Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 2649 - Drunk Deity!

Chapter 2649: Drunk Deity!

The black hole opened its bloody mouth and swallowed Arsonist like a beast that considered the universe as its food.

The blazing Arsonist disappeared from this world all of a sudden after it was swallowed by the darkness. Neither the waves from the Colossus nor the attacks that Li Yao launched could be detected anymore.

Even Long Yangjun could not sense Li Yao and Wuying Qi anymore even though she was nearby, as if they had been teleported into another battlefield through the black hole. Their everything had been wiped off from this world!

In the darkness, Li Yao felt that he had really fallen into a black hole. On one hand, he was torn by furious tidal forces. On the other hand, his spiritual energy and ammunitions were consumed crazily.

More depressingly, neither his attacks with his sword nor the bombardment of crystal cannons received any feedback. It was like he punched heavily a hundred times in a row, only to hit nothing but air. Li Yao felt that he was fighting against the void.

“Have you sensed it? This is the power of Blackhole’s Heart. This is my domain!”

Wuying Qi’s voice came from every direction in the darkness, making it impossible for Li Yao to locate or lock onto him. “Nothing can escape me in my domain. Your struggle will be futile!”

“You think you can scare me?”

Li Yao waved his sword crazily. Supposedly, his sword should’ve minced every inch of the space within a thousand meters, but it couldn’t touch any armor of Blackhole’s Heart.

More critically, he couldn’t withdraw from the darkness even though he ran back in the same way!

The absolute darkness that absorbed all light, radiations, and information replaced reality and caged Li Yao. No matter how Arsonist struggled, it could not see any light.

Perceiving the crazy data in his head, Li Yao realized the terrible situation that Arsonist was in. The powerful interference abilities of Blackhole’s Heart had ruined the navigation and surveillance systems of Arsonist. Even Li Yao’s optical and auditory nerves were twisted too!

Divinity Branching Stage was Divinity Branching Stage anyway, and Blackstar the Great was still Blackstar the Great. However unscrupulous he was, he was definitely the most powerful villain that Li Yao had ever fought. Even his remaining soul could already suppress Li Yao!

“Li Yao, where are you?”

Long Yangjun broke into Wuying Qi’s domain in Heavenly Crystal, bringing light to the absolute darkness.

But the brilliant light was swallowed by the darkness after only one moment.

Their communication was corrupted by the darkness before Li Yao was able to reach out to Long Yangjun. He could hear nothing but Wuying Qi’s laughter.

“I don’t believe it!”

Gritting his teeth, Li Yao launched all the bombs and bullets on the Colossus. “It will consume tremendous energy to maintain such a terrifying domain. Now, it’s two against one. Let’s see how long you can last!”

He slashed the gigantic sword again, raising ripples that were less dark, but the ripples were restored very soon and were exactly the same as the previous darkness.

In the meantime, Arsonist suffered a strike from the back. Li Yao did not even see the attack when he almost lost balance under the attack.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Earsplitting alarms were ringing in Arsonist, not just because of the strike but also because a weird power around was absorbing Arsonist’s spiritual shield incessantly.

Blackhole’s Heart could both establish absolute darkness as a cover and absorb the spiritual energy from the enemy’s Colossus. It deserved to be called one of the most powerful Colossi in history and the national treasure of the Imperium of True Human Beings!

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!”

Arsonist charged at the darkness again and again, only to hit nothing at all. Gradually, the ammunitions and fuel were running out. The spiritual shield was weakened by the enemy. Even the gigantic sword was too cracked to be used now.

Huchi… Huchi… Huchi… Huchi…

Li Yao breathed so heavily that he could barely grab the sword.

The Colossus had been fully maintained and renewed by Xiaoming and Wenwen before the battle, but it seemed to be hit by dozens of meteor showers and looked as miserable as Li Yao himself.


A weird power came from his back again. Li Yao blocked it with his natural instinct. Although he deflected Blackhole’s Heart’s critical attack, his sword was knocked away and disappeared into the darkness.

Li Yao had already launched everything on Arsonist that could be launched.

There was not much fuel left either. He could see a red warning.

He had truly used up everything now.

“Now, what else do you have?”

Wuying Qi vaguely chuckled in the darkness.

“I still have this—”

Li Yao roared, turned around, and stepped forward, before he punched at the darkness unstoppably, “My fist that represents justice and hot blood!”


Wuying Qi seemed to be amused by Li Yao’s words.

Yet his laughter came to an abrupt halt 0.1 seconds later, replaced by a metallic noise and the cracking sound of a fist hitting a face.

Under the interference of Blackhole’s Heart and Wuying Qi, all the attacks from Arsonist missed their target. By logic, this unattractive right hook couldn’t have hit the target at all.

But it somehow hit the target unbelievably. Li Yao punched Blackhole’s Heart’s head and grasped the components in the skull of Blackhole’s Heart before he pulled them back brutally.

Arsonist leaped and kicked Blackhole’s Heart’s chest like the barrage of the main gun of a super warship.

“Die now!”

All of Li Yao’s fury and gloom were condensed in the roar and transformed into a destructive power that was blown into Blackhole’s Heart’s chest.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Blackhole’s Heart’s head and chest were seriously wrecked. Dazzling electric arcs squirted from the broken chest, outlining the Colossus in the darkness.

The absolute darkness that swallowed everything became clearer, like a fog that was dispersing under the sun!

Without the protection of the absolute darkness, Blackhole’s Heart was not as domineering and majestic as Li Yao imagined. It was just a thirty-meter-tall Colossus whose body sparkled like mirrors.

Li Yao had just locked onto it accurately and destroyed the interference and stealth units on the Colossus, thereby significantly impairing its battle performance. Blackhole’s Heart was now as frightened as a skinned shrimp!

Thirty meters to the left of Arsonist, Heavenly Crystal got rid of the darkness too. It was also greatly damaged, but it still had fists!

“That’s impossible… How did you lock onto Blackhole’s Heart? Nobody has ever locked onto Blackhole’s Heart or hurt me!”

Wuying Qi paused for a moment and roared hysterically, “My… My body! You played tricks on my body! You shameless cockroach, what have you done to me?”

“Nothing, except that I drugged you with something named ‘Drunk Deity’.”

Li Yao warmed up the iron fists of Arsonist and said casually, “There’s no need to search your memories. It’s a drug that the Hundred Smelting Clan invented forty thousand years ago. It was lost after the Hundred Smelting Clan was destroyed. There’s no reason why you should know that.

“Rest assured, it’s not a poison. If it were poison, you would’ve realized that something was wrong the moment you possessed Li Jialing’s body. Actually, this is a great medication to help you calm down and meditate. Only the leaders and elders of the Hundred Smelting Clan had the privilege to use it. I didn’t find enough Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures to refine it until I turned all the warehouses of the Business Alliance of Ten Thousand Sectors upside down.

“The drug is nothing special, except that it will suppress your spiritual energy, appease your brain cells, and relax your muscles and nerves so that you will be drowsy and want to sleep. Of course, I may have put a higher dose than I should. But rest assured, there won’t be any consequence except for a sound sleep. You will even feel particularly refreshed when you wake up!”


Wuying Qi was both shocked and angry. “You drugged Li Jialing apart from installing a barrier on the back of his head!”

“Isn’t it only logical?”

Li Yao said, “Everybody knows that you’re going to seize Li Jialing’s body as your carrier. It did not look right at all that we brought Li Jialing to you, did it? You’re not stupid, so you must’ve thoroughly examined him before you possessed him, right?

“Installing a barrier on his body to die with you was a plan that Li Jialing proposed, but I didn’t think that you would be fooled so easily. Also, dying with someone like you is not worth it. So, I slightly revised the plan. The barrier on the back of his head was only a distraction that was meant to be found, and this imperceivable ‘Drunk Deity’ is my real fatal move.

“The most amazing part is that the drug would not be activated at all when Li Jialing was in peace, because the drug was designed for tranquilization, and I had specially adjusted the formula. So, it would feel like a common strengthening drug. People as strong as us swallowed dozens of types of strengthening drugs every day, so you wouldn’t notice anything wrong.

“By the time you unleashed the power of the Divinity Transformation Stage and even the Divinity Branching Stage, however, things would change. Li Jialing’s body wasn’t supposed to wield such power, and his power would be expanding abnormally, so the drug was activated.

“The more furious you are and the more power you release, the faster the drug will circulate in your body. That’s why we volunteered to jump into your domain and made embarrassing speeches. We were not trying to get ourselves killed; we were trying to allure you to unleash your maximal power so that the drug would reach every cell in your body, idiot!”

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