Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 99 - Congratulations, You Have Become My Woman

Chapter 99: Congratulations, You Have Become My Woman

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Both of them cried, hugging each other. They could barely stop after a long time. Then, Su Zipei held Mu Qiqi and walked towards Sheng Xiao. She said, “Can I have a word with you?”

Sheng Xiao dragged Mu Qiqi to his side and wiped away her tears. Then, he led Su Zipei to the study and closed the door behind them.

“Young Master Sheng, are you just playing with Mu Qiqi, or…”

Sheng Xiao crossed his arms and leaned against the table. “I am serious,” he said.

“But you know your family…”

“If I am not completely sure, I will not expose her identity to the public. Even if it is in the Sheng family, I will pave a path for her.” Sheng Xiao’s attitude was sincere and serious, unlike his usual self, playful, lazy and bad.

“But, why Qiqi?”

“There is no reason. She’s the one, not someone else.”

Su Zipei was satisfied with his answer. She nodded and wiped away her tears. “Alright, since you have decided to be together, I will do my best to protect Qiqi. But Young Master Sheng, l want to make this clear to you. If one day, Qiqi gets hurt, I will kill you.”

“You won’t get the chance.”

After a long conversation, they walked out of the study. Mu Qiqi saw them and walked towards them.

“Aunt, Xiaoxiao…”

“That’s it. Both of you should get a rest. It is still dark. We will talk about the rest tomorrow.” Su Zipei motioned them to go get some rest.

Lu Wenhua approached Su Zipei and held her shoulder. They did not stay there for long and left.

Mu Qiqi watched them leave. She felt helpless but she knew her aunt needed some time to digest.

Seeing her staring blankly at the door, Sheng Xiao reached out and pulled her into his arms. “Are you feeling guilty now?”

“My aunt does not blame me. She understands me, but I…”

Sheng Xiao lifted her up and placed her onto the piano behind her. He leaned forward, pressing her underneath his body. “You have a good aunt.”

“I know.”

Then, Sheng Xiao’s kisses came like waves gushing down onto her lips. Soon after, Mu Qiqi’s clothes were peeled off one by one, each falling to the floor. “Today, I want you.”


“Why not? Don’t be so picky.”

Before Mu Qiqi could say anything, Sheng Xiao tilted her chin upward and stole her words from her mouth. His warm hands slid down from her shoulder to her back, feeling her skin.

Mu Qiqi became hypersensitive with his touch. She felt the pleasure start, and her body urged her to lean back for support…

She still remembered the pain that night. But she was determined; she brushed her fingers on his broad shoulders.

Seeing her give no resistance, Sheng Xiao picked her up, rushed to the bed, and rolled a condom on…

Mu Qiqi was too shy to look at him and moved her face away. She was scared, scared of the pain.

Sheng Xiao cupped her face and turned it towards his face so that their eyes could meet. She could see the flare in his eyes. “Not focused? Hmm?”

“Xiaoxiao…” Mu Qiqi moaned. She did not know her begging with a trembling voice triggered the man even more.


“Be patient.” Hearing her mewl, Sheng Xiao smiled. What followed was his exploration with no scruples. He used his thrusts to show his love for her.

When they woke up again, it was already eight o’clock.

Mu Qiqi awoke abruptly and sat up. When she saw Sheng Xiao at her side, she was relieved.

He was still asleep. Behind his messy hair, it was the perfect handsome face, alluring and tempting.

Thinking of what had happened a moment ago, Mu Qiqi flushed. She wanted to get up, but her legs weakened. She stumbled and almost fell off the bed. Luckily, Sheng Xiao dragged her into his arms just in time.

Mu Qiqi fell into Sheng Xiao’s arms. She was leaning against his warm chest. She did not dare to move.

“Hungry?” Sheng Xiao asked.

“Yes.” Mu Qiqi nodded. “I want to… wash up and go back to see my aunt.”

Sheng Xiao opened his eyes and looked at Mu Qiqi. He rolled over and wrapped her with the blanket, and then carried her on his shoulder.

“Xiaoxiao…” Mu Qiqi was shocked.

He put her down and said, “Congratulations, you have become my woman.” Then, he inched his face towards hers and teased her. “You took away my first time. You have to take responsibility for me.”

“Since when did I say I won’t take responsibility?”

“Let me tell you beforehand, I think I might become a pervert, wanting you any time anywhere. When it happens, I hope you can cope with me.”

“You always like to tease me.” Mu Qiqi bit Sheng Xiao’s nose and said, “I know you are just trying to scare me.”

“Maybe it is for real?”

Mu Qiqi saw his wicked smile, her heart started beating fast. She was worried that she might fall into it again so she pushed him away. “Aren’t you going to work?”

Sheng Xiao chuckled. He did not say much and placed her into the bathtub. He cleaned her up gently.

Mu Qiqi savored it to the fullest. She could feel that her body was getting more and more comfortable.

She had finally become his and Sheng Xiao had become hers as well.

Xiaoxiao… the crown prince, was hers!

After washing up, Sheng Xiao sent Mu Qiqi back to the mansion and he went to Huang Yao. Thinking about what happened early in the morning, she felt upset again, especially the moment she saw Su Zipei.


“Since you have made up your mind, you should believe in your choice. I understand you.” Su Zipei smiled at Mu Qiqi.

“Thank you, Aunt.”

“And one more thing, I have started dating Lu Wenhua. We will try to get to know each other and see if we can become a family.”


Su Zipei made her decision not just because she had feelings for Lu Wenhua. It was also for Mu Qiqi. She wanted to give Mu Qiqi a better background. If she had nothing, what would happen to her when the Sheng family found out? Nobody knew.

Even though Lu Wenhua was clear about her intentions, he did not say anything. After all, all he cared about was to protect the person he loved.

“Hurry up and have your breakfast. I am going to the hotel later to take care of that woman. She seems to be hiding something from me. I need to find out about it today…”

If there was something Mama Mu wanted to tell Su Zipei, it must be related to Qiqi. Or, it must be about the two sisters, Mu Qiqi and Mu Tangxue…

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