Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 37: Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!

Chapter 37: Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!

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Within 5 minutes, Li Yao found a total of 4 ticket holders.

Anyways, his luck today has been nothing special. Helian Lie was not one of the four, so he still hadn’t raised a hand. After giving these four people an enormous amount of fright, he continued heading over to the sports field.


02:44 PM. A piercing shout exploded into Li Yao’s ear. A figure, weaved with killing intent, blocked him from moving a step forward.

It was Zhao Liang, the person whom’s knees he broke a month ago!

Zhao Liang’s legs had been restored back to normal long ago, and in this month’s time frame, he went through some bitter training. His entire person’s temperament changed completely. His malice and ferocity increased. He was like a blade painted black, absorbing light.

Zhao Liang’s face was warped and twisted, deforming into a horse’s face. He said as he laughed nastily, “I need to thank you properly, fellow student Li Yao! I still remember vividly in my mind what you did to me a month ago. It’s fresh in my memory, appearing every night in my dreams! I pay you my respects. In this month, I went through a crazed kind of training. The pain I bore is a pain unimaginable for you! HeHeHeHe. Finally, in a month's time, I went from being ranked 41st in class to being ranked 33rd! I’m no longer the last place student! Today, I will say goodbye to you by using the ‘Treading Tiger Strike Three Murdering-Hit Combo’ I’ve trained in. I don’t know if this time, you still have an iron plate tucked in front of your sternum!”

Li Yao lifted his wrist to take a look at his micro crystal processor; there wasn’t even a hint of a reaction. Zhao Liang did not have an admission ticket.

“You don’t even have a ticket, yet you’re still shooting off! Do you think we’re in a debate competition!?”

With a glare of his eyes, Li Yao shouted suddenly with force. His entire body squatted down and his pair of legs seemed to swell twice in size in a flash. They were like thick coiled springs stored full of energy!


In a flash, Li Yao’s silhouette vanished without a trace, appearing right in front of Zhao Liang half a second later. His brutal aura locked completely onto every hair on Zhao Liang’s head. Zhao Liang could not react at all to Li Yao’s unusual incomparable speed!

The moment when an expression of astonishment appeared on Zhao Liang’s face, Li Yao seized Zhao Liang’s skull with his pair of hands, like a walnut being clenched by enormous metal pliers. Zhao Liang was totally unable to free himself!

Li Yao’s right knee ferociously rammed into Zhao Liang’s body like an artillery shell!

The strongest technique of the Thirteen Forces of the War Beasts… Treading Tiger Strike!


Zhao Liang’s lower body half flew up. His entire body curled up into a ball, looking like a small shrimp. Blood spurted wildly from his mouth. The back of his school uniform was torn to shreds!

Li Yao had no intention of stopping. Just when his right leg had fallen, his left knee burst forth. The two knees struck one after another in succession. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! His knees struck with great power seven times in a row. Each bombardment was stronger than the last by a bit. The final strike, with a knee as hard as iron, directly exploded onto Zhao Liang’s face!

Zhao Liang’s entire face caved in deeply. It was like he was smashed ferociously by a giant iron hammer. He flew several dozen meters, fiercely smashing into the ground. He didn’t even have the chance to let out a blood-curdling scream before he completely passed out!

A killing technique used by the military — the Thirteen Forces of the Warbeasts, Treading Tiger Strike 7 Murdering-Hit Combo!

“Yi!” In the third VIP lounge, the room was filled with noise and clamor just a second ago, buzzing with activity. The next second, the room turned into absolute silence. A deathly stillness… No one ever expected that an elite student of the Important Class would be eliminated in a flash by a mishmash of the Common Class!

“Ah!” In the second VIP lounge, the female teacher of Phoenix Ridge second shouted in surprise. She looked at Zheng Dongming to the side of her. Zheng Dongming’s mouth hooked into a smile, displaying an expression that contained no surprise.

“Hmm?” In the first VIP lounge, Zhao Yin’s eyes flashed with light and soon returned to their original state. With a wave of his hand, he called his secretary. After exchanging a few words, the secretary left in a hurry.

The current time is, 02:53 PM!

Li Yao didn’t even glance of Zhao Liang. He stepped over Zhao Liang’s body, considering Zhao Liang to be a piece of trash.

The noise of the fight between these two also drew the attention of several neighboring students. Li Yao didn’t even walk far before he was surrounded by three arrogant students of the Important Class. They glared at him with complete vigilance.

These three students all witnessed Li Yao finishing off Zhao Liang with a single move. Naturally, they wouldn’t lower their guard. They considered him to be the most fearful of threats.

“You’re Li Yao? I never thought that you weren’t being tortured by Helian Lie for this month, but were actually hiding in training. You actually possess a power this strong! However, it's useless. We top 20 students of the Important class are on a totally different level than the sort of bastard Zhao Liang is!” a student of the Important Class said sneering.

“And in addition, us three have been training in joint assault techniques together ever since we entered the third year. You are no match for us!” the second student of the Important Class stated.

“Therefore, if you’re an intelligent person, you would be a good boy and beat it! Go fight over other people’s tickets. We don’t want to suffer injuries on our side as well,” the third student of the Important Class concluded the conversation.

Li Yao looked at his micro crystal processor and discovered that they were indeed carrying three admission tickets on their bodies.

The true strength of these students lingered around rank 20 in the Important Class, oscillating up and down. They knew it would be hard to rely only on oneself to seize a ticket, so they planned early on to team up to fight. They spent most of the year painstakingly working on their joint assault technique into becoming perfected and exquisite. Indeed this time, several ranked top 15 students in the Important Class were defeated under their hand, seizing three of the precious admission tickets!

Li Yao didn’t necessarily know this information. However, there were only seven minutes of time remaining. He feared that there wasn’t enough time to find Helian Lie.

He carefully sized up the three surrounding students of the Important Class, analyzing and calculating at lightning speeds. He had no choice but to recognize that his opponents were formidable opponents on a higher level than Zhao Liang.

He examined his micro crystal processor once more. He found, to his dismay, that other than these three people, the remaining seven ticket bearing students were far away from him. It was likely that some hid inside the complicated, maze-like buildings. And most of them were moving around at high speeds. It would be very hard to catch them.

“Helian Lie, there is a veil between us. I’m forced to wait until the Youth Limit Challenge to slowly conclude things between us!” Li Yao squinted his eyes, withdrawing his gaze from the three students of the Important Class. In a slow and unhurried fashion, he took off ‘Give Up’.

“What the hell is he up to? It can’t be he wants to fight one on three?” Everyone was at a loss in the VIP lounges.

“Student Li Yao defeated Zhao Liang in a single move. Although his true strength is unconventional, he wants to fight three students, who clearly surpass Zhao Liang, as his opponents. It should be too much for him right?” The teachers were discussing animatedly.

And in the first VIP lounge, the smiling expression in the depths of Crimson Nimbus Guild’s Elder Zhou Yin’s eyes grew richer and richer.

Li Yao squatted down and folded ‘Give Up’ neatly and tidily. He placed ‘Give Up’ carefully to the side.

He was wearing a completely ordinary sports tank top and shorts. He had worn these clothes for a long time, all throughout his big torturous workouts. They were thin like a cicada’s wing, revealing faintly the lines of the muscles underneath clearly.

His stature was completely ordinary and his muscles weren’t considered anything too extreme.

But the encircling three students of the Important Class didn’t know why, but they all simultaneously felt a deep chill. When Li Yao took off his exterior clothes, a severe icy air also seemed to accompany the action, permeating and diffusing through the air. He was like…

A velociraptor that transformed in a flash into a tyrannosaurus rex!


Li Yao stamped one leg to the ground, shredding his sports shoes into pieces! His speed had increased unexpectedly by a factor when compared to the recent moment when he murderously bombarded Zhao Liang. In the lifetime of a flint’s spark, he flashed to appear right in front of the opposing student of the Important Class. The Treading Tiger Strike combo was unleashed once more like a hot knife through butter!

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