Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 38: Slaying the Way to Devil Dragon Island

Chapter 38: Slaying the Way to Devil Dragon Island

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The three students in the Important Class never thought that Li Yao would actually take the initiative to attack. Even more so, they never thought that his offensive would be this fierce and violent. In a flash, they turned pale with fright!

However, their reaction speeds were clearly faster than Zhao Liang’s by a measure; the student of the Important Class facing Li Yao crossed his arms to defend. His waist bent in a strange manner. A “Bang!” rang out. He had barely defended against Li Yao’s knee strike. A groan was stifled in his mouth, and there was an expression of unbearable pain on his face... The bones of his pair of arms were broken by a single strike of Li Yao’s bombarding knee!

The other two students of the important class unleashed their assault from behind, trying in vain to keep Li Yao pinned down.

“Bang Bang!”

Li Yao did not duck or dodge. He forcibly took on the assault of the two behind him. The two students of the important class kicked his back with ferocity, but it was like kicking a giant sandbag filled with iron shavings. Li Yao’s muscles immediately rippled in a strange manner. The energy was dispersed and eliminated in a flash!

“His physical resistance capabilities are this strong!?”

The blood of the two students of the Important Class ran cold. They were aware of the strange rippling movement of Li Yao’s muscles. They were clearly aware that this was an extraordinary high-class, energy-dispersion technique. Under the special guidance of a military expert, the body is struck repetitively with powerful strikes in order to grasp the technique.

“Did we make a mistake? This guy's absolutely a monster! There’s practically no different in true strength between him and Helian Lie. How is he a mishmash of the Common Class? Are all the teachers in our school blind to this extent!?”

The three students of the Important Class glanced at each other, all seeing fear in the depths of each other’s eyes.

Li Yao had no interest in the offensive launched by the two people. His pair of knees, like tigers setting off a mountain, exploded forth violently! In under a second, he exploded out with 11 knee strikes that were so insane it seemed to be of magic!

The students of the Important Class ahead could not withstand it any longer, collapsing to the ground with a blood-curdling scream.

It was an unimaginable scene. Shouts of surprise came and went in waves in the VIP lounges. None of the spectators had ever thought that an encirclement formation of three students of the important class would actually be broken by a mishmash of the Common Class, using only the sort of brute force method of pure strength and physical ability to force the formation open!

Li Yao sneered. He strode over with large strides like a tiger pouncing on a lamb. He was chasing down the broken-armed students of the important class to continue his relentless assault!

The manner of his attacks was unspeakably exquisite. Every single strike bombarded straight down. None of his strikes contained anything deceptive or had any unpredictable variations. The three students of the Important Class could all anticipate the trajectory of his next attack.

However, they were unable to find a way to break through his technique. This was because Li Yao’s absolute striking strength was way too astonishing, and his physical resistance capabilities were way too strong as well.

Li Yao clearly staked it all on his body. Three vs. One. You may strike me thrice, but I will strike you once. That’s the way it was!

…Li Yao was accustomed to facing against the devilish-level expert, Fiend Blade Peng Hai. According to Li Yao, the attacks of these three Important Class students were nothing more than tickles. And Li Yao’s fists, even if they only brushed against their cheeks, was enough to make them cry tears of pain!

A short time later, the three students of the Important Class looked at each other and suddenly let out a whistle. At the same time, they split running in three directions to escape!

Three students of the Important Class had actually chosen to flee in desperation when facing a student of the Common Class.

“They spent several months specifically practicing these tactics. They were meant to be used against Helian Lie, but they actually employed it against a student of the Common Class. This truly is...”

Within the VIP lounge, the coach of the three students had a complicated expression on his face. The three aptly employed the battle tactics appropriately. This caused the coach to feel quite happy, but he felt far more emotions of shame and shock.

Li Yao, without any hesitation, chased unwaveringly after the first student of the Important Class. Each step he took could pull the distance closer by nearly half a meter. Soon, they were only separated by the thickness of a string. The fleeing student of the Important Class in front of him was on the verge of crying.

The other two students of the Important Class turned around, without hesitation, from the side, to cause Li Yao some trouble from behind.

This time, the manner in which they fought was clearly different. They no longer targeted Li Yao’s vital parts, but instead focused on pinning Li Yao down with harassing attacks. They wanted to stall for time; their purpose was to allow the first student to pull some distance.

When Li Yao’s patience was running thin, when he would turn around to attack someone, that person would turn and flee without hesitation.

And when Li Yao gave chase, unwilling to let his target escape, the other two students of the Important Class would change their roles. They would become the harassers!

“Us three may not have the strongest true strength in the Important Class, but our minds are the most intelligent and clear-minded of the Important Class. This set of ‘Escape-Harassment’ battle tactics, when put fully to use, would be hard for even Helian Lie to overcome. You. How can you find the answer to break out?”

The coach of the three Important Class students stared fixed at the hologram, murmuring to himself. He also looked at the time displayed on the hologram. His throat was a bit dry from talking too much.

“You don’t have much time left remaining, student Li Yao!”

At present, the time is 02:59:30 PM. There was only half a minute until the competition official ends!

Will a miracle… happen?

All the VIPs no longer paid any attentions to the other scenes. Their sights were totally focused on Li Yao’s 1 vs 3 on the hologram. Everyone was racking their brains, with no success, trying to figure out if Li Yao could make a reversal out of this predicament. Everyone was excited and looking forward to the outcome. They were awaiting a miracle!

27 seconds… 26 seconds… 25 seconds …

The speed of the three Important Class students had reached their hurricane-like limits. They ran with faces red from exertion. Their mouths and eyes were twisted. They completely lacked the aura and elegance of a heaven’s chosen, looking like three stray dogs instead.

13 seconds… 12 seconds… 11 seconds…..

The three people were forced to draw their entire strength, down to their bones! They rushed madly, rushed frantically, they ran like mad! Li Yao chased them unrelentingly, causing them to wretchedly foam at the mouth. Their tongues were flapping as they continued running in crazily without end. It was as if the most vicious, vile, and persistent of Demon Beasts was chasing closely behind them.

7 seconds… 6 seconds… 5 seconds…..

The pathetic worm being chased by Li Yao suddenly had his legs weaken and drop from under him. He rolled about on the ground clutching his leg… He had run too much and overtaxed his body, causing a cramping in his leg!

The remaining two let out a battle cry simultaneously. The threw themselves into the air and tenaciously held fixed onto Li Yao!

3 seconds… 2 seconds… 1 second…..

With a violent roar, the muscles of Li Yao’s entire body swelled, forcefully sending the two Important Class students flying. They dropped flat on their backs.

The time is precisely 03:00 PM. The competition was over. The crisp beautiful sound of a bell rang throughout campus.

“We won!”

“We held on to the bitter end!”

The three students were surprised at first, but soon they jumped around wild with joy. They hugged each other laughing and crying. It was like the opponent they had faced just then was not a student of the Common Class, but rather a campus king like Si Jiaxue or Helian Lie!

“I managed to get a ticket!”

The first student took out a wrapped treasure from his bosom, a small box engraved with glyphs. He waved it energetically and roared loudly.

“I managed to get a ticket!”

The second student also hefted up his own admission ticket. His face was full of hope after a storm, an expression with tears of joy.

“I… where’s my ticket?”

The third student felt all over his clothes in confusion. He could not feel out anything. He thought, distracted, and seemed to have realized something. He looked towards Li Yao as his face suddenly turned deathly white.

Li Yao sat cross-legged on the ground. His head was tilted while he carefully examined the artifact box held in his hand with great detail and discovered that there was a semi-translucent crystal card that was as thin as a cicada’s wing lying inside.

Devil Dragon Island was one of the locations of this year’s Limit Challenge Competition.

Li Yao let out a soft whistle as he took out the ticket from the box and channeled the ticket with his mind. A Puji Critter rushed through the air and laughed brightly.

In the VIP lounges was a wave of uproar!

“He... When did he grab the ticket? How did I miss it?” Most of the household heads looked at each other in dismay. They dared not to believe their eyes.

In the first VIP room, Yin Zhou could not hold back a light laugh, nodding his head, “Not bad. This kid’s body is quite powerful, like those body tempering specialists from the Northwest Continent who cultivate in the path of body refinement. And, his fingers are so adept, to be able to snatch away a ticket without anybody noticing. Those fingers are very much suited for crafting and repairing artifacts; they’re simply the hands of a refiner! In these times, what the Circle of Cultivators lacks the most are these sort of multi-talented geniuses. Really, this kid’s not bad!”

At this time, his secretary walked in and stooped down to his ear, saying a few words.

“Oh, so there’s this sort of thing going on?”

Zhou Yin’s gaze drifted, like a gentle stream, towards Helian Ba, “So, word has it that your esteemed son and this student Li Yao have some misunderstanding?

Helian Ba’s eyebrows rose up; his face was filled with an expression of disbelief. “It can’t be, right? I’ve never heard Small Lie mention this before? Although, kids can be quite hot blooded. It’s quite common for them to fight with each other, and often a friendship is born from the exchange of blows. Aren’t many bro-for-life bonds born from rivalries and fights? Or it's quite possible that these two really have a misunderstanding. That’s also not a big deal. Who would still take it personally?”

Zhou Yin gradually nodded his head, “Then that’s fine. Your esteemed son is also a genius that’s quite hard to come by. His strength is superior to Li Yao’s by a factor. Both of these two have promising futures. It’s not worth getting mad over such small matters!”

Helian Ba nodded his head over and over. He spoke with utter sincerity, “Yes. Yes. What Elder Zhou says is absolute! Oh, that’s right. Headmaster Zhao, I’ve heard that student Li Yao’s family circumstances aren’t too good. Doesn’t our school have a dedicated fund to sponsor students in poverty? I propose to withdraw 100,000 credits from this fund, and I will also contribute 100,000 myself for a total of 200,000 credits as a form of a scholarship to give to student Li Yao in praise of his wonderful display in this fighting competition… Elder Zhou, sir, what do you think?”

Zhou Yin chuckled. “These are all matters regarding your school; I don’t want to get involved. In short, this student’s basic potential isn’t bad. I’m quite pleased. Headmaster Zhao, Board-member Helian, and all the guests sitting with me today, everyone has done a great service.”

When the speech concluded, Helian Ba’s heart returned, once again, stuck in his throat. He felt he had just been fished from the bathing room; his back was full of cold sweat.

“LI! YAO!” A terrifying glow flashed in the depths of Helian Ba’s eyes as Helian Ba committed this name to memory.


At the main stage of the first school building, Helian Lie and Si Jiaxue stood on opposite sides onstage. They opened their microprocessors to produce holograms in order to find out the names of 10 ticket holders.

“We caused several of the stronger students in our class to suffer from heavy injuries and retire from the competition. We don’t know who the other 8 people are going to be, the lucky ones who can come with us to Devil Dragon Island.” Helian Lie laughed with his head lowered.

Their smiling expressions froze in a flash, like their faces were covered with a mask of botched human skin, and like their faces were beaten viciously.

An expression of faint doubt flew up on Si Jiaxue’s face. Giant question marks rippled in the depths of her clear-water eyes.

“Li Yao?” the two read the name silently. Their tones and implications were as different as black and white.

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