From her position of being a maid’s daughter to her later position, there were a lot of people that helped her.

And when you speak about the devil, he arrives.

Once Qiu Yizhen received the news, she quickly arrived at the classroom through the backdoor. Her followers had stormed in with her.

As soon as she saw Jian Yiling, she came charging at her with a ferocious expression.

Qiu Yizhen was tall amongst the girls. She had short hair, a wide face, and regular features.


She wore studs on one of her ears. It was the type that you could remove at any time. Whenever there was a teacher, she would take it off. However, when the teacher was out of sight, she would wear it again. She had quite a temper.

Everyone in the classroom automatically stepped back. They kept their distance with Sister Qiu and were afraid to provoke her.

The person who shared a desk with Jian Yiling instantly shrank to the side. Their expression was super nervous.

“Jian Yiling, how dare you come back to school? Your brother has been hurt by you and you still dare to come back to school? Do you even have a conscience? You should get lost so I don’t even have to see you again!”


Jian Yiling had no expression on her face. She reacted the same way as she had to Jian Yunnao. She remained calm and collected.

“Who told you that I pushed him?”

She asked this question for the previous Jian Yiling.

In the face of overwhelming abuse and bullying, Jian Yiling in the previous life had not asked this question.

“What do you mean who told me that I pushed him? Everyone in the school knows that you pushed him!”

“If everyone in the school knows, then who actually saw, with their own eyes? And does anyone have the evidence?”


Jian Yiling’s tone was calm. She said a word at a time and Qiu Yizhen didn’t know how to reply.

Qiu Yizhen thought about it carefully. Everyone in the school knew that Jian Yiling pushed him however, there was no one who actually stood up and said that they had seen it with their own eyes.

However, Qiu Yizhen was not willing to back off and be fooled by Jian Yiling. “Don’t think that you can get rid of your suspicion without a witness!”


Jian Yiling’s right hand slammed onto the desk. The desk vibrated. The sound wasn’t too loud nor too quiet. However, it was just enough for everyone in the quiet classroom to hear it.

Immediately after, Jian Yiling’s left hand reached for a set of scalpels from her bag.

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