Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 2650 - Touching Song!

Chapter 2650: Touching Song!

“A*shole! A*shole! A*shole!”

In the spiritual residence of Blackhole’s Heart, the fur of the Gold Lion turned into abyssal black at first, before it changed into devastating red. But his hair was shivering furiously whether they were black or red.

Wuying Qi’s anger, regret, and desperation popped up on Li Jialing’s young face.

He should’ve thought of it! He had already thought of it!

If the situation were less urgent, and if Li Yao were not stirring trouble, he would’ve performed a thorough examination on Li Jialing’s body and observed him for half a month before he possessed Li Jialing. In such a case, he wouldn’t have been tricked like this at all.

However, he did not have the time!

The wretched cockroach, Li Yao, sabotaged his Next Sun Plan first, which messed up his heart and made his computation ability plummet.

Then, Li Yao woke up Li Linghai’s suppressed soul, which further injured his remaining soul and hindered his senses. Eventually, he stepped into this trap when he had no other choices!

Wuying Qi sensed strong sleepiness. The boiling blood over his body was calming down. He seemed to be sinking in a warm swamp. His every cell was whispering, “Sleep, sleep, sleep…”

Li Yao was not wrong. It was indeed not any poison but a powerful sleeping aid.

With Wuying Qi’s incredible control over his body in the Divinity Branching Stage, he shouldn’t have been affected by any hypnotic at all.

However, due to the collapse of the Next Sun Plan and Li Linghai’s counterattack, his remaining soul was heavily broken. Also, he had occupied Li Jialing’s body in a hurry and hadn’t fully mastered the body yet. So, it was rather difficult for him to activate his brain cells and secrete hormones to resist the hypnotic.

He wouldn’t really fall asleep, but there was indeed a moment of trance.

The battle of top experts was too fast. One moment of trance was enough for Li Yao to send him back to hell!

“You’re screwed, Wuying Qi!” Li Yao roared.

His roar echoed with the noises from Arsonist’s joints, and Arsonist was attacking even faster than sound. Before Wuying Qi was back to himself from the drowsiness, Arsonist had stomped on the ground and punched Blackhole’s Heart’s heart heavily for a second time!


It was like the main gun of a super warship was stuck to Blackhole’s Heart’s breastplate.

Even Arsonist’s right arm could not bear Li Yao’s ferocious power. It was broken and its components were splashing out.

Blackhole’s Heart’s breastplate deeply collapsed. It was almost punched through!

Although Wuying Qi was protected by the buffer liquid behind the breastplate, he was still vomiting blood crazily under Li Yao’s punch.

The enormous Colossus stepped back, only to be tied up by the iron tentacles of the Hydra System on Arsonist and pulled back again.

“You’re bold enough to—”

Wuying Qi’s face was full of gloom, before it was replaced by fury. Although Li Yao’s punch did not really hurt him, vomiting blood because of an enemy’s attack was a humiliation that he had never experienced. “To disrespect me like this!”

“Yes, so what?”

Li Yao bound Arsonist to Blackhole’s Heart with the Hydra System. The two super Colossi could only conduct the most intense melee battle in an awkward gesture. Li Yao was obviously more prepared. His left arm punched out again as he shouted, “I’m not just disrespecting you, I’m insulting you. Come on, create more black holes!

“This punch is for all the people living below the ground of the capital planet. What do you wretched Immortal Cultivators consider mankind to be? Bugs?

“This punch is for the Star Ocean Republic you destroyed a thousand years ago. On behalf of all the adherents of Firefly, I’ll let you taste their suffering!

“This punch is for all the innocent people who were killed by the Immortal Cultivators. You were the cause of everything. This is just the downpayment. They’ll seek revenge from you in person after you die!

“This punch is for Li Linghai and for the love between her and my foster father. I’m giving you this on behalf of my foster father!

“This punch is for Li Jialing, my beloved brother. Nobody can steal his body, and certainly not a scumbag like you. Get out now!

“This punch… this punch… and the next hundred punches are for nothing other than my personal interest. I’ve been meaning to blow up your head when I heard about you in Kunlun. If I don’t deform you today, I will be sorry for my starving fists!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Li Yao controlled Arsonist to punch with both arms, which turned from storms into tsunamis, and from tsunamis into overwhelming meteorites.

At first, Blackhole’s Heart’s glittering armor could still be seen, and Wuying Qi was gritting his teeth trying to restore his domain of absolute darkness.

However, every time blackness arose on the silver armor, it was interrupted by Li Yao’s burning meteorites, until Blackhole’s Heart was drowned by Arsonist’s fists in the end.

After the infinite punches, the natural, impeccable silver armor of Blackhole’s Heart became dented, and the mottled complex materials below the surface were revealed. No matter how many layers of materials the armor was made up of, it could not resist Li Yao’s burning fury. Too many parts were exploding and falling apart.

Fury came with a price. Arsonist’s arms were also breaking and melting at a visible speed, as if they were meteorites that were rubbing the atmosphere.

However, Li Yao had grabbed tremendous broken pieces of magical equipment and placed them on his empty arms so that he could punch again and again with the dazzling new arms!


Ever since Wuying Qi accepted the Blood God’s heritage and became Blackstar the Great a thousand years ago, he had never been more humiliated and desperate.

Blackhole’s Heart’s spiritual residence still kept the last defense and protected his body from being directly exposed to Li Yao’s iron fist, but Li Yao’s fury was still bombarded at his face, his brain, his mind, and his soul through all the layers of plate armor and buffer liquids!

Wuying Qi’s soul was more heavily wounded than ever. It was almost as swollen and devastated as his body.

If Li Yao’s attack could last one minute—no, half a minute—it would be possible for him to blow up Blackhole’s Heart’s breastplate and grab Wuying Qi out of the spiritual residence.

But pitifully—


The dull noises of bombardment came to an abrupt halt. Arsonist suddenly tripped itself over.

Its arms had been completely shattered in the bombardment of infinite meteorites and could not bear Li Yao’s fury anymore.

Li Yao was so crazy that he had blown up the fists of the Colossus!

Huchi! Huchi! Huchi! Huchi!

Li Yao breathed heavily. His every muscle was quivering, and his every cell was almost drained.

For someone in the Divinity Transformation Stage, they had to pay a dreadful price to suppress someone in the Divinity Branching Stage, even if the latter was just a remaining soul.

Now, Li Yao had used up his strength, and it was time for him to pay the debt.

Apart from the seriously ruined arms, the fuel of Arsonist had almost been drained too. It was impossible for him to activate the Ultra-Galactic Cannon.

Wuying Qi, however, still had the last bit of strength left.

As the defender, he had consumed less spiritual energy than the attacker did.

The effect of Drunk Deity had been weathered through too. He could sense that every drop of blood in him was boiling again.

“Hehe. It seems that…”

Wuying Qi smiled again, and the iron claws of Blackhole’s Heart clutched Arsonist’s broken arms. “… There’s nothing you can do now!”

“Who told you that? I’ve got one last move!”

Li Yao gritted his teeth, and a piece of round magical equipment that had infinite holes like a beehive was summoned. It spun quickly around Arsonist and Blackhole’s Heart.

Wuying Qi was stunned. “This is…”

“A super awesome stereo!”

Li Yao spat a mouthful of blood and laughed. “You didn’t see this coming, did you? This is my ultimate move—singing!”


Wuying Qi couldn’t have looked more complicated.

“That’s right. Nobody has ever defeated me in my song, and no one has ever not been touched by my passionate singing. I’ve encouraged people to fight with me with songs countless times, and this time, I will wake up my dear brother, Li Jialing, with a soul-stirring song. We brothers will work together to blow up your head!”

Glamorous light emanated from Li Yao, making him look like a superstar who was performing before the whole universe. A deafening prelude burst out from the stereo and spread into the ears of Wuying Qi, or Li Jialing, under the boost of Li Yao’s spiritual energy!

“Jialing, do you hear me? Don’t sleep anymore! Come and sing with me! Brother Yao has written this song for you. Aren’t you here to rescue your mother? You’re almost there. Li Linghai has got rid of Wuying Qi’s control. She’s waiting to reunite with you!”

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao opened his mouth. His chest bulged high, as if ten thousand crystal bombs had exploded inside. As if a volcano was unleashing the most passionate fire, a powerful and soul-stirring song spread out. “Mom is the best in the world. Nothing can compare to the happiness in mom’s arms…”

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