From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 152 - Don’t Be Scared, I’ll Deal With It (2)

Chapter 152: Don’t Be Scared, I’ll Deal With It (2)

When Wen Nuan saw what had happened, she became incredibly anxious. She immediately reached for her phone to call her husband.

“Shuxing, Yi- Yiling… She suddenly ran out of the hospital! After running out of the hospital, she got onto some vehicle with her middle-aged male friends…”

“What?” Jian Shuxing was currently in a meeting. He was shocked to hear the news. “Calm down for a moment, are you at the entrance of the hospital right now?”


“DId Yiling get in the vehicle by herself?”

“Yes. Yiling told me that they were her friends. But I don’t even know how she knows them… Shuxing, what do we do? Will she be in danger?” Wen Nuan cried out. Her voice trembled as she spoke.

“Don’t worry about it too much. I’ll come over right now.”

After he ended the call, he turned around and told his secretary a few words. Then, Jian Shuxing left the company in a hurry.

When he was on the way to the hospital, he also contacted Jian Yuncheng. Jian Yuncheng had been working remotely from home.

After contacting his eldest son, he also contacted the security team that worked for the Jian family.

After Wen Nuan hung up the call with Jian Shuxing, she began to repeatedly call Jian Yiling’s number.

However, Jian Yiling’s line was always busy. She couldn’t get through to her daughter.

She didn’t know what to do anymore.


After Jian Yiling got onto the vehicle, the people there greeted her politely. Then, they asked:

“Miss Jian, where do you want to go?”

“Take me to the Number One Secondary School of Hengyuan City.”

That was Jian Yujie’s school.


“Also, bring me the man that I asked for earlier. Take him to the Jian Residence.”

The man that she requested for was the person who had managed the surveillance at Heyunshan Resort. He had previously escaped from Hengyuan City.

“Okay, I’ll get it done as soon as possible.”

Without a second thought, the man immediately complied with Jian Yiling’s request.

Number One Secondary School of Hengyuan City.

Today, Jian Yujie was rather different from his usual self.

Ever since he got to school, he didn’t speak much. His face also didn’t have his usual energy.

It felt as though something serious had happened to him.

A few of his close friends had approached him to ask about the situation. However, he had just told them that he was fine.

However, they knew that he was not fine. From the way he spoke, his friends knew that something was off.

When they were currently in math class, a girl appeared at the door of their classroom.

The girl’s face was rather exquisite. It almost looked as though she was a character out of an anime.

Her slim body was wrapped in a soft white fleece jacket.

Most of the attention in the classroom had been drawn to the girl standing in front of the door. However, Jian Yujie’s mind was elsewhere. He continued to look down at his textbook and didn’t notice anything.

At the end of the class, several of the students approached the door. A few girls came forward and asked who she was looking for.

“I’m looking for Jian Yujie.”

When everyone heard that the girl was looking for Jian Yujie, they started to call out to him.

“Oh my Yujie. Where did you find such a pretty girl? Who is she?”

When he heard the voices of his classmates, Jian Yujie finally raised his head.

He was stunned when he saw Jian Yiling standing at the door.

Wasn’t she meant to be in the hospital?

Why did she appear here?

Jian Yujie immediately got up when he thought about Yiling’s condition. Why had she left the hospital?

However, after taking a few steps, he suddenly remembered something. His steps became heavy.

He was not worthy. He was not worthy to be her brother.

“Jian Yujie, what are you doing? Don’t keep her waiting!”

The boys started to make a ruckus. Their voices interrupted Jian Yujie’s thoughts.

Jian Yujie took another look at Jian Yiling. He couldn’t help but walk over to her.

As soon as he reached the door, Jian Yiling reached out and grabbed him by the sleeve. Then, she started to drag him away.


Jian Yujie got dragged along by Jian Yiling. He didn’t dare to stop her. As a result, he could only run after her.

If he suddenly stopped, he was afraid that he would cause her to trip.

Jian Yiling dragged him all the way to a deserted place in the school building.

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