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Chapter 98 - Since When Have You Become so Reckless?

Chapter 98: Since When Have You Become so Reckless?

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After helping Mama Mu to settle down, Su Zipei returned to the mansion. She acted normal, pretending that she did not know about Mu Qiqi night outings.

She waited until eleven at night. When Mu Qiqi crept out again, she followed her and saw her getting into Sheng Xiao’s car. She was so shocked that she took a few steps backward.

She suddenly realized Lu Wenhua’s intention of telling her to keep watch at night. He must have seen them going out.

Then she remembered that Mu Tangxue had told her about Mu Qiqi dating a man at night before. Apparently, Mu Qiqi had been dating Sheng Xiao all this time. It was just that Mu Qiqi did not let her know.

Qiqi… and Young Master Sheng.

Su Zipei put her hand on her chest and returned to the mansion. She sat in the living room. Her mind was all messed up.

She had never thought that Qiqi would fall in love with the man who had helped her.

Later, Su Zipei called Lu Wenhua because she was sure that Qiqi would not come back tonight.

Lu Wenhua thought that something bad had happened to Su Zipei when she called. But when he reached the mansion and sat down facing her, he realized that she was in shock, judging from the look on her face.

“Is Qiqi…not here?”

“You have seen it. That is why you hinted to me, right?” Su Zipei looked up and asked.

“I didn’t want you to not know it,” Lu Wenhua said. “The two kids…”

Su Zipei’s hands were shaking. But she forced herself to remain calm. “You did not tell anyone about it yet, right?”

“How could I tell someone else about this?” Lu Wenhua said. “I am just worried that you will be upset…”

“I know how to handle this matter. It has nothing to do with you. Please, I hope you will not make a decision without my consent in the future,” Su Zipei said.

“Zipei, after all this time, I thought that I had entered your heart. Do you not understand why I am doing this?” Lu Wenhua was sad for Su Zipei’s attitude. “I do not understand you, still.”

“No matter what Qiqi has done, even if she hides it from me, I am her aunt, and I will support her unconditionally. If you are not on the same page, then I think it is meaningless for us to continue our relationship.” Su Zipei said firmly to Lu Wenhua, “Even though you are in my heart, Qiqi comes first. I have to make sure you will not hurt Qiqi in any way.”

“Zipei, Qiqi is just like my daughter, how could I hurt her?”

Su Zipei looked at him seriously. They stared at each other for quite a while. Finally, Su Zipei nodded. “If so, I hope you will stand by our side and help me to protect Mu Qiqi no matter what happens in the future.”

“As for the other matter, I will see how to go about it.”

Lu Wenhua did not mind it at all. “The Sheng family was dangerous. If we do not side with Qiqi, she would feel even less confident to face them.”

“Do you have any idea where they are?”

“They are staying in a villa near Sheng Ting University. I have hired a man to follow them. He informed me about this. Young Master Sheng must have bought a place there.”

“I want to go there. Can you help me?” Su Zipei asked.

Lu Wenhua was surprised to know that Su Zipei wanted to go there, but he still decided to help her. “I will try.”

Actually, it was not hard to understand what she was thinking. Although Su Zipei swore to protect Mu Qiqi from the outsiders, she was still angry with her for lying about Sheng Xiao.

So, she would definitely want to teach Mu Qiqi a lesson and put an end to this matter.

Otherwise, if people used this for their own good or their relationship was found out by the Sheng family before she even knew it, the situation could get very awkward.

As for the rest, she would only know after seeing the two of them.

Mu Qiqi was living together with Sheng Xiao in that small villa.

Of course it did not match the crowned prince’s style of doing things. But for Mu Qiqi, he was willing to do anything.

At five o’clock in the morning, the two woke up as usual. But, this time, they saw Su Zipei waiting outside when they got out of the villa.

Mu Qiqi was stunned. She wanted to let go of Sheng Xiao’s hand but when she realized everything was too late, she did not move.

As Su Zipei saw them coming out from the villa, she knew it was for real. She closed her teary eyes and shouted, “How could you do this?”

“Aunt…” Mu Qiqi was scared and nervous. “I…”

Su Zipei walked towards them in tears and Sheng Xiao told Mu Qiqi to open the door for her.

Su Zipei followed Mu Qiqi into the villa. She sat in the living room and covered her face. She cried.

As for Mu Qiqi, she knelt before Su Zipei. She held Su Zipei’s hands with her trembling hands. “Aunt, you can just beat me…”

Su Zipei did it for real. She gave her a punch and bellowed, “Since when have you become so reckless? Living together with a man!”

“Aunt, I love Xiaoxiao. It is me who is obsessed with him. So… I wanted to tell you. But I was worried that you would oppose it. I am very scared. You always said that Xiaoxiao is our benefactor. I am very scared. I am scared that I am not good enough for Xiaoxiao…”

Seeing Mu Qiqi kneeling on the floor, Su Zipei pitied her. “I am scared because I love you. Do you know what kind of family the Shengs are?”

“Aunt, I am not afraid…”

“If you are not afraid of this, why are you afraid of telling me?” Su Zipei sighed. “Do you know how sad I am?”

“Aunt, I am sorry…”

Sheng Xiao was standing behind them all the time. He could see that Su Zipei had no intention of making Mu Qiqi feel bad. He wanted to defend Mu Qiqi but was stopped by Lu Wenhua. So, he could just stand there and watch. He knew Mu Qiqi cared very much about her aunt.

Su Zipei did not say much. She stood up and walked around the villa. When she could see traces of two people living together in the place, she started tearing up again. Then, she saw the kitchen, untouched and sparkling clean. She could not bear it anymore. She turned around and said, “Stop being sneaky. It is not good to not have enough sleep and one more thing, both of you cannot cook. So, come home for proper meals.”

“Aunt, you…”

“Qiqi, you were a timid girl so I was scared that you would be tricked. But now, after all that has happened, I know you have changed. So, I will not interfere with your decisions. But, let me tell you. You must tell me everything in the future.”

“I know nothing about the Sheng family, nor do I want to know. But if Young Master Sheng cannot protect you, you still have me. I can help you, protect you. Just don’t hide things from me again, okay?”

Mu Qiqi started to weep when she heard it. She hugged Su Zipei tight, not knowing what to say.

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