Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Daughters Can Simply Be Sacrificed

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Soon, the class teacher entered the classroom, speaking to the parents about everything from idle talk to helping their children choose a professional academy while easing the child’s nervousness, as well as the important matter of recommendation.

The class teacher was also clearly looking at Mu Qiqi when she mentioned the word ‘recommendation’—both her grades as well as her victory in the recent mathematics competition had certainly helped her secure the requirements.

“Looks like she’s decided to recommend you, Qiqi.” Qian Qian whispered beside her ear.

“I can’t tell,” Mu Qiqi replied.

“Really? It was just a matter of time for you to get the recommendation with your grades. Either way, there’s no chance for that subpar sister of yours,” Qian Qian added, deliberately speaking louder so that both Mu Tangxue and Mama Mu could hear too.

Mu Tangxue turned to stare at Qian Qian with an unfathomable expression, only to have Qian Qian stick her tongue out at her.

“No recommendation for you! Serves you right, serves you right!”

Nonetheless, Mu Qiqi’s grades that spoke for itself was naturally another reason Su Zipei could hold her head up high in Eaton. After having been bullied at Van Gogh, she shone like a polished diamond after arriving in Eaton,

On the other hand, Mu Tanguxe now only scored the most modest of grades despite her immense gap above Mu Qiqi in the past. Worse, her performance in various departments were lacking as compared to her own twin.

Naturally, Mama Mu could not even raise her head!

“Mommy…I’m sorry.” Mu Tangxue apologized to her pretentiously. “My bad, I’ve embarrassed you!”

“We’ll talk about that later.” It has been a long day with many setbacks for Mama Mu.

Su Zipei had already given her a hard time, and now there was Mu Qiqi.

Her daughters had clearly been raised the same. Even so, although Mu Qiqi had been a hellraiser who stirred every problem possible when she was still in the family, she turned into such an excellent student after leaving. Was that nothing less than one almighty slap in the face?

“Alright, mommy.” Mu Tangxue was aware that the day was not hers, and so did not say much else.

Afterwards, the entire class was talking about the recommended student and how beautiful Mu Qiqi’s aunt was, completely ignoring Mama Mu and Mu Tangxue. Unable to bear the belittling, Mama Mu excused herself halfway through the parent-teacher conference.

Then, as Qian Qian looked at Mu Qiqi sprawled over her desk, she grunted, “White Lotus Mu deserves it!”

Indeed, even Mu Tangxue hated her own mother to abandon her at such a scene…

Meanwhile, Mu Qiqi did not say a word. She simply held Su Zipei’s right hand, their bond wordless yet more intimate than between Mu Qiqi and her own mother.


After the conference was over, the class teacher invited both Mu Qiqi and Su Zipei to the school office.

Naturally, it was about the recommendation.

“Qiqi, your grades would definitely get you into Sheng Ting University with the recommendation, although you might not be able to choose your faculty. Would you take the opportunity?”

Sheng Ting University.

Mu Qiqi was stunned at the very name, but shook her head despite Su Zipei’s hopeful look. “I want to take the exam and choose the faculty I want, Teacher.”

The class teacher was left puzzled. “Are you sure? Because you might not make it through exams if you don’t take the recommendation.”

“I want to achieve my own target through my own hard work, Teacher.” Mu Qiqi replied determinedly.

“To think that you would skip out on Sheng Ting…which university do you have in mind, then?”

“It’s not that I dislike Sheng Ting, I just want to prove myself,” Mu Qiqi corrected herself. “Sorry for letting you down, Teacher.”

“I had expected that actually. Still, I won’t force you since you’ve made your choice. Do your best, Qiqi.”

Mu Qiqi nodded. After Sheng Xiao had spent an entire night finding a faculty for her, she had already decided to do her best to be admitted into that faculty.

As such, she declined the recommendation!

After they left the office, Su Zipei could not help asking Mu Qiqi in slight dismay, “What if…you don’t pass your exams?”

“Aunt Zipei, could you trust me on this? It’s my life, and I will do all I can to work it out.”

“Very well then.” Su Zipei nodded.

Everyone did not notice Mu Tangxue, who was feigning knocking on the office door and instead actually listening on their conversation.

She did not expect that Mu Qiqi could be so confident. Did she think that getting into Sheng Ting by taking the exams was so easy?

Whatever the case may be, she would claim the recommendation for herself—not only because she wanted to get in the best university, but also because it belonged to Mu Qiqi.


Regardless, Mu Qiqi and Su Zipei definitely strutted in the parent-teacher conference, while Mu Tangxue became a laughing stock.

When Qian Qian remembered that Mu Tangxue was left alone, she sighed emotionally. “I’ve never seen a mother like that—but she actually did it, putting her own daughter out as a target after losing face.”

“Oh, you…luckily you left the Mu family. No wonder Mu Tangxue behaves so abnormally—none of them act like normal people.”

“It’s like they answer to no one.”

“She’s been that way after marrying into the Mu family,” Mu Qiqi replied. “The husband is so strict that she had no place to express her own opinions. And for profit, she would sacrifice a daughter just like that.”

“Then Mu Tangxue isn’t that well off in the Mu family either…”

‘That’s for sure’, Mu Qiqi thought.

After she had left the Mu family, Mu Tangxue would have to shoulder all negative feelings in the family by herself.

Or did she think that she would become the only child, spoiled by the whole family?

Mu Qiqi understood everything and texted Xiaoxiao immediately after school was over in the evening, telling him everything that happened in the conference.

“I’ve never been so excited. I felt like I was floating when I saw Aunt Zipei looking so dazzling!”

Sheng Xiao smiled, understanding that the little one was proud. “Remember to repay me.”


Then, she also told him about declining the school’s recommendation. “Although I find myself a little silly, I would rather depend on myself.”

“You have the ability.” Sheng Xiao answered as is.

“Xiaoxiao, I wanted to see you…I think this is the happiest I’ve been!”

Mu Qiqi was typing as she got down from her car, only noticing then that Sheng Xiao’s car was parked outside the little mansion.

She ran to it excitedly.

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