From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 151 - Don’t Be Scared, I’ll Deal With It (1)

Chapter 151: Don’t Be Scared, I’ll Deal With It (1)

The way he phrased his sentence made Jian Yiling assume that the gift was meant to be received via the Internet.

“Okay,” Jian Yiling answered.

The few of them didn’t stay for long. They merely exchanged a few words with Jian Yiling before they left the room.

However, they had left behind a large number of valuable gifts.

The Jian family had seen plenty of these costly gifts before. As Wen Nuan came from a prestigious family, she had seen plenty of such gifts before.

However, it was quite strange to give such gifts for an ordinary fever. The other party’s generosity made them quite suspicious.

Anyone who could give such things definitely had some influence in society.

As a result, Wen Nuan was quite suspicious of the people who had just visited her daughter. When she looked at her daughter’s young face, she became even more worried. She was worried that they would swindle and deceive her only daughter.

For safety precautions, she decided to send a message to her husband and eldest son. She briefly explained the situation to them and hoped that they would investigate the people who had just visited. She had to make sure that these people wouldn’t harm her daughter.

Soon after, Jian Yiling received an email from the other party.

A video was attached to the email.

The video was taken in He Yan’s study.

It was taken by a hidden camera.

The hidden camera had been installed during the time when the other party had retrieved a copy of the surveillance video.

They had installed many other hidden cameras throughout He Yan’s residence.

The video that she received had no sound.

However, as soon as Jian Yiling took a look at the video, she knew what had happened in He Yan’s study.

Jian Yiling quickly opened her phone to send a message to Jian Yujie.

However, after opening her chat logs, she didn’t know what to write.

Jian Yiling had no experience in handling such a situation.

After she thought for a long period of time, Jian Yiling typed out:

[Are you okay?]

After a while, Jian Yujie replied with a message:

[I’m fine. Just take care of yourself.]

If it was the old Jian Yujie, his reply would have never been like this.

After another short period of time, Jian Yujie sent across another message:

[I’m sorry.]

The message only had two words. There was no reason that accompanied the apology.

A line of words floated into Jian Yiling’s mind:

A nineteen-year-old boy committed suicide by jumping off a building. The reason for this is unknown.

In the original novel, Jian Yujie had died when he was nineteen years old. He had died earlier than Jian Yiling.

Jian Yiling suddenly lifted up her blankets and got up from the bed.

“Yiling, what’s wrong? Do you need to go to the bathroom?” Wen Nuan asked.

“I want to be discharged from the hospital.”

As Jian Yiling told Wen Nuan what she wanted, she had started to get dressed.

“You haven’t recovered yet. The doctor said that you should stay under observation for another two days.”

Wen Nuan stepped forward to try and stop Jian Yiling.

However, Jian Yiling had no intention of stopping.

“I’m leaving the hospital,” Jian Yiling repeated. Her eyes and tone were firm and resolute.

“Yiling, what’s wrong? Tell mommy what’s the matter.”

Wen Nuan was a little shocked by Jian Yiling’s reaction. She had no idea what was going on.

“Nothing much. I’m just leaving the hospital.”

Whilst Jian Yiling replied to her mother, she started to pack a few items into her small backpack.

Then, she sent a message to the other party who had just sent her the video:

[Lend me a few people.]

[Yeah, that’s not a problem. The people who just visited you haven’t left the hospital yet. I’ll tell them to wait for you.]

The other party’s reply was swift and clear.

“I’m going out. You go home first,” Jian Yiling said to Wen Nuan.

After she finished her sentence, she ran out of her hospital room.

“Yiling! Yiling! You’re still not well. You can’t run around like that!”

Wen Nuan cried out as she hurried after her daughter.

When Jian Yiling arrived at the entrance of the hospital, she directly entered the vehicle of people who had just visited her.

One of the men had respectfully opened the door for Jian Yiling.

Although Wen Nuan had chased after her daughter, she only managed to see the vehicle drive off.

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